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45. By James Page on 2014-10-07

* New upstream point release, including fixes for:
  - mysql crash during neutron database sync (LP: #1378359).

44. By James Page on 2014-09-05

d/p/fix-mysqlhotcopy-test-failure.patch: Add return code 255 to list of
allowable return codes, resolving autopkgtest failure in mysqlhotcopy

43. By Marc Deslauriers on 2014-07-16

* SECURITY UPDATE: Update to 5.5.38 to fix security issues (LP: #1342709)
  - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/cpujul2014-1972956.html
  - CVE-2014-2494
  - CVE-2014-4207
  - CVE-2014-4258
  - CVE-2014-4260

42. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-05-28

No change rebuild against new dh_installinit, to call update-rc.d at

41. By Marc Deslauriers on 2014-04-18

* SECURITY UPDATE: Update to 5.5.37 to fix security issues (LP: #1309662)
  - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/cpuapr2014-1972952.html
  - CVE-2014-0001
  - CVE-2014-0384
  - CVE-2014-2419
  - CVE-2014-2430
  - CVE-2014-2431
  - CVE-2014-2432
  - CVE-2014-2436
  - CVE-2014-2438
  - CVE-2014-2440

40. By Robie Basak on 2014-02-19

* Merge from Debian unstable.
* Cherry-picks from Debian VCS for 5.5.35+dfsg-2, as it is held in Debian
  - d/mysql-server-5.5.mysql.init: Increase timeout to 30s.
  - d/mysql-server-5.5.postinst: Run mysql_install_db as mysql so tables are
    not created as root.
  - Re-add mysql-testsuite metapackage.
  - Add dep8 tests.
  - Move mailx from Recommends to Suggests.
  - Add AppArmor profile.
  - Write an error log and logrotate it.
  - Build with debug symbols.
  - Make innotop usable without installing Suggests.
  - d/control: Drop Nicholas from Uploaders, MIA.
  - Add missing misc:Depends to mysql-testsuite.
* Remaining changes currently maintained only in the Ubuntu delta:
  - d/mysql-server-5.5.postrm: restore postrm debhelper token
    to get proper behaviors from dh_installinit and dh_apparmor. In
    discussion in Debian, but not yet committed.
  - Add upstart script. Blocked in Debian by the debhelper token issue above.
  - Add apport hook. Not relevant for Debian.
  - Split mysql-client-core-5.5 out from mysql-client-5.5. Submitted to
    Debian, but not yet accepted.

39. By Marc Deslauriers on 2014-01-16

* SECURITY UPDATE: Update to 5.5.35 to fix security issues (LP: #1269993)
  - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/cpujan2014-1972949.html
  - CVE-2013-5891
  - CVE-2013-5908
  - CVE-2014-0386
  - CVE-2014-0393
  - CVE-2014-0401
  - CVE-2014-0402
  - CVE-2014-0412
  - CVE-2014-0420
  - CVE-2014-0437

38. By Dave Chiluk on 2013-11-18

[ Eduardo Damato ]
Fix upstart script to account for datadir disk shortage (LP: #1121874).

37. By Marc Deslauriers on 2013-10-24

* SECURITY UPDATE: Update to 5.5.34 to fix security issues (LP: #1243253)
  - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/cpuoct2013-1899837.html
  - CVE-2013-3839
  - CVE-2013-5807

36. By Robie Basak on 2013-09-18

* d/rules, d/control: remove gcc-4.4 dependency and disable X86 assembly in
  taocrypt (LP: #1162139).
  - Cherry-pick from Debian svn r2231 with thanks to Clint Byrum.

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