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71. By James Page

d/p/fix-signed-checks.patch: Fixup comparisons between signed and
unsigned int, cause of FTBFS on previous upload.

70. By James Page

d/control: Drop dependency between mongodb->mongodb-dev which was
dropped in 1:2.6.3-0ubuntu1.

69. By James Page

d/test/mongo-client: Use a core basic test to resolve autopkgtest

68. By James Page

* d/test/mongo-client: Update test case for new location of basic
  scripting test.
* d/p/0001-Add-option-to-disable-javascript.patch: Add matchertests.cpp to
  exclusions list if scripting is disabled, fixing FTBFS on arm64.

67. By James Page

* New upstream stable release:
  - Dropped patches, included upstream:
    + 0003-All-platforms-but-Windows-find-hash-in-std-tr1.patch
    + 0008-Use-system-libstemmer.patch
    + 0011-Use-a-signed-char-to-store-BSONType-enumerations.patch
    + 0001-SERVER-12064-Atomic-operations-for-gcc-non-Intel-arc.patch
    + 0002-SERVER-12065-Support-ARM-and-AArch64-builds.patch
  - d/p/*: Refreshed/rebased remaining patches.
  - Use system provided libyaml-cpp:
    + d/control: Add libyaml-cpp-dev to BD's.
    + d/rules: Enable --with-system-yaml option.
    + d/p/fix-yaml-detection.patch: Fix detection of libyaml-cpp library.
  - d/mongodb-server.mongodb.upstart: Sync changes from upstream.
  - d/control,mongodb-dev.*: Drop mongodb-dev package; it has no reverse
    dependencies and upstream no longer install header files.
  - d/NEWS: Point users to upstream upgrade documentation for upgrades
    from 2.4 to 2.6.
* Merge from Debian unstable.
* d/control: BD on libv8-3.14-dev to ensure that transitioning to new v8
  versions is a explicit action due to changes in behaviour in >= 3.25
  (LP: #1295723).
* d/mongodb-server.prerm: Dropped debug echo call from maintainer script
  (LP: #1294455).

66. By James Page

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Add support for arm64:
    + d/control: Add arm64 to list of target architectures.
    + d/p/0001-Add-option-to-disable-javascript.patch,
      Patches to support arm64.
    + d/p/0005-ARM-support-for-ASM-operations-in-MongoDB.patch: Dropped in
      preference to above patches.
    + d/rules: Disable scripting on arm64.
  - d/p/0004-Support-ppc64el-builds.patch: Rebase on arm64 patches.
* d/mongodb-server.postinst: Call adduser with explicit --home.

65. By Dimitri John Ledkov

No change rebuild against boost1.55.

64. By Adam Conrad

d/p/0099-Pagesize-hacks.patch: Apply some hacks for non-4k pages.

63. By James Page

* Enable ppc64el build (LP: #1288633):
  - d/control: Add ppc64el to target architectures.
  - d/control: Use google-perftools on ppc64el.
  - d/p/0004-Support-ppc64el-builds.patch: Detect ppc64 as 64 bit platform.
* Enable javascript-less arm64 build (LP: #1288634):
  - d/control: Add arm64 to target architectures, ignore libv8-dev for arm64.
  - d/p/0002-SERVER-12065-Support-ARM-and-AArch64-builds.patch: Add support
    for arm64.
  - d/p/0001-Add-option-to-disable-javascript.patch: Add option to disable
    javascript engine.
  - d/rules: Disable scripting and drop mongo binary for arm64.
* General non-x86 enablement:
  - d/p/0005-ARM-support-for-ASM-operations-in-MongoDB.patch: dropped in
    preference to upstream accepted patch from Robie Basak:
  - d/p/0001-SERVER-12064-Atomic-operations-for-gcc-non-Intel-arc.patch: Use
    gcc provided atomic operations for non-Intel archs.
* d/mongodb-server.mongodb.upstart: Bump nofile limit to 64000 (LP: #1283007).
* d/control: Use google-perftools on armhf.

62. By Laszlo Boszormenyi

New upstream release.

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