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84. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Daniel van Vugt ]
* New upstream release 0.8.0 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.8.0)
  - Enhancements:
    . Less sensitivity to ABI breaks - many headers unused by external
      projects are now hidden and not installed by -dev packaes. If you
      require any headers that are missing, just ask.
    . Touchspots: --enable-touchspots to servers; visually shows touch
      locations (warning: This affects performance LP: #1373692).
    . Client performance reporting: Any Mir client can now get accurate
      performance information (frame rate, render time, buffer lag etc)
      logged to stdout. Just set env MIR_CLIENT_PERF_REPORT=log
    . Further improved touch responsiveness, with less lag and smoother
      scrolling (so long as you don't enable touchspots).
    . Slightly faster builds using precompiled headers.
    . Turn hardware overlays on by default. When in use, this halves the
      CPU usage of a Mir server. Already enabled in unity-system-compositor.
    . More scripting to detect ABI breaks.
    . Improved src/ tree consistency (renamed "src/shared" to "src/common").
    . Improved fatal signal design: Changed from SIGTERM to SIGHUP delivered
      to clients on unexpected server disconnection.
    . Improved library/package design to allow concurrent installations
      of different Mir versions without conflicts.
    . Fd reception code is now common to client and server.
  - ABI summary: Servers need rebuilding, but clients do not;
    . Mirclient ABI unchanged at 8
    . Mircommon ABI bumped to 2
    . Mirplatform ABI bumped to 3
    . Mirserver ABI bumped to 26
  - API changes between Mir 0.7 and 0.8:
    . Lots of headers removed from the public SDK! We have only hidden
      headers not known to be used by any known projects. Please let us
      know if anything is missing - https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+filebug
    . graphics::Platform - interface changed significantly.
    . Lots of server API changes to support touchspots.
    . File descriptors now passed as type Fd instead of int32_t.
  - Bug fixes:
    . [regression] Mir deb packages with versioned names cannot be installed
      simultaneously any more (LP: #1293944)
    . A frozen client can hang the whole server (LP: #1350207)
    . QtMir FTBFS: fatal error: mir/input/input_channel.h: No such file or
      directory (LP: #1365934)
    . [regression] platform-api fails to build against Mir 0.8 (LP: #1368354)
    . Mir FTBFS with gcc 4.9.1-14 (utopic update):
      auto_unblock_thread.h:44:46: error: no matching function for call to
      â€˜std::thread::thread(<brace-enclosed initializer list>)’ (LP: #1369389)
    . [regression] Compositing is jerky and stutters during touch events
      (LP: #1372850)
    . unit test fails: AndroidInputReceiverSetup.slow_raw_input_doesnt_cause_
      frameskipping (LP: #1373826)
    . intermittent hang in TestClientInput (LP: #1338612)
    . TestClientInput.scene_obscure_motion_events_by_stacking fails
      intermittently (LP: #1361757)
    . [regression] First frame is composited as black (even though the client
      has provided a non-black frame) (LP: #1362444)
    . Some mali drivers crash after repeatedly creating/destroying the mir
      compositor threads (LP: #1362841)
    . [android] SIGTERM to server with connected client causes crash
      (LP: #1364637)
    . [regression] acceptance tests fails in
      ServerDisconnect.causes_client_to_terminate_by_default (LP: #1364772)
    . [regression] symbol lookup error:
      /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libmirserver.so.24: undefined symbol:
      _ZTIN7android7RefBaseE (libmirserver 0.6.1 doesn't work with
      libmircommon 0.7.0) (LP: #1364890)
    . [regression] Mir FTBFS with g++-4.8 [error: ISO C++ forbids casting
      between pointer-to-function and pointer-to-object] (LP: #1366134)
    . Intermittent CI failure in DemoPrivateProtobuf.client_calls_server
      (LP: #1367353)
    . Overly strict libmirplatform* dependencies are blocking CI
      (LP: #1370866)
    . [regression] mir demo servers segfault on shutdown (LP: #1371619)
    . Nested server crashes with SIGSEGV on shutdown in eglDestroyContext()
      (LP: #1372276)
    . [regression] Moving/resizing clients in a nested server is very
      jerky/stuttery (LP: #1372300)
    . [regression] Bypass/overlays are toggling constantly (LP: #1373689)
    . [regression] Mir server uses too much CPU during touch scrolling
      (LP: #1373809)
    . Intermittent test failures in TestClientCursorAPI.* (LP: #1342567)
    . clang emits lots of warnings about lttng headers (LP: #1348472)
    . [enhancement] Draw input event location (LP: #1323522)
    . demo shell: Keep colours consistent, regardless of the physical pixel
      format of your framebuffer (LP: #1375660)
    . tests: Fix SharedLibraryProber test runs on i386. (LP: #1375829)
    . Touchspots rendered as squares on some devices (LP: #1373698)
    . The headers needed to use features shown in the acceptance tests are
      not published (LP: #1375301)
    . update-all-ABI-sha1sums.sh and install_on_android.sh are no longer
      executable. (LP: #1376547)
    . Fix arm64 package by adding arm64 to the shared library prober test.
      (LP: #1379478)

83. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Andreas Pokorny ]
* New upstream release 0.7.3 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.7.3)
  - Bug fixes
    . Fix constructor syntax errors (LP: #1369389)
    . server: Workaround for unresponsive clients causing the server to hang
      (LP: #1350207)
    . Relax strict dependencies of graphics drivers on an exact version
      of the libmirplatform2 package. It's blocking CI. (LP: #1370866)
    . Update cmake scripts to current version of gcovr.

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

82. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandros Frantzis ]
* New upstream release 0.7.2 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.7.2)
  - Bug fixes
    . Restore support for gcc-4.8/trusty (LP: #1366134)

81. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alberto Aguirre ]
* New upstream release 0.7.1 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.7.1)
  - Bug fixes
    . Recycle compositor threads by using a thread pool (LP: #1362841)

80. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Daniel van Vugt ]
* New upstream release 0.7.0 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.7.0)
  - Enhancements:
    . Test suite: Reworked mechanism to override Mir client functions
    . Demo shell: Detect custom rendering (decorations) to make it
      compatible with overlay optimizations
    . Make sure to preserve fd resources until the end of the sending
      of the message
    . Add test cases and script for tracking changes to the new ABIs:
      libmircommon, libmirplatform
    . Symbols file for libmirplatform
    . Symbols file for libmircommon
    . Symbols file for libmirserver
    . Various improvements to the SessionMediator test
    . Various build related improvements
    . Print testcase output during package build
    . Abort test when InProcessServer startup fails
    . Link the integration and unit tests against the server objects
    . Add a document detailing the useful tests to run and the useful
      logs to collect when troubleshooting a new android chipset
    . Enable motion event resampling and prediction for a more responsive
      touch experience.
  - ABI summary: Servers need rebuilding, but clients do not
    . Mirclient ABI unchanged at 8
    . Mircommon ABI bumped to 1
    . Mirplatform ABI bumped to 2
    . Mirserver ABI bumped to 25
  - API changes
    . Deleted function - frontend::Shell::create_surface_for(). If you have
      the std::shared_ptr<frontend::Session> session, you can just do
      session->create_surface(params) instead to get a SurfaceId
  - Bug fixes:
    . Ensure we process lifecycle events before the nested server is torn
      down (LP: #1353465)
    . Fix race in InputTestingServerConfiguration (LP: #1354446)
    . Fix fd leaks in prompt session frontend code and tests (LP: #1353461)
    . Detect the additional things the demo shell draws on the renderable
      list and avoid calling the optimized post function if they are being
      drawn (LP: #1348330)
    . Client: Fix SIGTERM dispatch in our default lifecycle event handler
      (LP: #1353867)
    . DemoRenderer: Don't try to create a texture of width zero.
      (LP: #1358210)
    . Fix CI failures (LP: #1358698)
    . Fix build failure: "variable ‘rc’ set but not used" which happens in
      release mode when NDEBUG is set (LP: #1358625)
    . Only enumerate exposed input surfaces to avoid delivering events to
      occluded surfaces (LP: #1359264)
    . Android: do not post driver cancelled buffers (LP: #1359406)
    . Client: Ensure our platform library stays loaded for as long as it is
      needed by other objects (LP: #1358191)
    . Examples: Register the DemoCompositor with the Scene to properly
      process visibility events (LP: #1359487)
    . Mir_demo_client_basic: Don't assert on user errors like failing to
      connect to a Mir server (LP: #1331958)
    . Tests: Explicitly depend on GMock target to avoid build races
      (LP: #1362646)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

79. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Daniel van Vugt ]
* New upstream release 0.6.1 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.6.1)
  - Bugs fixed:
    . libmircommon-dev 0.6.0+14.10.20140811-0ubuntu1 fails to
      install/upgrade, does not replace mircommon-dev
      0.5.1+14.10.20140728-0ubuntu1 (LP: #1348515)
    . Nexus 4 client lock up observed (LP: #1352883)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

78. By Iain Lane

Version Breaks & Replaces from libmircommon-dev and libmirplatform-dev to
encompass all versions which shipped the old files.

77. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Cemil Azizoglu ]
* New upstream release 0.6.0 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.6.0)
  - mirclient ABI unchanged at 8. Clients do not need rebuilding.
  - mirserver ABI bumped to 24. Servers need rebuilding, but probably don't
    need modification:
    . Host lifecycle event listener for nested servers introduced.
    . Add query function to BasicSurface.
    . The (deprecated) function the_ipc_factory() is now removed.
    . Removed legacy support for overriding the focus controller or the
      frontend shell.
    . Added support for a common type for managing fd's.
    . Moved testdraw library to examples directory.
    . Added support for droping stale frames when a surface becomes exposed.
  - Enhancements:
    . Split underlying data transport out of MirSocketRpcChannel.
    . Introduced two new client-side functions : mir_surface_get_focus and
    . Added symbolic names for cursors.
    . Made "shared" code a true shared library.
    . Provide linker scripts to control symbols exported by [mesa|android]
    . Correct xcursor loader test to fail properly instead of segfaulting.
    . Make mir::Fd type copy constructible.
    . Miscellaneous packaging related enhancements.
    . Miscellaneous build related enhancements.
    . Added automated test cases for detecting ABI breakage.
    . examples/fingerpaint: Enable frame dropping so it's faster and more
    . mirprotobuf folded into new libmircommon.
    . Don't propagate exceptions to graphics driver code.
    . Dropped unused/minimally used dependencies : boost-filesystem,
      boost-thread, boost-chrono, boost-regex.
    . platform: provide support for customizing Mir's behavior when a
      fatal_error occurs.
    . Expose an interface for touch visualization.
  - Bugs fixed:
    . Mir servers crash with SIGABRT - assertion failed at
      buffer_queue.cpp:136 - "!pending_client_notifications.empty()"
      (LP: #1335481)
    . [regression][hammerhead] Mir fails to start on Nexus 5 & 10 as it
      fails to turn vsync signal on (LP: #1345533)
    . [qtcomp] Random crash in Mir input when running AP tests: [terminate
      called after throwing an instance of '...' what(): assign: File exists]
      when constructing a mir::AsioMainLoop::FDHandler (LP: #1346952)
    . CI builds fail when trying to install libmircommon-dev (LP: #1348518)
    . [regression] Mir 0.6 GL clients crash immediately on startup (Mesa is
      trying to use X11 instead of Mir) (LP: #1350163)
    . qmlscene crashed with SIGSEGV in _M_release() on quit (LP: #1342694)
    . Clients cannot create surfaces when the screen is off (LP: #1344024)
    . The packaging of headers and libraries is confused (LP: #1347522)
    . [regression] Intermittent CI failure in
      ClientLibrary.receives_surface_dpi_value (LP: #1348095)
    . Installing mir-demos also unexpectedly installs *-dev packages
      (LP: #1297100)
    . mir_unit_tests: XCursorLoader.loads_cursors_from_testing_theme crashes
      on N4 (LP: #1342029)
    . [performance] Mir is spending at least 8% of its time in
       __android_log_print() (LP: #1343074)
    . [performance] Mir demo shell spends ~12% of its time in vector
      allocation under DemoRenderer::tessellate_*() (LP: #1349698)
    . mir_client_library_debug.h functions do not have C linkage
      (LP: #1349742)
    . mir client API is missing getters for some surface attributes
      (LP: #1336553)
    . Building Mir outputs lots of warnings about Android logging functions
      in 3rd_party/ (LP: #1348467)
    . The "shared" code should be a shared library (LP: #1341502)
    . Finish the removal of mirprotobuf library (LP: #1351133)
    . Release overlay buffers when screen is turned off (LP: #1350961)
    . mir_demo_server_shell --disable-overlays false renders incorrectly
      on android (partial fix for LP: #1348330)
    . Remember to honor MIR_ENABLE_TESTS and not emit tests if it's disabled
      (LP: #1352800)
    . Make it easier to separate command line options used by Mir from those
      used elsewhere (LP: #1351255)
    . Expose create_native_platform in libmirplatformgraphics.so
      (LP: #1353658)
    . Add versioning and pkg config to libmirplatform (LP: #1293944)
    . unity-system-compositor FTBFS against Mir: undefined reference to
      `...@MIR_CLIENT_8' (LP: #1355021)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

76. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Kevin Gunn ]
* Fixed: Crash due to racing input registration & surface removal
  (LP: #1346952)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

75. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Kevin Gunn ]
Fixed: Crashing on assert of empty client notification queue (LP: #1335481)

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