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28. By Dariusz Dwornikowski

Fixed termination in preinst (Closes: #748236)

27. By Dariusz Dwornikowski

* updated watchfile to check pgp signature (Closes: #740046)
* patches updates, thanks to Tobias Frost
  - simplified the deadwood_makefile.patch (Closes: #740049)
  - added patch to generate DwRandPrime.h from PRNG when /dev/urandom missing
* pgp singnature saved as d/upstream-singning-key.pgp
* fixed postinst not to violate policy 10.7.3 (Closes: #740332)
  - added preinst for reverting to upstream's mararc
  - added stopping old maradns where init script is wrong
* patch added to update mararc manpage

26. By Iain Lane

Revert to 1.4 series with "really" version number. The 2.0 series packages
are not yet ready to be used.

25. By Iain Lane

Only install files into maradns-docs in the indep build. Increase minimum
version on debhelper BD to ensure override_...-indep support is available.

24. By Nicholas Bamber

* Allowed watch file to pick up 2.x releases
* New upstream release
* Refreshed patches
* Added override to stop deletion of server/MaraDNS.c.orig
* Added patch to stop corruption of deadwood source code
* Added public domain stanza trying to give useful information about
  the public domain status (or otherwise) of certain files.
* Updated doc-base index file
* Split out documentation into separate package as it is written from
  an upstream point of view
* Added askmara-tcp tool to maradns-zoneserver package
* Added experimental maradns-deadwood package (Closes: #612229)
* Turned on compilation for IPv6 (Closes: #477787)

23. By Nicholas Bamber

* Made watch file handle recursive lookups
* New upstream release (Closes: #607739)
* Added lintian override concerning DEP-5
* Added README.source concerning #643043
* Added patch updating upstream changelog
* Updated TODO.Debian

22. By Nicholas Bamber

* Made duende more generic and Debian compatible
  - Added patch to use argp to parse arguments
  - Added support for --pid, --uid, --chroot, --ident, --restart_on,
    and --gid arguments
  - Put log helper process in chroot
  - Write pid of log helper process to syslog
  - Consolidated waitpid calls so to avoid race condition allowing zombies
  - Adjusted section and priority, cf. #632337
  - Added example to show how to use duende generically
  - Added patch to man page documenting changes to duende
* Rewrote maradns init script to use new duende features
  - Init script now relatively standard apart from use of duende and
    support for multiple servers
  - Reload action in maradns script now sends signal to duende which
    restarts maradns process (Closes: #484466)
  - Added Recommends clause for maradns-zoneserver
* Added comment about #621833 in postrm script and ensured complete removal
  of /etc/maradns directory
* Added maradns-zoneserver package (Closes: #582069)
  - Note that the reload action is not supported for zoneserver
* Updated python support
* Updated TODO.Debian

21. By Nicholas Bamber

* Remove second copy of bind2csv
* Added debian/clean file
* Updated TODO.Debian
* Raised standards version to 3.9.2 - no changes
* Added insserv config fragment to document that maradns provides
  $named (Closes: #551359)
* Added '--no-create-home' option to adduser so that fresh install
  does not warn about ownership of the home directory mismatching
* Removed pid clean up code from postinst/postrm as it should be unneeded
* Added duende to a new package
* Patch documentation to reflect name change for bind2csv2 utility
* Rewrote init scripts to be more robust and use LSB
  - logger processes are now separate daemons
  - logger and maradns now have wrapper scripts redirecting IO through a
    named pipe
  - All pid and named pipe files are now in /var/run/maradns/
  - Status action now supported
  - Upgrades now work smoothly (Closes: #459339)
  - Added comment about origins of multiple server logic to init script
  - As a consequence of being explcitly started by start-stop-daemon,
    logger now has / as its working directory (Closes: 589117)

20. By Nicholas Bamber

* New maintainer (Closes: #610842)
* New upstream version
* Upped standards version to 3.9.1 - no changes
* Changed to '3.0 (quilt)' format
* Rewrote debian/rules and added patches to not change source code
* Resolved python dependencies
* Refreshed copyright to DEP-5 standard
* Put 'set -e' in maintainer scripts
* Added patch to fix spelling mistakes
* Tightened up installation of binaries, examples, docs and man pages
* Added patch to improve readability of man pages
* Registered tutorial HTML with doc-base
* TODO.Debian: Added plan for future versions
* Added extract of bug report about binding to
  to doc-base. (Closes: #486497)
* Install resolvconf-script to examples, cf. #608946
* Install zoneserver.init to examples, cf. #582069

19. By Moritz Muehlenhoff <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload by the Security Team
* Fix CVE-2011-0520 (Closes: #610834)

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