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81. By Chuck Short on 2015-04-20

* Resynchronize with stable/juno (cf15014) (LP: #1443429)
  - [a6d726c] Translation update for Juno 2014.2.3
  - [04d07da] Make Image Description an input field instead of a textarea
  - [947bc63] Pass correct project ID to get tenant_usages
  - [d4bc8a0] Handle RequestURITooLong error in large instance table
  - [e22c90e] Updated from global requirements
  - [6614c74] Better color arrangement in distribution pie charts
  - [9d2ff23] Use shades of blue for distribution pie charts
  - [bacd732] Automatically expand the current panel group on dashboard expansion
  - [8b0349f] Fix dynamic select layout when help block is displayed
* debian/bundle-xstatic.sh: Update for newer python-pip.

80. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-09

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/juno (697888b) (LP: #1418695):
  - [889f9d9] Update project limits when using input selector
  - [be88d14] Update project limits when flavor changes
  - [0723e70] Fix metering daily display
  - [5603578] Fix Horizon crash when parsing volume list
  - [e100279] Only enable one images filter button
  - [60d01cc] add missing icons for Project > Images filter
  - [8a717d9] Fix sorting by size for Project->Images table
  - [070771b] removing mandatory mark for post_creation tab
  - [9120a7f] Removing Moscow's timezone check
  - [e8a66a4] Horizon login page contains DOS attack mechanism
  - [962a0a7] Fix popup error when volume service disabled
  - [bcac1a8] Gracefully handle failures to retrieve a flavor
  - [2cd9435] Return eye-icon to its place when validation message is shown
  - [9b11e2e] Fix timezones in line chart
  - [bca0f47] Disable router HA attribute due to Neutron bug
  - [b2dc30d] Remove glyphicon-eye-open icon from Description
  - [697888b] Remove selenium dependency when not using selenium tests
* d/p/prevent_login_page_DOS.patch: Dropped. Fix is now upstream.

79. By Chuck Short on 2014-12-09

[ Corey Byrant ]
d/p/prevent_login_page_DOS.patch: Cherry picked from

78. By Chuck Short on 2014-12-08

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/juno (9e777f2) (LP: #1398952):
  - [ae7f053] Translation import for 2014.2.1 Juno stable update
  - [13b0c0e] Prevent leaking `target` info into subsequent `policy.check()` calls
  - [9144738] Fix dashboard nav, when panelgroup empty
  - [a2edb3d] Fix Instance Details error when using Cinder V2
  - [d44c663] Make labels in Network Topology translatable
  - [ed895a1] Make update metadata segments translatable
  - [d546faf] Make status in instance details screen translatable
  - [146a722] Handle negative values in total*Used for Cinder absolute limits
  - [7dbdd1c] Fix borders for "Actions" column in Firefox
  - [9e777f2] Update WSGI app creation to be compatible with Django 1.7
* d/p/fix-dashboard-django-wsgi.patch: Rebased.
* d/bundle-xstatic.sh: Extract tar file after generating it.

77. By James Page on 2014-10-16

New upstream release.

76. By James Page on 2014-10-15

* Resolve issues with missing static assets and failing compression
  (LP: #1379761):
  - d/openstack-dashboard*.postinst: Collect and compress static assets
    during installation.
  - d/rules: Drop explicit link to bootstrap scss resources
  - d/p/ubuntu_settings.patch: Switch back to using offline compression.

75. By James Page on 2014-10-13

* New upstream release candidate.
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
  - Compile translations during package build:
    + d/control: Add BD's to support compilation of translations.
    + d/rules: Cleanup/compile translations as required.
* d/watch: Only match versions starting with digits.
* d/rules: Link in bootstrap scss assets directory to static root to
  ensure that font based icons for buttons can be rendered (LP: #1380594).

74. By James Page on 2014-10-09

d/pydist-overrides: Ignore django_compressor and django_openstack_auth,
as these don't correctly match with binary packages in Ubuntu, fixing

73. By James Page on 2014-10-09

* d/theme/*: Update Ubuntu theme for Juno, drop redundant images.
* d/p/add-juju-environment-download.patch: Restore and re-base the Juju
  environments download link (LP: #1362053).
* d/source/options: Sort out package clean due to changes in egg-info.
* d/python-django-horizon.install: Ensure egg-info files are installed
  to support version checking, resolving stack track in system info panel.
* d/pydist-overrides: Make sure xstatic packages are ignored when generating
  binary package dependencies.

72. By James Page on 2014-10-03

[ Chris Johnston ]
* d/theme/css/ubuntu.css: Fix Ubuntu theme for Instances "more" dropdown
  (LP: #1308651).

[ James Page ]
* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/p/*: Refresh.
* d/watch: Use tarballs.openstack.org for upstream releases.

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