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40. By Chuck Short on 2015-04-21

* Resynchronize with stable/juno (a314229) (LP: #1443429)
 - [a052b06] Change the engine-listener topic
 - [9f02b3a] Just to delete the stack when adopt rollback
 - [691a06a] Release stack lock when successfully acquire
 - [d6770de] Add dependency on Router External Gateway property
 - [1339ac2] Use only FIP dependencies from graph
 - [9516cbe] Add dependency hidden on router_interface
 - [3ee82a3] Update heat.conf.sample
 - [7d4e570] Use properties.data when testing for "provided by the user"
 - [f6dfcc2] Fix update on failed stack
 - [848c59b] Catch notfound exception when deleting project
 - [e63549f] Enable https for keystone while creating stack user
 - [3ea6c6a] Stop patching oslo.messaging private bits
 - [a194a88] Don't mock oslo.messaging _CallContext
 - [42b032f] Ensure all Neutron LoadBalancer members are delete
* debian/patches/fix-requirements.patch: Rediffed.

39. By Chuck Short on 2015-02-09

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/juno (423ee27) (LP: #1418695):
  - [b52c916] Convert bool/int values into string for string properties
  - [65294f4] Check that template format plugins are registered
  - [94dec9e] Disable nested validation for ResourceGroup with zero count
  - [c5346cd] Remove mocking of timeutils.utcnow
  - [d8abdfd] Always update nested stacks
  - [edf0198] ResourceGroup allow update of resource_def
  - [aabd3d8] Add Dimensions Default in AWS_CloudWatch_Alarm.yaml
  - [bbf7182] Fix error msg invalid stack or res name
  - [423ee27] Use kwargs for ResourcePropertyConflict exception
* d/p/fix-requirements.patch: Rebased.
* d/control: Bump minimum python-eventlet to get socket_timeout support.

38. By Corey Bryant on 2014-12-11

d/control: Add python-oslo.serialization to python-heat depends. Needed for
heat-engine (LP: #1398952).

37. By Chuck Short on 2014-12-08

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Resynchronize with stable/juno (a27d371) (LP: #1398952):
  - [9f30872] Remove check_uptodate.sh check from tox.ini
  - [808b5c7] Make ResourceGroup updates update nested stacks
  - [6958217] ResourceGroup don't special-case zero count
  - [6f5dfaa] SoftwareDeployments make servers property updateable
  - [dc1b99d] Use environment file in template-validate
  - [7acee56] StackResource consider files in implementation_signature
  - [5664854] Move implementation_signature to StackResource
  - [0401e75] Correctly set CombinationAlarm repeat_actions
  - [4b721a4] Use properties in ceilometer alarm not parsed_template('Properties')
  - [b3db67b] Make sure that property defaults are converted correctly
  - [1d6dc24] RandomString don't skip superclass validation
  - [9f2d209] unconfigured clients look in the [clients] section for defaults
  - [699cc62] Update sample conf for new oslo.db release
  - [a76ba37] Mark stack_domain_admin_password as a secret option
  - [e6c1292] Inherit roles for create_trust_context()
  - [c9d671c] Always using domain id to create domain project or user
  - [16215dd] Add CERT file support in heat-keystone-setup-domain
  - [79e2300] Fix add_dependencies for floating_ip resource
  - [840cedd] Correct CA cert argument for glanceclient
  - [3f7d4bb] Tolerate null on Json db load
  - [a27d371] Don't stop update immediately on error
* d/control: Add python-oslo.serialization to Build-Depends-Indep.

36. By Chuck Short on 2014-10-16

New upstream release.

35. By James Page on 2014-10-13

New upstream release candidate.

34. By James Page on 2014-10-09

* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/p/*: Refreshed.
* d/watch: Only match versions starting with numbers.

33. By James Page on 2014-10-06

[ Corey Bryant ]
* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/watch: Use tarballs.openstack.org for upstream releases.
  - d/control: Align requirements with rc1.
  - d/rules: Re-enable tests during build.
  - d/p/fix-requirements.patch: Align requirements with Ubuntu.

[ James Page ]
* d/rules,control: Tweak test execution to increase verbosity using

32. By Chuck Short on 2014-09-08

New upstream version.

31. By Chuck Short on 2014-08-06

debian/rules: Disable doc build.

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