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194. By Colin Watson on 2014-10-15

Disable nvram installation again on chrp_ibm machines that are emulated
by qemu; that doesn't have nvram devices so the nvram utility inevitably

193. By Colin Watson on 2014-09-26

* On architectures without a real GRUB port, just build the utilities.
  This makes tools such as grub-probe and grub-fstest available
  everywhere, and makes grub-mount available on all Linux and kFreeBSD
* Remove .MIPS.abiflags section from images (thanks, Jurica Stanojkovic,
  although I used a slightly simpler approach; closes: #762307).
* Include a text attribute reset in the clear command for ppc
  (LP: #1295255).
* Disable VSX instruction on powerpc startup to fix booting on ppc64el.
* Stop adding a CHRP note on chrp_ibm machines, since that apparently
  breaks PowerVM and isn't needed on other machine types as far as we can
  tell (LP: #1334793).
* Refactor flicker-free-boot configuration in debian/rules to reduce
* Disable flicker-free-boot on Ubuntu ppc64el for now, as it isn't needed
  there and causes too many problems (LP: #1338471).
* Use nvram rather than nvsetenv on chrp_ibm machines, since that tool is
  better-supported and copes with such things as nvram being missing in
* Remove brace-expansion from the postrm, and switch the preinst and
  postrm to /bin/sh (closes: #762940).
* On ppc64el, look for a PReP partition and install the core image to the
  first one if found. For now this is done by borrowing prep-bootdev.c
  from grub-installer, incurring a dependency on libparted.

192. By Colin Watson on 2014-07-24

* Force grub-pc/mixed_legacy_and_grub2 to be reshown, rather than failing
  when it was already seen (closes: #749571).
* Build with GCC 4.9 (closes: #748003).
* Build for sparc64 (closes: #753784).
* Fix an infinite loop in grub-mkconfig when kernel paths contain regex
  metacharacters. Thanks to Heimo Stranner for the report.
* On upgrade, if we find that one of the install devices no longer exists,
  ask the debconf question at priority critical rather than high.

191. By Colin Watson on 2014-05-08

[ Colin Watson ]
* Add the true module to the signed image, since 05_debian_theme uses it.
  Thanks to Dimitri John Ledkov for the report.
* Limit test suite parallelisation to 1; the test suite seems to have some
  isolation problems at higher levels at the moment (closes: #746856).
* Simplify override_dh_install a bit.
* Backport patches from upstream to make the network stack more responsive
  on busy networks (LP: #1314134).

[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* Add support for nvme device in grub-mkdevicemap (closes: #746396,
  LP: #1275162).

[ Debconf translations ]
* Korean (Changwoo Ryu, closes: #745559).

190. By Colin Watson on 2014-04-10

* Backport from upstream:
  - Tolerate devices with no filesystem UUID returned by os-prober
    (LP: #1287436).

189. By Colin Watson on 2014-03-31

[ Colin Watson ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - ieee1275: check for IBM pseries emulated machine.
  - Fix partmap, cryptodisk, and abstraction handling in grub-mkconfig
    (closes: #735935).
  - btrfs: fix get_root key comparison failures due to endianness.
* Build-depend on automake (>= 1.10.1) to ensure that it meets configure's
  requirements (LP: #1299041).
* When installing an image for use with UEFI Secure Boot, generate a
  load.cfg even if there are no device abstractions in use (LP: #1298399).

[ Jon Severinsson ]
* Add Tanglu support, as in Debian except:
  - Enable splash screen by default (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable quiet and quick boot (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable the grub-common init script (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable dynamic gfxpayload (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable vt handover (as Ubuntu)
  - Use monochromatic theme by default (as Ubuntu)
  - Use Tanglu GRUB wallpaper by default.

188. By Colin Watson on 2014-03-10

* Fix shift-held-down test not to clear other modifier key states
  (LP: #843804).
* Explicitly pass an appropriate --target to grub-install in the postinst
  (suggested by Jordan Uggla).
* Backport from upstream:
  - Use bootaa64.efi instead of bootaarch64.efi on arm64 to comply with
    EFI specification. Also use grubaa64.efi for consistency.

187. By Colin Watson on 2014-01-28

* Install bootinfo.txt and grub.chrp into grub-ieee1275-bin on powerpc and
* Port yaboot logic to improve installation for various powerpc machine
* Improve parsing of /etc/default/grub.d/*.cfg in C utilities
  (LP: #1273694).
* Run grub-install on install or upgrade on grub-ieee1275/ppc64el.

186. By Colin Watson on 2014-01-27

* Add a number of EFI debugging commands to the signed image (lsefi,
  lsefimmap, lsefisystab, lssal).
* Add gfxterm_background to the signed image so that background_image
  works in UEFI Secure Boot mode. Thanks to syscon-hh for the report.

185. By Colin Watson on 2014-01-20

* Remove redundant build-dependencies on autoconf and automake, covered by
* In --enable-quick-boot mode, restore previous behaviour of using a
  hidden timeout if GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 (thanks to Sebastien Bacher for
  the report).
* Disable cpio test on kFreeBSD again for now; it fails within cpio itself
  with "field width not sufficient for storing rdev minor".
* Copy shim.efi.signed to the correct path in UEFI Secure Boot mode.
  Thanks to syscon-hh for the report.

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