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206. By Sebastien Bacher

* New upstream version (lp: #1367769):
  - Do not open single page pdfs in dual mode by default (lp: #256445)
  - Set the window title for empty windows to make sure it's exposed
    to accessibility (lp: #704928)
  - Close the window when CTRL+w shortcut is used in presentation
    mode, instead of turning the screen white (lp #1289581)
  - Keep the scroll position when switching between continuous and
    non continuous mode (lp: #276749)
  - Fix rotation direction in DJVU backend (lp: #1242678)
  - Better handling of hi-dpi screen (lp: #1287915)
  - Make <Ctrl>Home/End scroll to the start/end of the document
    (lp: #1279387)
  - New Preserve Zoom Feature (lp: #286218)
* debian/control:
  - drop libsm build-depends, that has been deprecated upstream
  - build-depends on libgnome-desktop-3-dev
  - updated gtk requirement
* debian/libevdocument3-4.symbols, debian/libevview3-3.symbols:
  - updated for the new version
* debian/patches/gnome_icon_theme.patch:
  - use old gnome-icon-theme name until we update that component
* debian/patches/gtk_no_gesture.patch:
  - revert use of gtk gesture until we get gtk 3.13 (new in that version)
* debian/patches/traditional_menu_bar.patch:
  - use traditionnal menubars under Unity (the gmenumodel work has been
    commited upstream but not the menubar changes)
* debian/patches/unity_normal_titlebar.patch:
  - use traditionnal menubars out of gnome-shell
* debian/rules:
  - disable libgnome support in the gtk build
* Resynchronize on Debian
* debian/apparmor-profile:
* debian/apparmor-profile.abstraction:
* debian/evince.apport:
* debian/evince-common.dirs:
  - Ubuntu apparmor profile
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on dh-apparmor and libgrip-dev
  - Suggests on apparmor
* debian/rules:
  - install apparmor files
* debian/patches/11_grip_gestures.patch:
  - supports pinch to zoom, rotate, and drag gestures
* Changes deprecated with that version
* debian/rules:
  - save some space by not shipping the synctex screencast.
    (the video is not included in the new upstream version)

205. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apparmor-profile: fix at-spi2 rules added in last update to use a
glob rather than hardcoded UID (LP: #1308488)

204. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/apparmor-profile:
  - allow site-wide dconf. Thanks to Lars Masden. (LP: #1355804)
  - allow read/write to files we own in /media (LP: #1096837)
  - allow read/write to files we own in /run/user/1000/at-spi2-*
    (LP: #1308488)
  - allow 'l' to /run/user/*/gvfs-metadata/** (LP: #1344810)
  - allow read/write of @{HOME}/.cache/dconf/user (LP: #1024605)
* debian/apparmor-profile.abstraction:
  - allow read of /etc/xdg/lubuntu/applications/defaults.list (LP: #1290157,
    LP: #1299239)
  - allow read of /**.[eE][pP][sS][fFiI23] (LP: #1330430)

203. By Matthias Klose

Remove t1lib dependency (scheduled for removal).

202. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apparmor-profile.abstraction: allow rw to ~/.config/evince
(LP: #1016103)

201. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/0001-Port-to-GMenuModel-and-add-menu-bar.patch:
  - use the correct "previous/next page" tooltips (lp: #1318581)

[ Lars Uebernickel ]
* restore keybindings that stopped working with the gmenumodel work
  (lp: #1313250, #1310782, #1312179)

200. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apparmor-profile.abstraction: allow 'r' of /etc/xfce4/defaults.list
(LP: #1315830)

199. By Sebastien Bacher

[ Lars Uebernickel ]
* debian/patches/gtk310-secondary-keybindings.patch:
  - get multiple keybindings to work with gtk 3.10 (lp: #1290104)
* debian/patches/0001-Port-to-GMenuModel-and-add-menu-bar.patch:
  "gmenumodel patch: restore zoom selector popup.
   It got deleted by accident in the last commit. (lp: #1289180)

198. By Sebastien Bacher

[ Lars Uebernickel ]
* debian/patches/0001-Port-to-GMenuModel-and-add-menu-bar.patch:
  - don't show menubar in presentation mode (lp: #1283235)
  - restore the context menu by using gmenumodel as well there

197. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apparmor-profile: allow alternate file managers to nautilus when
using 'Show containing folder' (LP: #1022962)

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