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3379. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Michael Thayer ]
* Fix for LP #1353675: _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS not handled
  correctly. An (x, y, w, h) (LP: #1353675)

[ Alberts Muktupāvels ]
* Port gtk-window-decorator to GTK+ 3.
* Re-enable metacity theme support (LP: #1356981)
* Remove/replace deprecated functions. (LP: #1356981)

3378. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Bump changelog version to match upstream.

[ Stephen M. Webb ]
* po/POTFILES.in: remove gtk/window-decorator/gwd.schemas.in The gconf
  schema file has been removed from the sources, it also needs to be
  removed from translations.

[ Alberts Muktupāvels ]
* Remove gconf from gtk-window-decorator.
* Calculate correct button position in cairo theme.

3377. By Martin Pitt

No-change rebuild against libmetacity-private1.

3376. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Release version 0.9.11
* Bump VERSION to 0.9.12
* Add more button ungrab keymasks, so unfocused Gtk window scrolling
  will work when NumLock is off and CapsLock is on and any combination
  thereof. (LP: #1330198)
* Remove the need to check the viewport we are painting the maximized
  window in while in Expo mode and only scale maximized windows that
  are not being dragged. Fixes a regression caused in r3868. (LP:

[ Alberts Muktupāvels ]
* This is some preparation work to port gtk-window-decorator to gtk+-
  3.0. Changed gtk_object_destroy to gtk_widget_destory. Removed
  support for old metacity versions. Removed support for old wnck
  versions. .

3375. By Adam Conrad

Apply correct Breaks/Replaces to deal with file moves from compiz-core
to compiz-plugins in the 1:0.9.11+14.10.20140606 upload (LP: #1327478)

3374. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Only ungrab the Mod2Mask modifier on buttons 4-7 to allow scrolling
  in unfocused Gtk windows while still allowing keybinding modifiers
  to other scroll wheel actions. (LP: #1311788)
* Fix issue where window decorations would be placed under the Panel
  when opening a new window from an already open window. This is due
  to the already open window being taller or just as tall without be
  maximized than the workspace. (LP: #1303462)
* Only constrain the non-modifier scrolling to the vertical scrolling
  buttons - buttons 4 & 5. (LP: #1311303)
* Fix issue where maximized windows would get moved to different
  workspaces when disconnecting/connecting an external monitor.
  Windows should stay in the same workspace they are in when the
  monitor event occurs. (LP: #1304531)
* Fix issue where custom keyboard shortcuts would get reset to
  defaults when rebooting or restarting Compiz. (LP: #1063617)
* Fixes issue in the Expo plugin where a gap is shown in the place
  where the Launcher and Panel should be when windows are maximized.
  This was originally removed in rev. 3481. (LP: #1087090)
* Fix issue where horizontal and vertical keyboard resizing could not
  happen at the same time. (LP: #347390)

[ Marco Trevisan (Treviño) ]
* Scale: use XShape extension to exclude dnd input in the screen-parts
  outside workArea This will work property also in multi-monitor,
  without requiring multiple X windows for each output device. Also
  don't terminate the scale unless a drag-n-drop action is not really
  over. Add a spinner that shows up over a window, during the DnD
  timeout. Plus, make sure we terminate the scale without focusing the
  selected icon when cancelling it and some code cleanup (LP: #607796)
* Event: set the screen grabbed also when we get a NotifyWhileGrabbed
  Focus{In,Out} event (LP: #1305586)

3373. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Ryan Tandy ]
* Fix gnome-flashback session starting Unity plugins. Change the
  profile back after processing settings upgrades. When changing
  profile, discard existing GSettings wrappers pointing to the old
  profile. (LP: #1232299)

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Remove the Number of Desktops option in CCSM as this option confuses
  Compiz and is really no longer needed since the Horizontal/Vertical
  Virtual Desktop Size is what is used for determining the size. (LP:
* Due to some change in Gtk SpinButton, setting the initial value in
  Adjustment does not work for integers, so now just explicitly set
  the value after the SpinButton is created. (LP: #1294341)

3372. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Add support to build kde4-window-decorator for KDE 4.10 and older.
  (LP: #1288953)
* (LP: #1027868)
* Allow binding of other buttons greater than button 7 for windows
  other than the desktop. (LP: #1304877)

3371. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Fix issue where Grid animation can sometimes show a preview of a
  different window than the one being gridded. (LP: #1176898)
* Fix recent regression where the desktop window would not get focus
  when clicking the desktop. (LP: #1303068)

3370. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Chris Townsend ]
* Fix issue where Compiz passively grabs all mouse buttons which
  severely affects scrolling in Gtk apps. Now only unconditionally
  grab buttons 1-3 for all windows except the desktop window and only
  grab other buttons when there is a modifier attached to it. (LP:
* Only fade in and fade out a window when it's hidden if it's not in
  Show Desktop mode. This allows for a good fade out effect in Unity
  when exiting Spread while in Show Desktop mode. (LP: #1104236)

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