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61. By James Page <email address hidden> on 2014-07-30

* New upstream stable release:
  - d/p/firefly-post-release.patch: Dropped, no longer required.
  - d/lib{rados2,cephfs1}.symbols: Update with new symbols.

60. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden> on 2014-07-18

* New upstream release [July 2014].
* New patches:
  + rbdmap1-mount.patch
  + rbdmap2-hooks.patch
  + rbdmap3-lazyumount.patch
  + bug-8821.patch
* radosgw: removed unused lintian overrides.

59. By James Page on 2014-05-23

* Fix issue setting Swift ACL's on existing containers (LP: #1322498):
  - d/p/bug-8428.patch: Cherry pick proposed fix from upstream VCS.

58. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden> on 2014-05-14

* New upstream release [May 2014].
* Dropped all backported patches.
* New "sleep-recover" and "client-sleep[1,2,3]" patches to fix
  fuse-client hang after resume from suspend [#8291]; thanks, Zheng Yan.
* New "gcj_search_path.patch" to find "jni.h" with gcj-jdk v4.9.0.

57. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden> on 2014-05-07

* New upstream release [May 2014].
  + upload to unstable.
* Updated "README.Debian".
* Updated "debian/copyright"; Thanks, László Böszörményi.
* Added backported patches:
    [8113, 8175, 8282, 8291, bp0001, sample.ceph.conf].
* "gbp.conf": don't merge to experimental.
* lintian-overrides: spelling-error-in-binary * tEH the.

56. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-04-27

No change rebuild against boost1.55.

55. By James Page on 2014-04-09

* New upstream release (LP: #1278466):
  - d/p/modules.patch: Refreshed.
  - d/ceph.install: Install all jerasure modules.

54. By James Page on 2014-03-22

* New upstream release:
  - d/control: Add xfslib-dev to BD's.
  - d/*: Sync relevant packaging changes from upstream.
  - d/p/*: Drop upstreamed patches.
  - d/p/modules.patch: Mark libcls_user.so and libec_jerasure.so as modules.
  - d/ceph.install: Only install libec_jerasure.so.
* d/ceph-test.install: Install test binaries to /usr/lib/ceph/bin; they
  really don't need to be installed on the default path.
* d/{ceph|radosgw|ceph-mds}.lintian-overrides: Add overrides for intentional
  difference in naming and structure between upstart configurations and
  init.d scripts.

53. By James Page <email address hidden> on 2014-03-08

* d/radosgw.{postinst,postrm,preinst}: Handle renaming of radosgw
  upstart configuration on upgrade@0.72.1-3.
* d/{ceph|ceph-mds|radosgw}.{postinst|prerm}: Check to ensure that system
  is running upstart before trying to start/stop upstart configurations
  (Closes: #734241, #738845, #738845).

52. By James Page on 2014-01-01

New upstream release.

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