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10. By Dimitri John Ledkov

No change rebuild against db 5.3.

9. By Jari Aalto

* debian/patches
  - (30): Revise. Instead of PATH_MAX allocate the exact amount of
    memory that is needed (FTBFS hurd; Closes: #674825). Patch thanks to
    Cyril Roelandt <email address hidden>.

8. By Jari Aalto

* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): Rm libdb5.1; would block upgrades (Closes: #669001).
    Patch thanks to Ondřej Surý <email address hidden>.
* debian/copyright
  - Update to format 1.0.

7. By Jari Aalto

* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): Rm dpkg-dev; not needed with debhelper 9.
  - (standards-Version): Update to
* debian/rules
   - Enable all hardening flags.
   - Use DEB_*_MAINT_* variables (Closes: #665192). Patch thanks to
     Simon Ruderich <email address hidden>.

6. By Jari Aalto

* debian/compat
  - Update to 9
* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): Update to debhelper 9, dpkg-dev 1.16.1.
  - (Standards-Version): Update to 3.9.2.
  - Tweak description to address lintian warning.
* debian/copyright
  - (X-*): Add headers Vcs and Bugs.
* debian/patches
  - (40): New. Fix for folded headers.
* debian/rules
  - Remove unnecessary rules.
  - Use hardened CFLAGS (release goal).

5. By Jari Aalto

* debian/compat
  - Update to 8.
* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): debhelper 8. Use libdb5.1 (Closes: #621455).
  - (Standards-Version): Update to 3.9.1.
* debian/copyright
  - Update to DEP5 format.

4. By Jari Aalto

* debian/patches
  - (10): Add new patch to update manual page's BUGS
    section to notify that only one bmf process can access the database
    at a time. Update also README location to absolute path.
    (Closes: #566265).

3. By Jari Aalto

* debian/patches
  - (Number 30): Add GNU hurd compile fix.

2. By Jari Aalto

* Move to format: 3.0 (quilt).
* debian/{clean,upstream}
  - Move content from 'rules' for dh(1) to use.
* debian/control
  - (Build-Depends): Add libdb-dev, move libdb4.7 to libdb4.8.
* debian/copyright
  - Use FSF URL.
* debian/debian-vars.mk
  - Delete; obsoleted by dh(1).
* debian/patches
  - Convert *.dpatch to quilt format.
* debian/rules
  - (build-stamp): Adjust make call to include CFLAGS and
    SYSLIBS for Berkeley DB (FTBFS ia64; Closes: #561172)

1. By Jari Aalto

Import upstream version 0.9.4

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