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15. By Hilko Bengen on 2013-11-23

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fixed texinfo warnings and errors leading to an FTBFS (Closes #712368)

14. By Manoj on 2013-04-29

* Also add emacs24 to the postinst, so we register with ucf
* Bug fix: "deletes shipped file during installation:
  /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/vm/vm-autoloads.el", thanks to Andreas
  Beckmann (Closes: #706373).

13. By Manoj on 2013-04-28

* New upstream release
* Bug fix: "unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8)", thanks to
  Andreas Beckmann. We don't need that file, so we should not install it
  in the first place. (Closes: #656219).
* Bug fix: "vm/w3m incorrectly displays HTML Mime contents with charset
  different from locale", thanks to <email address hidden>. This has been fixed
  in this new upstream version. (Closes: #635909).

12. By Manoj on 2010-03-28

* New upstream version
* [20fe869]: Merge branch 'upstream' into topic--debian
* Bug fix: "sc-cite-original citation hook fails for mime encoded
  messages", thanks to Klaus Reichl (Closes: #550859).
* Bug fix: "8bit characters are not escapes in In-reply-to field",
  thanks to Neil Brown (Closes: #434565).
* Bug fix: "vm-mime-encode-headers may mess up recipient addresses",
  thanks to Francois Fleuret (Closes: #553402).

11. By Manoj on 2009-11-29

New upstream release. The project isunder new management now. This is
a bug fixing release, which handles a flaw in caching.

10. By Manoj on 2009-11-01

Told lintian to stop parsing old changelogs.

9. By Manoj on 2009-10-20

Take extra care to remove cruft during remove and/or purge.

8. By Manoj on 2009-08-16

* New release to bring package into conformance with latest policy.
* [88e374f]: [vm]: Info files are now installed using triggers

7. By Manoj on 2009-03-22

* This version of VM does not work with Emacs 21 and lower, since those
  versions are missing the custom-autoload function which is used
  invm-autoloads.el. As a result, no autoloads for vm are defined,
  making vm completely unusable with emacs21. VM no longer byte compiles
  itself for those versions. Remove support for emacs20 and emacs21 in
  emacsen.{install,remove}, add support for emacs23. Also add an
  NEWS.Debian file to document this change.
  Bug fix: "broken with emacs21 - (void-function custom-autoload)",
  thanks to Sven Joachim (Closes: #508543).
* [c9a55df]: Added missing autoload cookie for
  vm-decode-postponed-mime-message. For good measure, add an autoload
  directive to the vm-init file as well.
  Bug fix: "Now requires forced load of vm-pine ", thanks to Dirk
  Eddelbuettel (Closes: #516591).
* [debiandir:a9a97a6]: remove call to install-docs, since this is now
  done with triggers.
* [debiandir:263c26a]: Remove configure generated files in clean target

6. By Manoj on 2008-11-06

* New upstream release
  [b68c89b] Merge branches 'upstream', 'topic--debian' and 'topic--base64'
  [580b1fe] Merge branch 'upstream' into topic--debian
  [5007800] Merge branch 'upstream' into topic--base64
  [f6416fc] Imported vm-8.0.12
  + Display version info when calling `vm-version' interactively.
    (Thanks to Ulrich Mueller)
  + Yanking of messages uses the same MIME decoding as the presentation
    now. See the new variable `vm-mime-yank-attachments' to configure if
    attachments are also yanked.
  + `u-vm-color.el' is bundled and maintained with VM now. Ulf Jasper
     handed it over to me as he switched to Gnus.
  + Detect w3 by using `locate-library' instead of checking for a bound
    `w3-about'. (Thanks to Klaus Straubinger)
  + vm.revno.el was not installed anymore b "make install". (Thanks to
    Ulrich Mueller for reporting)
  + Insert `emacs-version' instead of creating wrong version string for
    XEmacs, i.e. the patch level was the major version. (Thanks to Stephen
  + Correctly locate the data directory for the pixmaps when running as a
    XEmacs package.
  + Check for some MIME character sets that may be available in recent
    XEmacs. (Thanks to Aidan Kehoe for the patch)
  + Some documentation fixes. (Thanks to Michael Ernst for the patches)
  + Fixed infinite loop in vm-mime-encode-words on XEmacs 21.5-b28.
    (Thanks to Aidan Kehoe for the patch)
  + Detect "score" (additionally to "hits") in "X-Spam-Status:" headers in
    `vm-su-spam-score-aux'. (Patch from Michael Ernst)
  + Typo fix in vm-pcrisis.texinfo. (Patch from Michael Ernst)
  + Header encoding was BASE64 instead of QP by default and it was not
    encoding whole words, but only the 8bit chars instead. (Thanks to Ulrich
    Mueller for reporting)
  + MIME text parts interleaved by attachments are now correctly yanked,
    e.g. when replying to a message.
  + Limit the buffer-name length and sanitize the used characters. (Thanks
    to Mark Diekhans for reporting)
  + Do not fail on corrupted address headers. (Reported by John Covici)
  + Fixed GTK detection and toolbar handling for newer Emacs 22 versions.

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