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89. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-16

[ Albert Astals ]
* Fix last item X position Fixes clicking on the last item sometimes
  not working (LP: #1301871)
* Use upstart in ./run Makes it so that you can use the lock button on
  the device without getting that nasty hwc crash
* Remove AnimationControllerWithSignals.
* Use the correct delegate base item for the Carousel test
* Some simplification in DashContent Kill the ScopeDelegateMapper in
  favour of a simple if (that will eventually go away). Removal of all
  the fake scopes in the tests that added nothing of value to the
  tests. Removal of movementEnded signal that was unused. Removal of
  movementStarted and positionedAtBeginning signals that were being
  used as function calls. Rework DashContent tests so they what the
  function does what it is supposed to do instead of just making sure
  QML signals work .
* Improve Card creation time by adding loaders that make sure only
  what's needed is loaded In my computer it goes from RESULT :
  l": 3.217 msecs per iteration (total: 3,218, iterations: 1000)
  1.647 msecs per iteration (total: 1,648, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtSubtitleModel": 1.514
  msecs per iteration (total: 1,515, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtModel": 1.471 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,471, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardArtModel": 1.447 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,448, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleModel": 1.276 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,276, iterations: 1000) to RESULT :
  l": 2.916 msecs per iteration (total: 2,917, iterations: 1000)
  1.504 msecs per iteration (total: 1,504, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtSubtitleModel": 1.060
  msecs per iteration (total: 1,061, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleArtModel": 1.052 msecs per
  iteration (total: 1,053, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardArtModel": 0.727 msecs per
  iteration (total: 728, iterations: 1000) RESULT :
  qmltestrunner::benchmark_time:"cardTitleModel": 0.817 msecs per
  iteration (total: 818, iterations: 1000) (LP: #1297197)

[ Allan LeSage ]
* DashApps emulator get_applications should return a list ordered by
  visible y, x.

[ Andrea Cimitan ]
* Workaround for lp1301309 until fixes for palette in ui toolkit (LP:

[ Leo Arias ]
* Reverted the change that returns application cards instead of

[ Nick Dedekind ]
* Indicator services started by unity8 upstart configuration rather
  than manual emmision from indicator manager.

[ Mirco Müller ]
* Fix notification ap-test assertions.

[ Michael Terry ]
* Use new tablet and phone backgrounds from Design.

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* workaround the QTestLogger assertion issue with make tryXyz and our
  custom uqmlscene

88. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-15

[ Michael Terry ]
* When an application requests focus, handle it in Shell.qml by hiding
  the greeter and stopping any edge demo. (LP: #1227753)

[ Leo Arias ]
* Use subprocess.check_call when caling url-dispatcher, so an error
  will be raised if it fails.
* Test application life cycle with fake apps, instead of messaging and
  address book.

87. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-10

[ Didier Roche ]
* Resync trunk with previous revert upload

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Set the Qt.ImhNoPredictiveText flag on wifi password field, fixes
  lp:1291575 (LP: #1291575)

[ Albert Astals ]
* Take into account the originY when specifying the delegate ranges
  Fixes bug #1300302 (LP: #1300302)

[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk

[ Allan LeSage ]
* Swiping open an indicator must show its correct title--protect
  against lp:1253804 . (LP: #1253804)

[ Alexander Sack ]
* Fix TypeError: issue seen in system_integration autopilot test on
  image 279. (LP: #1303685)

[ Bill Filler ]
* Set the Qt.ImhNoPredictiveText flag on wifi password field, fixes
  lp:1291575 (LP: #1291575)

[ Leo Arias ]
* Added a search autopilot helper.

[ Michael Terry ]
* Provide a all-in-one script for getting a device to an unlocked

86. By Didier Roche on 2014-04-08

Revert to previous version as it's linked to latest sdk change which
is making gallery-app AP tests failing on the CI dashboard

85. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-04

[ Albert Astals ]
Adapt to new TabBar

84. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-03

[ Michael Terry ]
* Re-enable test_networkmanager_integration autopilot test on phone

[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk

[ Leo Arias ]
* Reverted the open_preview autopilot helper to return a Preview

[ Albert Astals ]
* If not running in Mir load the "fake" application manager (LP:
* Remove unused properties from DashRenderer

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Fix tests after right edge merge. Drop old stages tests. Fix right
  edge tests if someone doesn't have the GRID_UNIT_PX exported. make
  GenericScopeView test more robust that broke because the ordering
* add "make xvfbtestSomething" target to run qml tests in xvfb
* make the "make test" commit hook work again

83. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-01

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Bump version to ensure incompatibility with previous Unity.Application
* We'll only have the unity-mir and mock Ubuntu.Application plugins
  now, no need for mangling the import paths.

[ Michal Hruby ]
* Remove the albumart image provider. (LP: #1262711)
* Don't reset search string after 2 seconds. (LP: #1297246)

[ James Henstridge ]
* Remove the albumart image provider. (LP: #1262711)

[ Albert Astals ]
* Carousel: Add test to make sure we only create the needed delegates
  and not more
* LVWPH: Remove processEvents() call from updatePolish() It causes
  some reentrancy issues and in some times you end up in polishItems()
  with items that have been deleted because you called processEvents()
  This means i need a small tweak in itemGeometryChanged to not
  reposition items if we are inside a setContentHeight call and two
  small tweaks to tests since now things happen in a different order
  and numbers are different (though equivalent) (LP: #1297240)
* Card.qml binding loops are gone. hooray \o/ Also made the aspect
  properties readonly

[ Mirco Müller ]
* A potential fix for "Cannot read property 'state' of null"-failure
  on Jenkins with the VisualSnapDecisionsQueue QML-test of

[ Michael Terry ]
* Pass user's preference for auto-brightness on to powerd. (LP:

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Registers a dummy QObject as QTestRootObject in uqmlscene in order
  to fix make trySomething with Qt 5.2.

82. By Didier Roche on 2014-04-01

For now, have libunity-private depending on libunity-core-6.0-9 as the
gsettings schema is here. The dependency wasn't direct and dropped from
Touch image #271. Consequently, unity8 didn't start (gsettings
Proper strategy will be to include the schema in another package to only
pull it.

81. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-27

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Increase kill timeout so that crashes are not truncated.

[ Ying-Chun Liu ]
* Fix a small typo in LazyImage: scale -> scaleTo

[ Albert Astals ]
* Make geometry calls for autopilot work again -geometry is a internal
  Qt argument that only works for QWidget based apps Before it was
  being returned to us in -args but now it's eaten so we need to use a
  different one, -windowgeometry
* Make "Recent" translatable and update pot file

[ Mirco Müller ]
* Make visual queue of (up to five) snap-decisions contract and expand
  according to visual design-spec.

[ Michael Terry ]
* Pass user's preference for auto-brightness on to powerd. (LP:

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* allow executing a single test function example: make testShell

80. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-24

[ Michal Hruby ]
* Change and extend the way non-installed scopes are started with the
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

[ Gerry Boland ]
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

[ Michał Sawicz ]
* Fix rating input action to always be "rated", not dynamic. Based on
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

[ Kevin Gunn ]
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

[ Albert Astals ]
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)
* LVWPH: cull lost items lost items will be released on the next
  updatePolish cycle but meanwhile don't let them be visible

[ Daniel d'Andrada ]
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

[ Michał Karnicki ]
* Switch to new scope backend and apply required visual adaptations.
  (LP: #1294294)

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