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41. By Matthias Klose

* Build using autotools-dev.
* Patch aclocal.m4 and configure for ppc64el.

40. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* debian/control: use automake instead of automake1.10 (Closes: #724442).
* debian/patches/close_socket_after_uim_skk_requests_disconnection.patch
  - cherry-pick from upstream.
  - close socket after uim-skk requests disconnection (Closes: #727086).

39. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* drop uim-prime.
  - debian/uim-prime.install: remove.
  - debian/uim-prime.postinst: remove.
  - debian/uim-prime.prerm: remove.
  - debian/libuim-data.install: add uim-prime's scm.
  - debian/uim-common.install: add uim-prime's icon.
  - debian/README.Debian: remove uim-prime.
  - debian/control: remove prime from b-d.
    add Breaks/Replaces: uim-prime to uim-common and libuim-data.
  - debian/rules: remove uim-prime from override_dh_link.

38. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* debian/control
  - tighten dependency avoid broken-symlink library (Closes: #715123).
* debian/patches/pass_cppflags_to_cmake_cxx_flags.patch: New file.
  - pass CPPFLAGS to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS for hardening.
* debian/patches/fix_spelling_error_sigscheme.patch
  - fix spelling error sigscheme: charater character.

37. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* New upstream release.
  - Avoid a crash when a Canna server name is specified.
    Thanks to Kouichi ONO <email address hidden> (Closes: #713997).
* debian/uim-el.emacsen-startup
  - do not require uim-leim if LOGNAME is root (Closes: #671818).

36. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* drop im-switch support (Closes: #629490)
  - debian/README.Debian: remove im-switch documentation.
  - debian/control: drop Recommendation.
  - debian/im-switch/: drop directory.
  - debian/rules: drop installation stuff.
  - debian/uim-xim.{postinst,prerm}: drop update-alternatives stuff.
* drop obsoleted DMUA header.
  - debian/control: remove DM-Upload-Allowed: yes.
* drop transitional packages: uim-qt3 uim-applet-kde uim-hangul.
  - debian/control: drop transitional packages.
  - debian/rules: drop symlinks.
* bump up Standards-Version 3.9.4

35. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* New upstream release.
  - debian/patches/add_cppflags_qt4_common.patch: removed.
  - debian/patches/add_include_qt4_edittest.patch: removed.
  - debian/rules: remove uim.spec.

34. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* Urgency set medium to fix RC bug.
* touch /var/lib/uim/installed-modules.scm and /var/lib/uim/loader.scm
  before mv_conffile works in debian/libuim-data.postinst.
  because mv_conffile works only when destination file aleady exists.
  it appears upgrading from squeeze. (Closes: #688233) again.
  reported by Andreas Beckmann <email address hidden>. Thank you.
* debian/control: libuim-data
  - replace Breaks: uim-chewing (<= 0.1.0-2) by uim-chewing (<< 0.1.0-3~).

33. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* Urgency set medium to fix RC bug.
* move installed-modules.scm and loader.scm from /etc/uim to /var/lib/uim
  (Closes: #688233).
  - debian/*.{postinst,prerm}: change path from /etc/uim to /var/lib/uim.
  - debian/rules: do not generate installed-modules.scm and loader.scm.
  - debian/libuim-data.maintscript: add mv_conffile installed-modules.scm
    and loader.scm from /etc/uim to /var/lib/uim.
    Suggested by Andreas Beckmann <email address hidden>. Thank you.
  - debian/libuim-data.postinst: generate installed-modules.scm and
    loader.scm if they do not exists in /var/lib/uim.
  - debian/libuim-data.postrm: remove /etc/uim and /var/lib/uim contents.
* debian/control: libuim-data
  - add Pre-Depends: dpkg (>= to use dpkg-maintsctipt-helper.
  - add Breaks: uim-MODULE (<< 1:1.8.1-3~).
  - add Breaks: uim-mozc (<< 1.5.1090.102-4~), uim-chewing (<= 0.1.0-2)
* unset Multi-Arch: same of uim-dbg, because of plasma-widget-uim (kde4).

32. By HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai)

* enable Multiarch.
  - this is partial, because of plasma-widget-uim (kde4).
  - debian/compat: set to 9.
  - debian/libuim-custom2.install
    debian/rules: add triplet.
  - debian/control
    + mark libuim8, libuim-scm0, libuim-custom2, libuim-dev and uim0-dbg as
      Multi-Arch: same.
    + mark uim-common as Multi-Arch: foreign.
* enable more hardening.
  - debian/patches/add_cppflags_qt4_common.patch: added.
  - debian/patches/add_include_qt4_edittest.patch: added.
* debian/changelog: remove redundant name tags.

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