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20. By Len Ovens

* Put entangle in Photography menu, removed from Graphics.
* Moved zita-mu1 to Audio Production menu.
* Moved V1 suite to Sound Generators menu. (Lp: #1298089)
* fix changelog to include (lp: #1295354)

19. By Howard Chan

Update menu to put ardour3 in the correct sections.

18. By Len Ovens

* Added ubuntustudio metas to extra installers for main workflows.
* Updated the set of workflow icons with newer versions (lp: #1226993).

17. By Len Ovens

* Update menu to work with other DEs with Creation sections
* Changed Control File description and updated depends
* Cleaned old stuff, added icons, desktop and directory files, updated
   depends and copyrights.
* fixed install and rules files
* Removed "system" from our menu addition
* Removed Office, Office-extra and Other. Let DE do those.
* Fixed IRC *.desktop file and menu pointer
* Added missing *.directory files.
* Fix Graphics Design menu
* Separate media play back from multimedia
* changed version and build depends for lintian
* fixed extra desktop files to only show in one place and correct text
* fixed changelog
* Moved kazam and recorditnow to video menu, kdenlive in alpha order
* Changed layout to put all menus above app launchers like help etc.
* Added frequently used apps to top of menu, will only show where they work
* Allow settings menu to show as some DEs don't have a settings manager
* Changed boolean value in ubuntustudio-noshow.directory to true not yes
* Changed from <Exclude> to <Not> to work with lxde and others
* moved xfce logout to the bottom of the menu
* - fixed layouts to put menus before files
  - moved the rest of the <exclude> to <not>
* Removed ubuntustudio-extra files, as they don't work with other DEs
* Added <Or>s and <And>s to make the <Not>s work
* Moved ubuntustudio info menu to bottom.
* Fixed changelog to make merge work.
* Fixed lintian complaints
  - Removed empty preinst script
  - Fixed desktop files by using "Type=Link"
  - Fixed various spelling mistakes in changelog/copyright files
  - Set licence link in copyright file correctly.
* removed xdg-utils from depends since we use "Type=Link"
* Replaced Len's icons with Mish's
* Changed directory files to reflect new icon names
* Added ubuntustudio-installer to depends for extra-software menu
* Reintroduced extra software items
* Modified extra sw items to work with ubuntustudio-installer
* updated package to debhelper 9
* Make copyright file machine readable (lp: #1213231)
* Added debian/source/format from lintian check
* Fixed extra desktop files Categories line - removed
* fixed spelling error inubuntustudio-extra-office.desktop
* Fix spelling os hicolor/scalable directory
* Corrected icon name in directory files for effects and mixers
* Add extra sw files to menu explicitly
* Changed desktop files of link type to use xdg-open to work with all
* Added lintian overrides for use of external commands
* move lintian overrides to the right place

16. By falkTX (Old)

Rework package to handle XFCE and KDE menus properly

15. By Scott Lavender

[ Scott Lavender ]
* Added lv2rack, phasex, yoshimi, zynjacku (LP: #726199)
* bumped standards version

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* debian/control: Add Vcs-Bzr field

14. By Scott Lavender

[ Thomas E Jenkins ] <email address hidden>
* Added Alsa Modular Synth, Specimen, Sweep, Themonospot,
  Tuxguitar, ffado-mixer, and Gnome CD Master. (LP: #221954)

[ Eric Hedekar ]
* Added DeVeDe, SND, LiVES, FreeWheeling, Qtractor, Rezound,
  Renoize, OpenShot, Traverso, QSampler, Guitarix, MilkyTracker,
* added Rakarrack to Audio Production (LP: #528050)
* added subtitleeditor to Video Production (LP: #528050)
* Changed Add/Remove programs to Ubuntu Software Center (LP: #479156)
* added [pt] translations (thanks to FalkTX)
* fixed kdenlive entry (thanks to FalkTX)
* added amsynth, ingen, jack-keyboard, jack-mixer, ll-scope,
  and mscore (thanks to FalkTX)
* sorted list alphabetically

[ Scott Lavender ]
* excluded denemo from education submenu (LP: #528050)
* fixed subtitleeditor.desktop typo under Audio&Video <exclude> (LP: #528050)
* updated standards version to 3.8.4
* added ${misc:Depends} for ubuntustudio-menu in control file

13. By Eric Hedekar

Added xjadeo to Video Production

12. By Luke Yelavich

* New applications added to the menu file, thanks to Luis de Bethencourt
  <email address hidden>:
  - swami
  - calf
  - lmms
  - bitmeter
  - cinelerra
  - freemix

11. By Emmet Hikory

* Resync applications.menu with gnome-menus (LP: #287999)
  - Thanks to Luis de Bethencourt GuimerĂ¡ for finding the fix

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