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24. By Ricardo Salveti

No-change rebuild for shlib changes in qtbase and qtdeclarative.

23. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Connect qmlengine quit signal to app quit slot (LP: #1299563)
* Fix issues with the toolbar buttons: make sure that we dont
  preventDefault() in all cases (even when the user tries to
  click()),. make sure that the user's intent seems like
  hiding/showing before doing so,. (LP: #1222874)

[ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
* Removed unused locales.json

[ David Barth ]
* This branch aggregates 3 branches to help resolve SASS/CSS conflicts
  on the same file: merge of fix.1286362. merge of typography-update.
  merge of the fix.gallery-dialog branch .

[ daker ]
* Fixed toolbar declaration (LP: #1286833)
* Adjust the content when the keyboard appears (LP: #1296463)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

[ Kyle Nitzsche ]
* 1) Fix lp bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-
  theme/+bug/1241029 2) Improve doc building as follows: * add build
  script for docs: yuidoc-build.sh.(same as in unity-webapps-qml) *
  add docslib.py, used by yuidoc-build.sh to obtain bzr branch rev and
  insert it into yuidoc.json for use during build * add
  DOCSREADMET.txt: critical info about building docs * yuidoc.json:
  add majorversion field and set it to current framework: html-14.04-
  dev. The bzr branch rev is appended to this to create useful version
  field, which is consumed by yuidoc build and inserted into built
  html. As a result, the built index.html states the framework and the
  branch bzr rev as follows: "API Docs for: HTML-14.04-dev~bzr155"
  (LP: #1287826)

22. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
* Reverted unwanted changes commited to trunk accidently

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Add a set selectedTabIndex property, Add associated tabs AP tests,
  Some minor fixes in tabs, (LP: #1288798)
* Add user data to page push & onactivated method to Page to allow one
  to: 1. be informed when a page is about to be activated, 2. be able
  from the location of the push() to pass down data to the page so
  that it can properly initialize itself & rearrange its state (LP:

21. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

[ daker ]
* Initial i18n functions
* More fixes

20. By PS Jenkins bot

[ CI bot ]
* Various fixes to the HTML5 UI SDK docs (LP: #1284729)

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Merge lp:~ya-bo-ng/ubuntu-html5-theme/sass-setup
* This branch concatenates several CSS updates that need to be
  manually merged right now to avoid a conflict in the appTemplate.css
  file that is re-generated by SASS. The branches where:
  progress-bar/+merge/206386 https://code.launchpad.net/~ya-bo-
  update/+merge/208029 https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/ubuntu-html5-
* Fix the page-tab issue. page-tab now works as the way to define
  target tabs. (LP: #1285986)
* add testability support (LP: #1286175)

19. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
In order to allow the local CordovaUbuntu 3.4. plugin to be embedded
locally in an HTML5 click package, the cordova-ubuntu-container bits
are being copied over in arch specific paths, e.g.
./lib/<arch>/CordovaUbuntu.3.4. The function that was used before
QQmlEngine::addPluginPath works only (from what I can see) when
*from withina qml plugin that defines a binary plugin, one wants
to add a library search path which is not the situation we are in.
ngS4_S4_RK11QStringListS4_ (filePluginPath being the path specified
w/ QQmlEngine::addPluginPath).

18. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Based on a branch from daker: lp:~daker/ubuntu-html5-
  theme/fix.1202349 Revamped & made it work on desktop and touch.
  Remove the need to declare the toolbar in js. (LP: #1202349)
* Resize the root object to the view (LP: #1279932)
* need to add an example of shape + text inside (LP: #1279936)

17. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Fix page & pagestack behavior regarding the page title updates &
  tabs relationship which is very flawed atm. A page should have a
  title. In a page stack, the page's title should be reflected
  *dynamically* in the header as the page is pushed/popped. (LP:
* Fix touch detection on UbuntuTouch & Desktop: we handle both. Touch
  detection does not work reliably, we should embrace the dual world.

16. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Fix gallery app (needs more fixing though) and update the css to be
  closer to qml

[ Robert Bruce Park ]
* Make -sdk depend on qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-webapps-api.
* Add python-xlib dependency which is required for AP tests to pass.

[ David Barth ]
* Set the plugin-path to load the pre-built cordova runtime

15. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Robert Bruce Park ]
* Version bump to get past incorrectly-versioned manual upload in a PPA.

[ CI bot ]
* Null merge to trigger a CI Train trunk release.

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* small tweak of the basic size for the container.
* use ubuntu sdk mainview instead of item to e.g. use automatic
  orientation features.
* Add a better cordova qml component search pattern for the
  cordovaview mostly to account for the cordova 3.4 version that is to
  be installed locally; Add autopilot tests for the container,. (LP:
* Fix additional import path for potential Cordova qml components to
  be set according to the www canonical path
* remove cordova 2.8 examples package from recommends

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