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59. By Martin Pitt on 2014-04-13

Force removal of jockey on upgrades. It has been replaced with
ubuntu-drivers-common two cycles ago, removed from trusty, and now just
crashes due to API changes in aptdaemon. (LP: #1216193)

58. By Alberto Milone on 2014-04-09

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Move away the xorg.conf if mesa is selected as a
    fallback and binary drivers are still in use in the
    xorg.conf. This will prevent X from failing when
    users on hybrid systems uninstall a binary driver.

57. By Alberto Milone on 2014-04-07

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Always check that devices are bound to a driver.
    This works better than blacklisting the 0380 class, and
    should help systems such as the one in LP: #1301839.

56. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-21

* debian/control, debian/rules:
  - Obsolete and replace fglrx-pxpress. The gpu-manager
    already deals with AMD GPUs.

55. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-19

* debian/control:
  - Add build dependency on libdrm-dev.
* debian/rules:
  - Remove /etc/init/hybrid-gfx.conf.
  - Also remove the current upstart job from the architectures
    that don't ship gpu-manager.
* gpu-manager.c, tests/gpu-manager.py:
  - Replace laptop specific hack to detect the need to offload
    rendering to the discrete card with code that opens the
    available drm devices and checks the connected outputs.
    If any outputs are connected to the Intel card, then we
    choose offloading. This also helps when the monitor is
    still connected to Intel on desktop systems with Intel +
    NVIDIA systems.
  - Preliminary work to reduce code duplication in nvidia-prime.
* tests/ubuntu_drivers.py:
  - Do not abort if test_auto_install_system fails.

54. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-13

* gpu-manager.c, gpu-manager.py:
  - Re-enable outputs connected to NVIDIA discrete cards. This only
    affects Optimus systems (LP: #1290711).
  - Prevent possible buffer overflow when reading the configuration
    from last boot.
  - Clean up and make get_output() more robust (LP: #1290831).

53. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-08

* gpu-manager.c:
  - Take action if settings don't match the current bbswitch status
    (LP: #1289420).

52. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-08

* tests/run:
  - Skip gpu-manager.py on anything other than the x86 family.

51. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-07

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Reenable tests.
* Mark the three failing tests as expected failure instead of skipping them
  entirely, so that we can see what they do on the buildds.

[ Alberto Milone ]
* tests/gpu-manager.py:
  - Refactor the test suite by reusing more code and reducing the
    overall code.
  - Add test case for zero length dmi product version.
* share/hybrid/gpu-manager.c:
  - Do not try to match quirks if dmi product version has zero length
    (LP: #1289298).

50. By Alberto Milone on 2014-03-06

* debian/rules:
  - Temporarily disable all tests. We'll switch them back on as
    soon as we find out the cause of these failures.
* tests/gpu-manager.py:
  - Do not run on anything but x86 family.

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