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516. By Colin Watson on 2012-07-11

[ Kent Baxley ]
* Add the ability to run simple, custom scripts in ubiquity-dm
  (LP: #1017580).

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix excision of code in hw-detect that creates
  /usr/lib/finish-install.d/30hw-detect (not necessary or useful in
  ubiquity, but accidentally broken way back in ubiquity 1.1.0).
* Temporarily add shell tracing through part of hw-detect in the hope of
  diagnosing LP #1023036.

515. By Colin Watson on 2012-07-09

* ubiquity-dm: Use "-background none" rather than no-longer-supported
  "-nr" when doing a smooth transition from Plymouth (LP: #1019377).
* Automatic update of included source packages: flash-kernel

514. By Colin Watson on 2012-07-06

[ Colin Watson ]
* Update DebconfInstallProgress method names for the python-apt 0.8 API.
* Automatic update of included source packages: flash-kernel
  3.0~rc.4ubuntu5, partman-base 158ubuntu1, partman-target 78ubuntu1,
  preseed 1.53ubuntu1.

[ Colin Watson, Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* Rearrange DebconfInstallProgress to not assume that update_interface
  returns a value (LP: #1020574).

513. By Colin Watson on 2012-06-26

[ Colin Watson ]
* Remove hardcoded paths to xfsettingsd and various accessibility tools.
* Automatic update of included source packages: clock-setup 0.112ubuntu1,
  debian-installer-utils 1.91ubuntu1, flash-kernel 3.0~rc.4ubuntu4,
  partman-base 156ubuntu1, partman-basicfilesystems 74ubuntu1,
  partman-btrfs 9ubuntu1, partman-ext3 70ubuntu1, preseed 1.51ubuntu1.

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Fix bogus attribute access in usersetup plugin leading to crashes with
  the KDE frontend (LP: #1008255)

[ Oliver Grawert ]
* adjust arm bootloader installation, we have not used this part of ubiquity
  in some years and everything was outdated

512. By St├ęphane Graber on 2012-06-05

Force the DBUS signature of AddAndActivateConnection (LP: #1008898)

511. By Colin Watson on 2012-06-01

[ Colin Watson ]
* Force the locale to en_US.UTF-8 for the timezone tests.
* Fix seddery of clock-setup/finish-install.d/10clock-setup to handle
  changes in clock-setup 0.110 (LP: #1003443).
* Automatic update of included source packages: flash-kernel
* In the shell script syntax check, filter out *.po and *.pot files
  straight away before doing the slower check using file(1). There are
  lots of these and it takes quite a long time otherwise.
* Add several Lintian overrides.

[ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* Remove migration-assistant's UI definitions.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* scripts/simple-plugins, ubiquity/plugins/ubi-prepare.py: Move from Jockey
  to "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall". Add ubuntu-drivers-common Recommends: for
* scripts/plugininstall.py: Drop jockey --check-composite call. It is
  obsolete as the free drivers now provide 3D support. Automatic
  installation of graphics drivers is controlled and covered by
  ubuntu-drivers autoinstall now.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Don't encode callbacks in UTF8 in the timezone plugin anymore. The strings
  are already unicode.

510. By Colin Watson on 2012-05-28

Automatic update of included source packages: flash-kernel 2.28ubuntu45.

509. By Evan on 2012-05-25

[ Colin Watson ]
* If ubiquity is started up in a non-UTF-8 locale, force it into C.UTF-8
  and fail immediately if that's unavailable (LP: #1003851).
* KDE fails to round-trip strings containing U+FEFF ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK
  SPACE, such as the translations of a few language names. Strip these
  from language name translations.
* Install debconf-set from debian-installer-utils, useful for preseeding.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Remove migration-assistant following foundations-q-testing-
  migration-assistant. Thanks Dmitrijs Ledkovs!
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.122ubuntu8, flash-kernel 2.28ubuntu43.

508. By Colin Watson on 2012-05-21

* Fix handling of pipes to update-apt-cache.
* Sync up scripts/clock-setup-apply with changes in clock-setup 0.110.
* Only decode bytes read from debconf once we have a complete line
  (LP: #1001542).
* Remove a couple of unused attributes.

507. By Colin Watson on 2012-05-17

[ Colin Watson ]
* Install oem-config-slideshow-ubuntu in a separate pass from
  oem-config-$frontend and ubiquity-frontend-$frontend, since it may be
  missing from images; and only do this for the GTK frontend in any case,
  since other frontends don't currently use the slideshow (LP: #987050).
* Re-enable alpha warning for quantal.
* Upgrade to debhelper 9 for improved handling of compiler flags. Make
  sure that /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/ stays where it's supposed to be
  despite changes in the default libdir for multiarch.
* Port to Python 3:
  - Use Python 3-style print functions.
  - Use "except Exception as e" syntax rather than the old-style "except
    Exception, e".
  - Use reduce from functools rather than relying on the builtin.
  - Use list comprehensions rather than filter or map.
  - Use open() rather than file().
  - Import configparser rather than ConfigParser if available.
  - Use input() rather than raw_input() when running under Python 3.
  - Use set comprehensions.
  - Import quote from urllib.parse rather than urllib if available.
  - Use new-style octal literals.
  - Use test.support rather than test.test_support if available.
  - Add --python2 and --python3 options to tests/run to force running the
    tests under Python 2 or 3 respectively.
  - Handle renaming of __builtin__ to builtins in Python 3.
  - Only pass unicode=1 to gettext.install in Python 2.
  - Port ubiquity.auto_update to python-apt 0.8 progress classes.
  - Use Python 3 names for itertools.izip and itertools.izip_longest if
  - Use helpers from the six module to deal with some bytes/unicode
  - As a general rule, open subprocesses with universal_newlines=True when
    expecting to read text from them. This has no effect on Python 2
    (aside from \r\n conversion and the like, which is mostly a no-op for
    us), but causes Python 3 to read str rather than bytes. The
    exceptions at the moment are: debconf-copydb subprocesses, which
    return mixed-encoding data that needs to be handled specially; and
    when feeding the output of a subprocess to hashlib.
  - Use six.reraise rather than the three-argument form of raise.
  - Adjust test_filteredcommand for Python 3 text handling.
  - Fix test_ubi_partman.question_has_variables to handle templates files
    as binary data, since they're mixed-encoding.
  - Cope with assertItemsEqual/assertCountEqual naming difference between
    Python 2.7 and 3.2.
  - Rearrange ubiquity.i18n.get_translations to treat debconf-copydb
    output as binary data and do field-dependent decoding.
  - Adjust test_misc and test_upower to cope with file type changes in
    Python 3.
  - Use xml.etree.cElementTree instead of libxml2; it's faster, has a
    smaller footprint by virtue of being built into the standard library,
    arguably easier to read, and works with Python 3.
  - Fix a slew of file handle leaks, including making much more liberal
    use of context managers.
  - When creating a default username based on the user's full name, decode
    it back to a Unicode type after running it through the
    ascii_transliterate encoder.
  - Remove __pycache__ directories on clean.
  - Use 'from __future__ import unicode_literals' in tests requiring
    Unicode literals.
  - Cope with various builtins and dict methods returning iterators rather
    than lists in Python 3.
  - Use chr rather than unichr in Python 3.
  - Use six.string_types rather than types.StringTypes.
  - Pass a byte string to Gtk.CssProvider.load_from_data.
  - Replace all calls to unicode() with calls to six.text_type() or
    misc.utf8() as appropriate.
  - Use unicode_literals in ubiquity.keyboard_names.
  - Fix up ubiquity.filteredcommand.debug and its tests for Python 3. In
    Python 3, we can write Unicode strings (i.e. str) directly to
    sys.stderr, and its defaults are such that the worst case is that they
    get backslash-encoded. Arrange the tests to simulate this.
  - Simplify ubiquity.nm.decode_ssid using bytearray(), allowing it to
    work with Python 3 too.
  - Open .debs in binary mode when verifying their contents.
  - Decode text read from debconffilter subprocesses in Python 3.
  - Only encode preseeded values in Python 2. Python 3's debconf module
    accepts Unicode strings directly.
  - Encode the second argument to struct.pack.
  - Fix byte array handling when generating /etc/iftab.
  - Fix a missing bit of python-apt 0.8 porting in ubiquity.install_misc.
  - Open /var/lib/dpkg/status in binary mode when compressing it.
  - Pass bytes rather than text to kdecore.ki18n.
  - Call sip.setapi("QVariant", 1) on KDE frontend startup, pending a more
    complete port to the new API.
  - Use boolean tests rather than isNull, to cope with getting ordinary
    Python strings rather than QStrings.
  - In Python 3, pass strings directly to Qt rather than creating
  - (Build-)depend on python3-gi, since python3-gi-cairo doesn't depend on
    that and in any case we use it directly.
* Add Burmese translations.
* Remove obsolete uxlaunch handling, since it's no longer used and has
  been removed from the archive.
* Avoid locking failures when clicking on the "update this installer" link
  more than once.
* Move a bit more code into ubiquity.install_misc, including a new
  target_file helper method.
* Remove unnecessary #! lines from non-executable files.
* Improve download verification to handle systems not configured for
  multiarch, i.e. anything other than amd64 by default (LP: #998492).
* Automatic update of included source packages: choose-mirror 2.39ubuntu5,
  clock-setup 0.110ubuntu1, debian-installer-utils 1.89ubuntu1,
  localechooser 2.40ubuntu1.

[ St├ęphane Graber ]
* Spawn dconf-service from ubiquity-dm and drop all the dbus-launch calls.
  This should ensure we have a single dconf-service running and that gets
  killed on ubiquity's exit.
* ubiquity-dm: Turn on the compositor in metacity. (LP: #987168)
* wallpaper: Update code to properly set the wallpaper when compositing
  is enabled.

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