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12. By Colin Ian King

[Srinivas Pandruvada]
* Fix Kclockwork issue: gettext bounds
* Fix klockworks issue with strcasecmp NULL param
* Fix klockworks double free complaints
* Don't skip the current cdev
* Fix klocworks issue with memleak

11. By Colin Ian King

[Colin Ian King]
* coverity scan: fix memory leak on trip_ptr
* coverity scan: fix leaking dir on error exit path
[Srinivas Pandruvada]
* coverity scan: fix Unrecoverable parse warning
* coverity scan: Untrusted loop bound
* coverity scan: Uninitialized scalar field errors

10. By Colin Ian King

* Fix up some memory leaks in !THD_SUCCESS branches
* cthd_engine: guard against negative array indexes
* csys_fs: fix fd leaks in lseek error return path
* cthd_engine: remove redundant reads of thermal zone
* thd_engine.cpp: use %u intead of %d for signed integers
* thd_model.cpp: use correct integer format specifiers
* thd_model.cpp: remove ununsed variable 'file'
* thd_parse.cpp: use correct unsigned integer format specifiers
* thd_engine.cpp: check fcntl non-blocking error return
* fix leak of trip_ptr in read_trip_points
* ensure device_path is null terminated
* get_preference_cstr: return C string allocated on heap

9. By Colin Ian King

[Simon McVittie <email address hidden>]
* Add a patch to install thermald to ${sbindir} without needing a
  workaround in debian/rules, and have the systemd service file
  use that path automatically
* Install the systemd service file (Closes: #738719)
* Activate hardening via DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS instead of
* Add patches to improve the systemd service
* Use dh-systemd to sync up enabledness status between sysvinit and systemd
[Colin King]
* Use __cpuid rather than use inline asm, simplifies i386 PIC builds

8. By Colin Ian King

* Redirect fd 0, 1, 2 to /dev/null to stop poll() spinning (Closes: #737093)
* Add upstream commit; Prevent exception for invalid sysfs file reads

7. By Colin Ian King

* Add upstream commit: Remove warning for non Intel processo
* Add upstream commit: Fix checking for cooling_device
* Add upstream commit: Fix compenstion using "Processor" thermal cooling device
* Re-work PIC ebx workaround

6. By Colin Ian King

* Fix up exit() to use standard EXIT_* macros
* Fix log messages that don't have a trailing newline at end
* Minor re-ordering of PIC ebx pop
* Upstart conf: handle exit failures to avoid re-running forever

5. By Colin Ian King

Fix FTBFS, remove quilt from dh line

4. By Colin Ian King

* Correctly rename man pages, fixes FTBFS (Closes: #734786)
* Apply buggy thermal zone trip index fix (Closes: #734832)

3. By Colin Ian King

Fix i386 PIC ebx clobbering with cpuid

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