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31. By Norbert Preining on 2012-11-20

* add necessary break for update from wheezy (Closes: #689005)
* build dvisvgm with libgs support (build dep added, config option added)
* include a fixed and updated man page for updmap.cfg (Closes: #688893)

30. By Norbert Preining on 2012-09-04

fix too short name space for cweave (original file has this fix
since 2008) (new patch cweave-fix-too-short-names)

29. By Norbert Preining on 2012-07-26

* cherrypick a bugfix from upstream for ptex kanji code scanning
* format and lintian fixes

28. By Norbert Preining on 2012-06-28

* new upstream (some emergency fixes), the following patches have
  been removed since they are included upstream: patch-icu, patch-pdftex,
  fix-pipe-in-out-regression, upstream-fix-ini-synctex-segfault
* Build with -marm on armhf to fix lilypond FTBFS (Closes: #678604)
  (Thanks Peter Michael Green)

27. By Norbert Preining on 2012-06-26

fix reading from and writing to pipes from within tex: new
patch fix-pipe-in-out-regression (Closes: #679065)

26. By Norbert Preining on 2012-06-23

* post release fixed from Peter Breitenlohner (will be included upstream):
  - (patch-dvi2tty, patch-lacheck) Ken Brown <email address hidden> has noteda
  that already moderately long pathnames may yield buffer overruns in
  lacheck and dvi2tty.
  - (patch-icu) three ICU library files have been modified (undoing ICU
  SVN commit 36090 from 2009-06-11), in order to solve all/most XeTeX
  problems with Indic scripts.
  - (patch-pdftex) a small change in pdftexdir/pdftosrc.cc required to
  build pdfTeX with poppler >=0.18.4 (system-xpdf). Note, however, that
  building pdfTeX that way slightly reduces its capability to handle large
  files (see README.config 1.6 and 3.4.2).
* update updmap man page (Closes: #677300)
* (pulled from upupstream cvs, patch xdvi-upupstream-fixes)
  - Fixed bugs in property handling on 64-bit systems (related to source
  - Added support for XkbBell, to make the console bell work again.

25. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-30

call update-language in the postinstall (Closes: #675179)

24. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-30

* new upstream snapshot (svn 26726)
  exporting kpse_cnf_get (Closes: #675109)
* cnf.h is again installed, don't install it via libkpathsea-dev.install
* patch handling:
  . removed: 41_maketexmf, 12_fix_epstopdf_invocation
    both included upstream or not needed anymore
  . new: set-e-fmtutil part of set-e-in-various-scripts that still
  . disabled: 57_texconfig_papersizes_for_upstream,
    58_texconfig_papersizes_use_ucf, superseeded by 55_texconfig_stuff
  . disabled: set-e-in-various-scripts: split into set-e-fmtutil
    and a disabled part for texconfig

23. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-16

* new upstream snapshot based on TL2012 tlpretest
* remove outdated and not needed patches
* remove traces of debian internal mupdmap, we use the one that is now
  shipped by default in TeX Live
* patch shipped updmap for correct perl module search path
* move patches from debian/patches to debian/quilt, add quilt as
  build dep, and include quilt patching in debian/rules
  this gets us rid of the "strange" parts of the 3.0 format
  (see quilt vs dpkg-source fuzzyness acceptance).
  Thanks to an unnamed dev who gave me the hint!
* disable build-wovp2ovf patch, included upstream
* (re)install cnf.h into libkpathsea-dev (Closes: #673016)

22. By Norbert Preining on 2012-05-07

* new upstream checkout: fix for dvipdfmx
* include debian/patches/xdvi-zoom-with-eps-figures.patch from Ubuntu,
  but do not activate it. It makes xdvi crash on *every* zoom in Debian,
  needs more investigation. Original reason: Make zooming with
  Ghostscript 9.0x working correctly. EPS figures were cut off after
  zooming and scrolling. (Taken from Ubuntu packaging, thanks Jeremy Bicha)
  See http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=692540
* fix FTBFS on alpha (Closes: #672222)

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