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259. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/43_fix-driver-package-installation-with-install-printerdriver.patch:
  Simplified communication between system-config-printer and
  install-printerdriver helper script (LP: #1412722).
* debian/patches/45_do-not-crash-on-licensetext-being-none.patch: Crash
  guard for displaying OpenPrinting driver record where the licensetext
  field is None (LP: #1412729).
* debian/patches/47_support-licensetext-in-separate-url.patch: Added support
  for OpenPrinting driver records with license text linked from separate
  download URL (LP: #1412729).
* debian/patches/50_fix-crash-in-nextnptab-if-driver-is-zero.patch: Trivial
  patch to avoid crashes when installing downloadable printer driver
  packages via OpenPrinting. These crashes were observed via the Ubuntu
  error reporting system.

258. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/35_ipp-over-usb-support.patch: Removed, IPP-over-USB support
  was not yet intended with this SRU.
* debian/control: Removed dependency on cups-filters-ippusbxd package
  (LP: #1409263).

257. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/40_support-non-utf-8-encoded-ppds.patch: Do not
  crash on non-UTF-8-encoded PPD files (LP: #1400232)
* debian/patches/37_package-download-fixes.patch: Fixed several bugs to
  make automatic printer driver download working again:
   o Use pyrequests instead of pycurl for secure (verified certificate)
     downloads. pycurl stopped working after the OpenPrinting web server
     has moved from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 (LP: #1394244).
   o In fillDriverList() use ".hasattr()" to check presence of
* debian/control: Depend on python-requests instead of on python-pycurl.
* debian/control: Added dependency on gir1.2-gtk-3.0 (LP: #1398444).
* debian/local/70-printers.rules: Fixed UDEV rules so that UDEV supplies
  the path of the device and not of the device's interface to
  udev-configure-printer. Thanks to Daniel Dressler for the fix
* debian/37_driver-autodownload-out-of-scp-dbus-service.patch: Removed
  old, misplaced and so not used file. The removal has no influence on the
  binary packages, so no regression potential.

256. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/35_ipp-over-usb-support.patch: Add support for IPP-over-USB
  printing via ippusbxd (LP: #1386241).
* debian/control: Added dependency on cups-filters-ippusbxd package
  (LP: #1386241).

255. By Mathew Hodson

Depends on python-gi and python-gobject-2 instead of python-gobject,
because it is a transitional package (LP: #778054)

254. By Till Kamppeter

Before calling "hp-makeuri" to determine whether a network printer is
supported by HPLIP and to get its HPLIP URI if so, check whether the
printer is actually an HP printer before, as hp-makeuri can hang on
non-HP printers (LP: #1313157).

253. By Till Kamppeter

Fix for the infinite loop fix of 1.4.2+20130920-0ubuntu3: Now the loop
is terminated when install-printerdriver outputs "done" but perhaps
somewhat early (race condition?) as this causes a false alarm of an error
exit of install-printerdriver, telling to the caller that the driver was
not installed, letting the caller not reload the system's PPD list and so
the freshly installed driver does not get found by the subsequent print
queue setup. With this we should have a working fix for LP: #1248303).

252. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.4.x snapshot from 19 February 2014
   o Incorporated nearly all Ubuntu patches
* debian/patches/30_cupshelpers-debugging.patch,
  Removed, included upstream.

251. By Robert Ancell

* debian/patches/05_menu_entries.patch:
  - Show in both GNOME control center and Unity control center (LP: #1257505)

250. By Till Kamppeter

Fixed a crash and an infinite loop which happens when it comes to a drivcer
download from OpenPrinting (LP: #1248303).

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