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25. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Drop G_APPLICATION_IS_SERVICE flag when creating a new gnome
client. Thus allow launching the gnome client, instead of silently
quitting and do nothing. (LP: #1299967)

24. By Mark Purcell

* New upstream release
  - Fixes "New Upstream Release" (Closes: #735846)
  - Fixes "Ringtone does not stop" (Closes: #727164)
  - Fixes "[sflphone-kde] crash on startup" (Closes: #718178)
  - Fixes "sflphone GUI crashes when call is hung up" (Closes: #736583)
* Build-Depends: ensure GnuTLS 2.6
  - libucommon-dev (>= 6.0.7-1.1), libccrtp-dev (>= 2.0.6-3)
  - Fixes "FTBFS Build-Depends libgnutls{26,28}-dev" (Closes: #722040)
* Fix "boost 1.49 is going away" unversioned Build-Depends: (Closes: #736746)
* Add Build-Depends: libsndfile-dev, nepomuk-core-dev

23. By Iain Lane

No-change rebuild for new e-d-s

22. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Rebuild on arm64, archive skew.

21. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Bump to boost1.54.

20. By Mark Purcell

* changeset_r92d62cfc54732bbbcfff2b1d36c096b120b981a5.diff
  - fixes automatic endian detection
* Update Vcs: fixes vcs-field-not-canonical

19. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* Cherry-pick patches from upstream git to build against EDS 3.5.3:
  - debian/patches/eds-includes.patch: update includes to use the single-file
    includes for libedataserver and libebook.
  - debian/patches/eds_fix_gcc_warnings.patch: avoid GCC complaining due to
    the use of some libebook deprecated APIs.
  - debian/patches/support_eds_3.5.patch: porting work to support EDS 3.5.

18. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

debian/patches/05_glib_includes.patch: remove glib/gstring.h from includes
in plugins/addressbook/evolution/eds.h; since you can now only include
glib/glib.h; all other headers will be pulled in by it.

17. By Mark Purcell

* Drop unsupported CELT codec (Build-Depends)
  - Fixes "Spurious build dependency on libcelt-dev" (Closes: #674644)

16. By Peter Meiser

07_config-guess-sub.patch: regenerated config.{guess,sub} file
to fix FTBFS on armel/armhf.

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