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15. By Axel Beckert on 2013-07-22

* Build-Conflict against libelf-dev on non-linux (Closes: #684386)
* Allow /dev/console to be a symlink. (Closes: #701173) Thanks to Igor
  Pashev for the report and patch.
* screen-cleanup init.d script: Label /var/run/screen for SE Linux
  (Closes: #680360)
* Add a package with debugging symbols (Closes: #715170)
* Ensure that the title prompt can only appear once. (Closes: #625866)
* No more pass --update-rcd-params='start 70 S .' to dh_installinit. The
  LSB headers of the init script already contain all necesssary
  information. (Closes: #717553)
* Expand 50increase-max-TERM-length.patch to also allow larger terminal
  type names when using the "term" command interactively from inside
  screen or from .screenrc. (Closes: #491812)

14. By Axel Beckert on 2013-05-20

* Update debian/patches/13split_info_files.patch to change now ambiguous
  makeinfo option --split to --split-size. Fixes FTBFS with texinfo 5.x.
  (Closes: #707530)
* Use doc/screen.info* instead of listing every file individually in
* Bump debhelper compatibility to 9
  + Update versioned debhelper build-dependency
* Revamp debian/rules
  + Use dh_auto_{configure,build}
  + Drop DPKG_EXPORT_BUILDFLAGS and /usr/share/dpkg/buildflags.mk
  + Drop manual DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS parsing
  + Use debian/clean instead of dh_clean parameters and add some more
    files to clean up
  + Use dh_install and debian/install instead of install and cp
  + Simplify variable usage
  + Fix dh_clean vs dh_prep in install target
  + No more ignore dh_installman errors
  + Finally switch to a dh7 style debian/rules file
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes)
* Apply wrap-and-sort.
* Fix lintian warning package-contains-info-dir-file

13. By Axel Beckert on 2012-09-16

* Extend 60-644788-screen-4.1.0-4.0.3-interoperability.patch:
  + Add support for detaching (Closes: #684342)
  + Document remaining issues in debian/NEWS

12. By Axel Beckert on 2012-08-07

* Apply patch by Julien Cristau <email address hidden> to add 4.0.3
  interoperability. (Closes: #683228; fixing the issue properly instead
  of working around it. Thanks!)
  + Drop all debconf handling and translations of debconf templates
    (Closes: #679747, #683227; Thanks Beatrice Torracca and Christian
  + Drop build-depends on po-debconf and pre-depends on debconf
  + Drop debian/NEWS (Closes: #678950)
  + Remove no more necessary lintian override
* Screen's info pages are now split over more files than before. Also
  include the new file doc/screen.info-6 (Closes: #682283)

11. By Axel Beckert on 2012-06-30

* Disable patch 52fix_screen_utf8_nfd.patch since it introduced a
  regression (Closes: #677512, Reopens: #600246)
* Fix bug number of Slovak debconf translation in
  4.1.0~20120320gitdb59704-3 changelog entry
* Use GMANE URLs for refering to upstream discussions as lists.gnu.org
  doesn't support threading over month boundaries. (Thanks Evgeni
* Add translations of debconf templates:
  + Romanian (Closes: #679366; Thanks Andrei POPESCU!)
* Update translations of debconf templates:
  + German (Closes: #679452; Thanks Helge Kreutzmann!)

10. By Axel Beckert on 2012-06-24

* Fix missing quoting in debian/config's dpkg --compare-version call
  (Closes: #678207)
* Update NEWS.Debian entry. Now includes how to resurrect running
  screen 4.0.3 sessions including generic commands for copy and
  paste. (Closes: #678181)
* Set sticky bit on /var/run/screen if screen is not setuid or setgid
  (Closes: #592895)
* Fix race condition when creating directories in /var/run/screen/.
  (Closes: #653434)
* Add translations of debconf templates
  + Norwegian Bokmål (Closes: #678112; Thanks Bjørn Steensrud!)
  + Polish (Closes: #678158; Thanks Michał Kułach!)
  + Galician (Closes: #678469; Thanks Jorge Barreiro!)
  + French (Closes: #678548; Thanks David Prévot!)
  + Czech (Closes: #678669; Thanks Michal Šimůnek!)
  + Spanish (Closes: #678891; Thanks Fernando C. Estrada!)

9. By Axel Beckert on 2012-06-18

* Fix workaround for #644788 (detect running screen in maintainer
  scripts) on kfreebsd (Closes: #677227)
* Update revised debconf templates and package description received from
  the debian-l10n-english team (Closes: #677303)
* Add translations of debconf templates
  + Simplified Chinese (Closes: #677726; Thanks Aron Xu!)
  + Danish (Closes: #677748; Thanks Joe Hansen!)
  + Swedish (Closes: #677752; Thanks Martin Bagge!)
  + Slovak (Closes: #677838; Thanks Miguel Figueiredo!)
  + Portuguese (Closes: #677838; Thanks Miguel Figueiredo!)
  + Russian (Closes: #678021; Thanks Yuri Kozlov!)
* Updated German translation
* Run debconf-updatepo automatically in clean target
  + Add build-dependency on po-debconf

8. By Axel Beckert on 2012-06-10

* Upload to unstable as the two RC issues which the experimental package
  had, are now resolved or at least workarounded:
  - Copy /usr/bin/screen to /tmp/screen-4.0.3 on upgrade from pre-4.1.0
    and use debconf to inform the user about it. (Closes: #644788)
  - Add patch to fix terminal handling on kfreebsd (Closes: #660567)
    Thanks Jan Christoph Nordholz!
* Add patch to fix parallel building.
* Use dh_lintian instead of handling lintian overrides manually.
* No more clean up manually what dh_clean can clean up.
* Add new patch to fix man page errors and warnings:
  - Lintian warning manpage-has-errors-from-man fixed by replacing all
    occurrences of "..." by "…"
  - Fixes tons of lintian warnings hyphen-used-as-minus-sign
  - Added two false positives of hyphen-used-as-minus-sign to
  - Fixes two typos found by lintian
  - Update 80EXP_session_creation_time.patch accordingly

7. By Jan Christoph Nordholz <email address hidden> on 2009-07-28

* Cherry-pick a few upstream commits:
  * f6b50e17 (create windows in detached session, closes: #466072).
  * 97708d58 (vertical split documentation, closes: #525998).
  * bb04008e (report session identifier on detach, closes: #199747).
* Slightly adjust Homepage field.
* Add support for build option 'noopt'.
* Bump Standards version to 3.8.2, no changes.
* Specify GPL version in d/copyright.

6. By Jan Christoph Nordholz <email address hidden> on 2009-04-10

* Sync with Ubuntu, closes: #520359. New dpatches:
  * 33increase_max_winmsg_renditions
  * 35screen_invoked_with_a_command (cherry-picked from upstream)
* Bump Standards version to 3.8.1 (again, no changes).
* Accommodate initscript to adjust the $SCREENDIR permissions
  correctly even if /usr/bin/screen is installed 0755.
  Add a Q&A pair to README.Debian to clarify this problem.
  Closes: #520317.
* Fix #433338 properly by keeping the umask instead of dropping
  the 'public exchange file' concept. Modify dpatch 22.
  Addresses CVE-2009-1214, CVE-2009-1215, closes: #521123.
* Depend on patch-stamp instead of patch in debian/rules.
  (Phony targets as intermediates in a dep chain are braindead.)
* Fix job control and CTTY handling on our new kfreebsd archs.
  Closes: #522689. Thanks to Axel Beckert for his support!

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