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50. By Roger Leigh

schroot-mount canonicalises both the base path and full
path when sanity checking mountpoints (Closes: #691694).

49. By Roger Leigh

sbuild::chroot_facet_session_clonable: Include
sbuild-chroot-block-device-base.h, which was missing on
kFreeBSD and Hurd builds (it's included indirectly on Linux
via the LVM snapshot header).

48. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* NEWS: Provide guidance for wheezy upgrades with regard to
  use of the profile key in a backward-compatible manner also
  using setup.config, to mimic the behaviour of the deprecated
  script-config key.
* schroot.conf(5) additionally updated to document script-config
  deprecation and use of user keys such as setup.config.
* schroot-mount: Canonicalise mountpoints with symlinks to avoid
  mounting absolute paths on the host rather than inside the chroot
  (Closes: #686148). Note the caveat regarding paths with multiple
  symlinks in schroot-script-config(5). This permits safe use of
  symlinks as mountpoints in some common circumstances, e.g. on
  /var/lock, which is a symlink to /run/lock, though this is not
  recommended practice.
* 15binfmt no longer pollutes output, by redirecting stderr from
  "which update-binfmts" (Closes: #688304).
* Ensure that CHROOT_ALIAS (setup scripts) and SCHROOT_ALIAS_NAME
  (user environment) always refer to the alias used to create the
  session (Closes: #689078). The alias is no longer canonicalised
  by sbuild::chroot_config::validate_chroots. The logic for
  chroot validation and information display in sbuild::chroot_config
  and schroot::main_base (and derived classes) required refactoring
  to allow the unresolved alias name to be passed through to the
  session clone operation in sbuild::session, so that it could be
  stored in the chroot's sbuild::chroot_facet_session facet.
* On session recovery, mount the snapshot LV rather than the source
  LV for LVM snapshot chroots (Closes: #691376). The code which
  sets the mount device for all mountable chroots (with an
  sbuild::chroot_facet_mountable facet) is in
  All chroot types refactored to set the mount device here.
* 10mount uses a lock directory /var/lock/schroot to contain its
  lockfile, rather than directly using /var/lock, which is less

47. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* Revert pam_env change in 1.6.2-1. This is due to running the
  PAM module on the host, it would inappropriately set LANG, LANGUAGE
  and potentially other environment variables which would be
  incorrect inside the chroot.

46. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* schroot:
  - PAM pam_env is used to set up additional environment from
    /etc/security/pam_env.conf and /etc/default/locale.
  - /usr/bin/X11 and /usr/games have been removed from the
    default PATH.

45. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* schroot:
  - Remove invalid and obsolete symlinks which were being created
    on install and upgrade, and no longer create them
    (Closes: #681931).
  - Fix 15binfmt setup script to bind mount binfmt binary correctly
    (Closes: #677811). Thanks to Vagrant Cascadian and Julian Andres
  - Building from git has been documented, as has the upstream
    release process (Closes: #680882).
* dchroot:
  - Migrate dchroot.conf to schroot.conf format on upgrade
    (Closes: #681876). Also documented caveats in NEWS.Debian.
* dchroot-dsa:
  - Migrate dchroot.conf to schroot.conf format on upgrade.
    Also documented caveats in NEWS.Debian.

44. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream stable release.
* schroot:
  - Ensure that the schroot init script is migrated from using rcS to
    using standard runlevels (Closes: #677501).
  - script-config sets FSTAB, COPYFILES and NSSDATABASES, plus the
    new names prefixed with SETUP_ (Closes: #675408). The old
    script-config and new profile keys are mutually exclusive. If
    both are set, script-config will be used. If the script-config
    file is not present, create default settings for FSTAB, COPYFILES
    and NSSDATABASES for backward compatibility, needed since the
    standard config files are removed on upgrade. Note that in 1.5.x
    releases, profile was set in all cases, which set setup.fstab etc.
    but this is now no longer the case, to permit script-config files
    to continue to function if present. script-config will be
    removed in 1.7.x/1.8.x, so it is advisable to replace usage of
    script-config with profile.
* Updated translations:
  - da (Closes: #675398). Thanks to Joe Hansen.
  - de (Closes: #676380). Thanks to Holger Wansing.
  - fr (Closes: #676413, #676416). Thanks to Thomas Blein.
  - pt (Closes: #676813). Thanks to Pedro Ribeiro.

43. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream development release.
* schroot: Correctly initialise the "profile" property
  (Closes: #675189).

42. By Roger Leigh

* New upstream development release.
* dchroot:
  - Always use "/bin/sh -c" to run the specified command, rather than
    the user's shell, in order to ensure consistent behaviour.
* schroot:
  - Add shell fallbacks (Closes: #674040). When running a login
    shell, try $SHELL (if preserving the environment), or else passwd
    pw_shell, then /bin/bash and finally /bin/sh. This may be
    overidden using the shell configuration key, which may in turn be
    overidden by the --shell option.
  - Don't warn the user about groups which do not exist
    (Closes: #674041). This is now debug log info only.
  - Add support for running programs in non-native architecture
    chroots using binfmt support for qemu user binaries
    (Closes: #604268). Thanks to Loïc Minier, Julian Andres Klode
    and Colin Watson.

41. By Roger Leigh

* Upgrade to Standards Version 3.9.3.
* Updated translations:
  - da (Closes: #658517). Thanks to Joe Hansen.
  - de (Closes: #659523). Thanks to Holger Wansing.
  - fr (Closes: #661512). Thanks to Thomas Blein.
  - pt (Closes: #660040). Thanks to Pedro Ribeiro.
  - zh_CN (Closes: #659875). Thanks to Ji ZhengYu.
* Added --exclude-aliases option. This removes aliases from the
  chroot selection.

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