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20. By Colin Watson

Backport upstream patch to cap the maximum size of a window to 32767,
fixing inability to resize Firefox 17 browser windows (LP: #1083260).

19. By Regis Boudin <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Empty dependency_libs field from the .la files. Closes: #633293.
* Change Build-Depends on texinfo to >= 4.11.dfsg.1-3 only, no point in
  depending on pre-lenny versions. Closes: #629760.
* Build-Depend on libgmp-dev | libgmp3-dev, as the later is a dummy
  transitional package. Closes: #618143.

18. By Alessio Treglia

Rebuild to pick new audiofile's shlibs (LP: #922036)

17. By Rodrigo Gallardo

* Remove reference to sawMILL in 00debian.jl (Closes: #557250).
* Remove empty doc dirs and replace them with symlinks (Closes: #556991).
* Rename sawfish maintainer scripts with the binary package name.

16. By Daniel T Chen

Add rep as an explicit dependency of sawfish, otherwise sawfish-ui
fails. (LP: #616115)

15. By Daniel T Chen

Cherry-pick relevant code hunk from upstream git changeset
ff1212a2006f195fa35335e1a6432cfb3ab51e7b to resolve fatal
error at runtime. (LP: #433358)

14. By Michael Bienia

Add rep to Build-Depends (fixes FTBFS).

13. By Rodrigo Gallardo

* New Upstream Release. Adds assorted bugfixes and updates from community
  reviewed patches and updates the build infrastructure to the new
  librep and rep-gtk releases.

  - theme/Crux/theme.jl: Added two new button layouts:
    Complete and Complete-Inverse (Closes: #101164).

  - debian/patches/integration.jl, debian/patches/menus.jl,
    debian/patches/sawfish-menus.jl have been integrated upstream.

  - config.h.in cherry picked from upstream 5b22f0c28 to define some macros.

* debian/control: Bump build depends on librep and rep-gtk and add libtool.
* Expand package descriptions.
* sawfish-dbg is Section: debug and Recommends: sawfish-lisp-source.
* Update debian/watch for the new upstream tarball names.
* Remove unused quilt version lintian override.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1. No changes needed.

12. By Rodrigo Gallardo

* New upstream release (Closes: #501092).
 - Includes patch from upstream BTS to fix focus handling after move-window-*
 (Closes: #132236).
 - Bump build dependency on GTK+ to 2.6.
* Loosen quilt dependency.
* Add README.source. Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0.

11. By Rodrigo Gallardo

* New Upstream Release.
 - Fixes encoding issues introduced by the use of UTF-8 in
  1.3.2. (Closes: #464139).
 - Fixes pango fonts handling, to allow more than one to be used at a
  time (Closes: #269905).
 - Fixes interaction with KDE systray.
* Loosen overly tight build-dependency on gettext, and tighten the one
  on quilt (We use the makefile snippet from 0.40-1)

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