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61. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-02-25

* Merge 2.0.0-rc1
* debian/rules: consolidate ppc filter entries.
* Move qemu-system-arch64 into qemu-system-arm
* debian/patches/define-trusty-machine-type.patch: define a trusty machine
  type, currently the same as pc-i440fx-2.0, to put is in a better position
  to enable live migrations from trusty onward. (LP: #1294823)
* debian/control: build-dep on libfdt >= 1.4.0 (LP: #1295072)
* Merge latest upstream git to commit dc9528f
* Debian/rules:
  - remove -enable-uname-release=2.6.32
  - don't make the aarch64 target Ubuntu-specific.
* Remove patches which are now upstream:
  - fix-smb-security-share.patch
  - slirp-smb-redirect-port-445-too.patch
  - linux-user-Implement-sendmmsg-syscall.patch (better version is upstream)
  - signal-added-a-wrapper-for-sigprocmask-function.patch
  - ubuntu/signal-sigsegv-protection-on-do_sigprocmask.patch
  - ubuntu/Don-t-block-SIGSEGV-at-more-places.patch
  - ubuntu/ppc-force-cpu-threads-count-to-be-power-of-2.patch
* add link for /usr/share/qemu/bios-256k.bin
* Remove all linaro patches.
* Remove all arm64/ patches. Many but not all are upstream.
* Remove CVE-2013-4377.patch which is upstream.
* debian/control-in: don't make qemu-system-aarch64 ubuntu-specific

60. By Stefan Bader on 2014-03-21

No-change rebuild to build with libxen-4.4.

59. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-03-11

d/p/ubuntu/ppc-force-cpu-threads-count-to-be-power-of-2.patch: cherrypick
upstream patch to force cpu count on ppc to be a power of 2. (LP: #1279682)

58. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-03-06

[ dann frazier ]
* Add patches from the susematz tree to avoid intermittent segfaults:
   - ubuntu/signal-added-a-wrapper-for-sigprocmask-function.patch
   - ubuntu/signal-sigsegv-protection-on-do_sigprocmask.patch
   - ubuntu/Don-t-block-SIGSEGV-at-more-places.patch

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* Modify do_sigprocmask to only change behavior for aarch64.
  (LP: #1285363)

57. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-02-21

[ Steve Langasek ]
* Merge debian/control with unreleased Debian branch: our architecture
  lists should now be in sync.

[ Dann Frazier ]
* ubuntu/linux-user-Implement-sendmmsg-syscall.patch: Fix user mode DNS
  on arm64 and maybe others. (LP: #1284344)

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* Move the OVMF.fd link to the ovmf package.

56. By Steve Langasek on 2014-02-20

Add ppc64el to the architecture list (supposedly added in the previous
upload, but really wasn't).

55. By dann frazier on 2014-02-11

* Backport changes to enable qemu-user-static support for aarch64
* debian/control: add ppc64el to Architectures
* debian/rules: only install qemu-system-aarch64 on arm64.
  Fixes a FTBFS when built twice in a row on non-arm64 due to a stale
  debian/qemu-system-aarch64 directory

54. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-02-05

* Fix broken filter_binfmts
* Remove use of dpkg-version in postinsts, as we're not Depending on

53. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-02-04

* Merge 1.7.0+dfsg-3 from debian. Remaining changes:
  - debian/patches/ubuntu:
    * expose-vmx_qemu64cpu.patch
    * linaro (omap3) and arm64 patches
    * ubuntu/target-ppc-add-stubs-for-kvm-breakpoints: fix FTBFS
      on ppc
    * ubuntu/CVE-2013-4377.patch: fix denial of service via virtio
  - debian/qemu-system-x86.modprobe: set kvm_intel nested=1 options
  - debian/control:
    * add arm64 to Architectures
    * add qemu-common and qemu-system-aarch64 packages
  - debian/qemu-system-common.install: add debian/tmp/usr/lib
  - debian/qemu-system-common.preinst: add kvm group
  - debian/qemu-system-common.postinst: remove acl placed by udev,
    and add udevadm trigger.
  - qemu-system-x86.links: add eepro100.rom, remove pxe-virtio,
    pxe-e1000 and pxe-rtl8139.
  - add qemu-system-x86.qemu-kvm.upstart and .default
  - qemu-user-static.postinst-in: remove arm64 binfmt
  - debian/rules:
    * allow parallel build
    * add aarch64 to system_targets and sys_systems
    * add qemu-kvm-spice links
    * install qemu-system-x86.modprobe
  - add debian/qemu-system-common.links for OVMF.fd link
* Remove kvm-img, kvm-nbd, kvm-ifup and kvm-ifdown symlinks.

52. By Serge Hallyn on 2014-01-28

debian/qemu-user-static.postinst-in: remove arm64 qemu-user binfmt, which
may have been installed up to 1.6.0+dfsg-2ubuntu4 (LP: #1273654)

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