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20. By gregor herrmann on 2012-10-08

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Fix "modifies conffiles (policy 10.7.3): /etc/default/pure-ftpd-common":
  - don't ship /etc/default/pure-ftpd-common
  - create it in .postinst if it doesn't exist
  - remove it in .postrm/purge
  - restructure .postinst a bit
  (Closes: #688206)

19. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2012-06-22

* New upstream release, fixes external authentication (Closes: #652938,
  thanks to Jon Daley <email address hidden> for the report).
* Add build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rules.

18. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2011-12-04

* New upstream release, fixes quote miscalculation.
* Add Debconf translation for Danish (Closes: #633986, thanks to Joe
  Dalton <email address hidden>).

17. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2011-05-02

* New upstream release, fixes glob vulnerability (Closes: #624848).
* Remove custom default stop values.

16. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2011-03-08

New upstream release, fixes TLS security flaw (Closes: #617334).

15. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2011-02-14

* Add Debconf translation for Brazilian Portuguese (Closes: #610403,
  thanks to Flamarion Jorge <email address hidden>)
* Accept -1 as unlimited value for RecursionLimit (Closes: #598219,
  thanks to Steven Van Ingelgem <email address hidden> for the report)
* Fix mismatch of stop runlevel arguments and LSB Default-Stop values
  (Closes: #607705, #607757)
* Fix incorrect default location of PostgreSQL unix socket
  (Closes: #612973, thanks to Herwin Weststrate <email address hidden>
  for the report)

14. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2010-12-15

Fix "fails to authenticate, errors in configuration file (SQL)": add
quotation marks to pureftpd-pgsql.conf, as explained in README.PGSQL
(Closes: #604018, thanks to Gregor Herrmann <email address hidden> for
the patch)

13. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2010-03-14

fixes crash on stopping server (Closes: #572362)

12. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2010-02-15

* new upstream release
* fixed ignoring of IPV*Only configuration files (Closes: #569588, thanks
  to Ian Abbott <email address hidden> for the report)
* lintian fixes:
  - shortened first line of package descriptions
  - bumped up standards version to 3.8.4 (no changes required)

11. By Stefan Hornburg (Racke) on 2009-10-24

* new upstream release
  - fixes flaw in new LDAP authentication method BIND allowing
    connects with empty password
* lintian fixes:
  - made debhelper versioned dependency compliant with debian/compat
  - added manpage symlinks for all pure-ftpd flavours

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