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18. By Graham Inggs

* Backport the followings changes from 331.38-0ubuntu8 in Utopic to make
  packages using CUDA and OpenCL co-installable:
  - debian/templates/control.in, package nvidia-opencl-icd-*:
    - Remove breaks/replaces on opencl-icd (LP: #1247736).
    - Depend on ocl-icd-libopencl1 | nvidia-libopencl1-*.

17. By Alberto Milone

[ Tim O'Shea ]
* debian/templates/dkms_nvidia.conf.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.14 (LP: #1289440).

16. By Alberto Milone

[ Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars) ]
* debian/nvidia_supported,
  - Add subsystem ID parsing support for LP: #1255813.

15. By Alberto Milone

[ Alberto Milone ]
* debian/dkms_nvidia/patches/register-VT-switch-requirements.patch:
  - Make sure to call pm_vt_switch_{required,unregister}(), so that
    the kernel knows that the driver requires a vt switch at
    suspend/resume time. This resolves a corruption issue on resume
    from S3 (LP: #1210077).
    Thanks to NVIDIA for the patch.

[ Graham Inggs ]
* debian/templates/nvidia-graphics-drivers.shlibs.in,
  - Separate .shlibs for libcuda1 and nvidia-libopencl1
    (LP: #1260974).

14. By Alberto Milone

[ Graham Inggs ]
* debian/templates/nvidia-libopencl1-flavour.links*.in:
  - Remove libOpenCL.so symlink (LP: #1260974).
* debian/templates/nvidia-graphics-drivers.shlibs.in,
  - Update for NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 5.5.

13. By Alberto Milone

* debian/dkms_nvidia/patches/buildfix_kernel_3.13.patch:
  - Fix check for acpi_os_wait_events_complete() (LP: #1268771).

12. By Alberto Milone

* debian/dkms_nvidia/patches/buildfix_kernel_3.13.patch:
  - Fix issues with PRIME (LP: #1268771).

11. By Alberto Milone

* debian/templates/control.in:
  - Change the description of the driver. It will be more
    usable in the UI now.
* debian/substvars:
  - Add support for X ABI 15.
* New upstream release:
  - Added support for X.org xserver ABI 15 (xorg-server 1.15).
  - Fixed a bug that caused the X server to crash if video memory
    is exhausted and the GPU does not support rendering to system
  - Updated nvidia-installer to make the --multiple-kernel-modules
    option imply the --no-unified-memory option: Unified memory is
    incompatible with multiple kernel modules.
  - Updated the behavior of the nvidia-settings PowerMizer
    Preferred Mode drop-down menu, to make the setting apply
    consistently across all GPUs in an SLI group.
  - Improved the robustness of the NVIDIA X driver in scenarios
    where GPU-accessible memory for allocating pixmaps was
  - Added NV-CONTROL attributes to control the brightness of the
    illuminated logos on certain graphics boards.For example, to
    turn off the illumination of the
    lettering on the GeForce GTX 780, use
    nvidia-settings --assign GPULogoBrightness=0
  - Fixed a bug that prevented screen transformations from being
    applied properly when starting X.
  - GLX protocol for the following OpenGL extensions from OpenGL
    2.1 and OpenGL 3.0 have been promoted from unofficial to ARB
    approved official status:
    GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object was the last piece of protocol
    needed to have official support for indirect rendering with all
    OpenGL 2.1 commands.
  - GLX Protocol for the miscellaneous OpenGL 3.0 commands not
    associated with specific extensions has also been promoted from
    unofficial to ARB approved status.
  - Deprecated display mask related configuration of display
    devices via NV-CONTROL and nvidia-settings.Display target
    specifications should be used instead - A display target is one
    of the display's valid names, with an optional GPU or X screen
  - Deprecated the following NV-CONTROL attributes:
    Also, although NV_CTRL_PROBE_DISPLAYS is still operational, the
    return value has been deprecated and should not be used.
  - Added deprecation warning messages in nvidia-settings when
    deprecated attributes are used.This also includes display mask

10. By Alberto Milone

* debian/dkms_nvidia_uvm/patches/buildfix_kernel_3.12.patch:
  - Apparently the kuid change doesn't affect only Linux >= 3.12.
    accordingly (LP: #1252664).
    Thanks to Joseph Yasi for spotting the problem and
    suggesting a fix.

9. By Alberto Milone

* debian/templates/nvidia-graphics-drivers-uvm.install.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.12.
* debian/templates/dkms_nvidia.conf.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.13.

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