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27. By Colin Watson on 2014-02-03

Bump libav dependencies: libavcodec-extra-53 -> libavcodec-extra-54,
libavformat-extra-53 -> libavformat-extra-54, libavutil-extra-51 ->
libavutil-extra-52, and drop libpostproc-extra-52 since there is no
longer a libpostproc-extra-in the archive.

26. By rhpot1991 on 2012-03-09

* usr/bin/mythexport-daemon
  - Fixed bug where file extension gets truncated (LP: #688049)
  - Remove extra ffmpeg files left behind (LP: #734103)
* usr/share/mythexport/configs
  - s/ffmpeg/avconv/g;
  - adjusted for latest presets and flags
* debian/mythexport.postinst
  - Fixed issue where broken symlinks break installation (LP: #806519)
  - MySQL failures will now fail gracefully
  - Allow database names other than mythconverg (LP: #920210)
* debian/mythexport.templates
  - Added template for MySQL failure
* debian/mythexport.config
  - Allow database names other than mythconverg (LP: #920210)
* debian/control
  - Updated dependencies
  - s/ffmpeg/libav-tools/

25. By Colin Watson on 2011-09-01

Update libav-extra dependencies to 0.7.

24. By rhpot1991 on 2011-04-26

[ John Baab ]
* Added link to file on file page, useful for manual downloads.
* Fixed an issue where delete period and podcast name were ignored (LP: #663314)

23. By rhpot1991 on 2010-10-03

[ John Baab ]
* debian/mythexport.config and debian/mythexport.templates
  - Added warning about new configuration
* usr/bin/mythexport-daemon
  - Fixed issue with OTG exports (LP #598439)
  - Added lockfile, to keep mythtv-backend informed of the job status (LP #596251)
  - Removed commented out code from past release
* usr/bin/mythexport_addjob
  - Added lockfile, to keep mythtv-backend informed of the job status (LP #596251)
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport.sql
  - Changed param column to longtext (LP #647908)
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/otg.cgi
  - Fixed issue where old configuration file was still in use (LP #652322)
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/otg_job.cgi
  - Renamed variable, no longer using "block" from old configuration
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/setup.cgi
  - Fixed issue where form was submitting to the wrong page (LP #652322)
  - Changed configuration input to radio buttons
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/save_system_setup.cgi
  - Fixed typo
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/otg.cgi
  - Fixed issue where old configuration file was still in use
* usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/setupsave.cgi
  - Removed debugging line
* debial/rules:

[ Angel Abad ]
* debian/rules: Fix typo in TARFILE rule (LP: #654088)

22. By Fabrice Coutadeur on 2010-09-23

debian/control: update dependency from libavutil-extra-49 to
libavutil-extra-50. This allow the mythexport package to be installable.

21. By rhpot1991 on 2010-09-15

[ John Baab ]
* Added link to baablogic.net for additional configs.
* Added version number to configs and web interface.
* Modified config notes to include link for Medibuntu.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Update vcs-bzr to be on ~mythbuntu-dev.

20. By rhpot1991 on 2010-08-13

* FFe (LP: #617570).
* Added HTML5 streaming page to web interface.
* New device config method.

19. By rhpot1991 on 2010-04-10

* Modified help link to point at new wiki page.
* Fixed cgi permission issue. (LP: #560379)
* Adjusted ffmpeg lines to match current ffmpeg args. (LP: #373359)
* Tweaked web UI options to avoid bad settings.
* Added regex to remove whitespace when saving config. (LP: #393492)

18. By rhpot1991 on 2010-03-28

* Added extra ffmpeg check to daemon
* Added android and cowon choices
* Fixed dependencies for libmythtv-perl rename (LP: #548551).
* Fixed misplaced aspect ratio (LP: #500224).
* Fixed bug where AP is run on non mp4 files (LP: #501279).
* Adjusted ffmpeg lines to produce better mp3 videos for itunes.

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