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12. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

New patch to fix FTBFS "ft2build.h: No such file or directory"
(Closes: #732316). Thanks, Roland Stigge.

11. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* New upstream release [November 2013].
  - dropped obsolete "path_to_ifconfig.patch" and "fix-install.patch".
* README.Debian: added note about online help availability.
* Standards updated to 3.9.5.

10. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* Upload to unstable.
* Dropped non-DFSG compliant help files, see "README.Debian".
  + added "mysql-workbench-help" source package template and
    instructions how to manually build binary help package.
* "debian/watch": monitor GPL-compliant -nodocs-src tars.
* Added "doclib.patch" to force "doclib" module installation.
* get-orig-source: remove help files from upstream tarball.

9. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

Removed obsolete "libboost1.53-dev" from Build-Depends
(Closes: #721503).

8. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

Use `readlink` to find libmysqlcppconn library (Closes: #711687).

7. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* Upload to unstable.
* New patch to get libpython flags using `python-config`
  (Closes: #710627).
* Build-Depends:
  - python-all-dev
  + python-dev (provides `python-config`)
  - libboost-dev
  + libboost1.53-dev | libboost-dev (needed to avoid FTBFS since
    libmysqlcppconn depends on boost1.53 which conflicts with older
    boost that is pulled by libboost-dev).
* rules: added "-v" to `mv` command (more build-time verbosity).
* rules: get-orig-source improvements.
* Dropped unused lintian-overrides

6. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* Build-Depends on libtinyxml-dev (>= 2.6.2)
  to avoid FTBFS with older versions (Closes: #675336)
* new patch to fix freeze on application exit (Closes: #682691).
* debian/watch update to reflect mirror changes.
* debian/rules to gracefully handle stripping if -dbg
  package is (un-)commented in debian/control.
* xz compression for binary packages.

5. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* New upstream release [May 2012]
* source compression to .xz
* dropped glib-single-include.patch (applied upstream).
* dropped '©' characters from debian/copyright.
* dropped copyright.hints file.
* native server administration profile renamed to "Debian".
  (Closes: #671050)
* dropped unnecessary 'python-all' from Depends (Closes: #674768)
* limit parallel build to 4 due to FTBFS with 8 CPUs.

[ Mateusz Kijowski ]
* debian/copyright cleanup

4. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* native server administration profile (Closes: #667714 I:"Creating new
  server instance profile fails...")
* patch to fix ifconfig invocation
* d-rules:
  + better CPU number detection
  + build with all but 'bindnow' hardening

3. By Dmitry Smirnov <email address hidden>

* patch to fix FTBFS with glib 2.32
  (Closes: #665584 I:"individual glib headers no longer supported")
* d-rules: get correct number of CPUs for parallel build on Linux
  (Closes: #665862 W:"Build process not is paralleled on some Linux

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