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7. By dann frazier on 2015-07-21

* d/tests/upstream: Add main.ctype_uca to skip-test list as it requires
  writable /usr.
* arm64_ftbfs_workaround.patch: work around gcc optimisation bug
  (LP: #1353729) to fix arm64 FTBFS.

6. By dann frazier on 2015-07-10

Fix failing tests by generating new certificates with validity up
to 2029 (LP: #1419262).

5. By dann frazier on 2015-06-12

Introduce full memory barrier support for arm64 and ppc64el to fix
corruption/hang issues (LP: #1427406).

4. By James Page on 2014-03-17

* New upstream point release:
  - d/p/*: Refreshed.
* d/rules: Don't run dh_install with --fail-missing and exclusions until
  package is a complete replacement for mysql-5.5.
* d/p/CVE-2014-0001.patch:
  - Fix buffer overflow in client/mysql.cc via a long server version string.
    CVE-2014-0001 (Closes: #741590).
* d/mysql-server-5.6.mysql.upstart: Add upstart configuration.
* d/tests/*,control: Add autopkgtest from mysql-5.5:
  - disable binlog.binlog_server_start_options as it requires writable /usr.
  - disable build autopkgtest until package ships libmysqlclient18.
* d/rules,mysql-server-5.6.install,apparmor-profile: Fixup install of
  apparmor profile.

3. By James Page on 2014-03-10

* d/control,rules: Drop libmysqlclient18.1* and libmysqld-5.6* due to conflicts
  with libmysqlclient{18}-dev and incorrect SONAME naming (Closes: #741200).
  NOTE: libmysqlclient* and libmysqld* can be re-instated when the 5.5->5.6
  transition happens.
* d/control: Align Conflicts/Breaks/Replaces/Provides with virtual-mysql-*
  approach for switching in/out MySQL alternatives.
* d/mysql-server-5.6.mysql.init: Bump timeout on start to 30 seconds inline
  with mysql-5.5 changes.

2. By James Page on 2014-02-12

[ Akhil Mohan ]
* added libmysqlclient.so link to libmysqlclient18.1-dev package
* revisited patches in d/patches/series; removed extra patches not needed
* some patches were modified to handle 5.6 issues
* mysql-server-5.6 and mysql-client-5.6 now depend on mysql-common (>= 5.5)
* mysql-server-5.6 now provides only virtual-mysql-server
* mysql-client-5.6 now provides only virtual-mysql-client
* MySQL 5.6 now contains mysql-common-5.6 which is only suggested
* moved mysql-common/etc/mysql/my.cnf to
* MySQL 5.6 now gives libmysqlclient18.1, libmysqlclient18.1-dev,
    libmysqld-5.6-dev and libmysqld-5.6-pic
* libmysqlclient18.1-dev, libmysqld-5.6-dev and libmysqld-5.6-pic packages
    conflict with their respective counterparts from MySQL 5.5
* link traversal for libmysqlclient is
    libmysqlclient.so (contained in libmysqclient18.1-dev) ->
    libmysqlclient.so.18 (contained in libmysqclient18.1) ->
    libmysqlclient.so.18.1 (contained in libmysqclient18.1) ->
    libmysqlclient.so.18.1.0 (contained in libmysqclient18.1)
* Placeholder packages mysql-server, mysql-client, mysql-testsuite
  have been discontinued
* d/rules, d/control removed gcc-4.4 dependency and disable X86 assembly in
  - Cherry-pick from Debian svn r2231 with thanks to Clint Byrum.
* changed mirror to download source tar
* replaced mysql_install_db script with small shell script to create
  root accounts. This avoids creating anonymous users which were
  security concern.
* Docs/mysql.info has been removed in the mysql 5.6.15 source
* removed debian/repack.* and 'DFSG and repacking' section in
  debian/README.source because repack not needed
* dropped '+dfsg' from version in changelog since there is no repack
* simplified debian/watch since there is no repack
* removed redundant *_r* links to mysql client library in libmysqlclient18
  and libmysqlclient-dev packages
* updated debian/control to allow mysql-*-5.6 packages upgrade/ replace
  an existing installation of mysql-*-5.5 packages
* modified debian/rules to use system zlib library, install additional
  man pages and remove execute bit on few test and result files
* added patches to fix link path in man page mysql_client_test_embedded.1
  and mysqltest_embedded.1
* added man page for mysql_config_pic at debian/additions/mysql_config_pic.1
* added man page for mysql_embedded at debian/additions/mysql_embedded.1
* moved libmysqlcient.so link from libmysqlclient18 to libmysqlclient-dev
  based on lintian warning non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink
* moved mysql_client_test_embedded binary from mysql-testsuite-5.6
  package to mysql-client-5.6 package
* moved mysql_config_editor.1 man page to mysql-client-5.6 package
* moved mysql_embedded from mysql-testsuite-5.6 package to mysql-client-5.6
* moved mysqltest_embedded binary from mysql-testsuite-5.6
  package to mysql-server-5.6 package
* removed absolute path for mysql_install_db script in mysql-server-5.6
  postinst script based on lintian warning

[ Bjoern Boschman ]
* Initial release of mysql-5.6 package.
* mysql_install_db is now a perl script. Do not run it with bash.
* added innodb_data_file_path to my.cnf for mysql-5.1 => mysql-5.6 upgrade
* added multiarch support
* do not include .a files within libmysqlclient18

1. By James Page on 2014-02-12

Import upstream version 5.6.15

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