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11. By Dimitri John Ledkov

No change rebuild against glew 1.10.

10. By Sven Eckelmann

* New Upstream Version
* Upload to unstable
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on debhelper 9.20130604 for support of parameters when
    detecting targets in dh_auto_*
* debian/rules:
  - Work around new debhelper 9.20130624 dh_auto_{clean,test} behavior
    which is causing a FTBFS by adding an explicit
    override_dh_auto_{clean,test} rule
* debian/patches:
  - Remove upstream merged sdl2_compat.patch
* debian/watch:
  - Verify new upstream versions using GPG key E05E608A04EF22F7596B

9. By Sven Eckelmann

* Upload to unstable
* Remove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed in debian/control
* Disable extra debug code in release builds with -DNDEBUG in

8. By Sven Eckelmann

* debian/patches:
  - Add gcc_lto.patch, Enable support for link-time optimization
  - Add uninitialized_restorefbid.patch, Workaround wrong gcc warning about
    uninitialized variable
  - Add mixed_signedness.patch, Fix mixing of signedness

7. By Sven Eckelmann

[ Simon Ruderich ]
Let debhelper set the buildflags implicitly

6. By Sven Eckelmann

* New upstream snapshot from revision daa3f1b2fe768e35694e572f4ba74325e7480547
* Update copyright years in debian/copyright
* Enable all hardening flags in debian/rules
* Upgraded to policy 3.9.3, no changes required
* Upgrade debhelper compat to v9
* Use buildflags.mk to set security flags in debian/rules
* Switch from libglew1.6-dev to libglew-dev

5. By Sven Eckelmann

* debian/control:
  - Add virtual package libsdl-dev as alternative build dependency
* Don't mix implicit and explicit rules to prevent FTBFS with make
* Remove hardening-includes which are now integrated in dpkg-
* Use debian packaging manual URL as format identifier in

4. By Sven Eckelmann

* Upload to unstable
* debian/control:
  - Build against libglew1.6
  - Depend on pkg-config for new Makefile
* debian/rules:
  - Mark all targets as phony
  - Force PIC using Makefile option
  - Remove unintended optimization flags
* debian/patches:
  - Remove obsolete default-optimisations.patch
  - Add rewrite_makefile.patch, Rewrite Makefile to fix flags and linking

3. By Sven Eckelmann

* Upgraded to policy 3.9.2, no changes required
* Update Vcs-* fields to new anonscm.debian.org URLs in debian/control
* Add multiarch support

2. By Sven Eckelmann

* New Upstream Version
* Updated my maintainer e-mail address
* Split source package to match upstreams modular release packages
* debian/copyright:
  - Update to DEP5 revision 164
  - Update copyright years
* debian/patches:
  - Add printf_fixup.patch, Correct usage of printf format strings
  - Rebase default-optimisations.patch against 1.99.4
  - Remove upstream merged patches: as-needed.patch,
    correct_fpr32_mapping.patch, correct_security_printf.patch,
    debian-archs.patch, dejavu-font.patch, destdir.patch,
    dont-install-unneeded.patch, fix-7z-subfolder.patch,
    fix-desktop-file.patch, fix_r0_override.patch, fix_readpng.patch,
    ftbfs-debugger.patch, ftbfs-dynarec.patch, ftbfs-glibc210.patch,
    ftbfs-gvariant-type-conflicts.patch, ftbfs-kfreebsd.patch,
    glide64_hurd.patch, glide64-noasm.patch, gtk-open-filter.patch,
    interpreter_x86_fldcw.patch, jttl_fix_romclosed.patch, link_gdk.patch,
    load_aidacrate.patch, load_vistatus.patch, noexecstack.patch,
    optional_signinfo.patch, osd-pause-crash.patch, path_max.patch,
    pie_support.patch, plugin-searchpath.patch, remove-gln64.patch,
    remove-nondfsg-icons.patch, resume_on_start.patch, rice-ati-symbols.patch,
    rice-crash-vendorstring.patch, rice_fog.patch, rice_nodebug.patch,
    rice-screenflickering.patch, rice-texturepack-crash.patch,
    rsp_hle_bigendian.patch, rsp_ucode2_reset.patch,
    static-binutils-libs.patch, system-libbz2.patch, system-liblzma.patch,
    system-libpng.patch, system-zlib.patch, version-string.patch,

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