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71. By Marc Deslauriers

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: fix for improperly handling case-insensitive paths on
  Windows and OS X clients
  - http://selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/rev/885bd7c5c7e3
  - http://selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/rev/c02a05cc6f5e
  - http://selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/rev/6dad422ecc5a
  - CVE-2014-9390
  - LP: #1404035

[ Marc Deslauriers ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary command exection via crafted repository
  name in a clone command
  - d/p/from_upstream__sshpeer_more_thorough_shell_quoting.patch: add
    more thorough shell quoting to mercurial/sshpeer.py.
  - CVE-2014-9462
* debian/patches/fix_ftbfs_patchbomb_test.patch: fix patchbomb test.

70. By Martin Pitt

* debian/tests/control:
  - Add "allow-stderr" restriction to "testsuite" as it prints out a "Tested
    with unexpected mercurial lib:" warning.
  - Disable hgsubversion test as it needs access to anonscm.debian.org which
    we don't have in Ubuntu CI.

69. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

* New upstream release
* Drop for_upstream__fix_i18n.patch as it's now included upstream
* Make uscan verify the signature of downloaded tarballs

68. By Tristan Seligmann <email address hidden>

* Pass -f to rm so that repeated builds succeed (Closes: #731623).
* Fix installation in the case where there is more than one supported
  version of Python (Closes: #729153).
  - Thanks to Faheem Mitha <email address hidden> for the patch.
* Make test-shelve.t more lenient. This should hopefully fix the
  semi-intermittent build failures on some architectures with slower

67. By Tristan Seligmann <email address hidden>

* New upstream release (Closes: #731471)
* Add myself to Uploaders.
* Add patch to fix test-i18n.
* Remove pyflakes test to avoid build failures when pyflakes is installed.

66. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

* Increment testsuite timeout to 720 as test-gendoc.t takes a
  loooong time on armel
* Don't run pyflakes on the autopkgtest for the testsuite, it fails to
  see the pyflakes error it's expecting (but it's not our job to fix
  python lint issues)

65. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

* New upstream release
* Fix mercurial-git and hgsubversion autopkgtest by loading the
  appropriate extension
* Bump standards-version to 3.9.5 (no change needed)

64. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

* New upstream release
* Revert breaks of mercurial-git back to << 0.4.0-1 (Closes: #725145)
* Re-enable the testsuite as the tests that timeout can be blacklisted

63. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

* Update breaks of mercurial-git to the current version (0.4.0-1)
* Add autopkgtest tests

62. By Javi Merino <email address hidden>

Temporarily don't run the testsuite when building. Since 2.7.1 it
timeouts in buildd environments (but works ok if run in the command

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