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21. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-03-31

No change rebuild to drop python3.3 compiled extension.

20. By Matthias Klose on 2014-03-06

Fix build failure with updated numpy.

19. By Tim Lunn on 2014-01-07

[ Tim Lunn ]
* debian/control: Build depend against tcl/tk 8.6 since this is the default
  for python2.7 now (LP: #1266605)

[ Julian Taylor ]
* add python{,3}-tk-dbg build dependency for debug tkagg backend
* add autopkgtest doing basic testing of a few backends

18. By Dmitry Shachnev on 2013-12-24

Backport upstream patch (fix_infinite_recursion.diff) to fix nitime
build failure.

17. By Martin Pitt on 2013-10-29

* Merge with Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - multiarch-tktcl.patch: add multiarch path to tk/tclConfig.sh search path
    (LP #752647)

16. By Sandro Tosi on 2012-11-11

* New upstream release
* debian/{control, rules}
  - run tests for python3 module
* debian/{control, README.debian}
  - add several missing dependencies (and b-d) for Matplotlib backends
* debian/rules
  - no longer set examples.* options in matplotlibrc when building doc (they
    are not needed with 1.2.0)
* debian/patches/60_bts691960_reintroduce_examples.directory_rcparam.patch
  - reintroduce (removed in 1.2.x series) 'examples.directory' rc parameter,
    in order to specify the Debian custom sample_data path; thanks to Julian
    Taylor for the report; Closes: #691960

15. By Sandro Tosi on 2012-09-25

* New upstream release candidate
* debian/control
  - updated Homepage field to new upstream website location
* debian/copyright
  - converted to DEP-5 format
  - updated to new upstream code
  - extended packaging copyright years
* debian/patches/60_new_syntax_to_load_searchindex.patch
  - removed, merged upstream
* debian/watch
  - updated to point to github
* debian/patches/30_disable_sample_downloads.patch
  - removed, no longer needed
* debian/patches/10_build_fix.patch
  - disabled, but not removed in case we'll have to restore it
* debian/python-matplotlib-data.install
  - install sampledata from new location (now it's in upstream tarball)
  - use matplotlibrc.template to install base matplotlib.conf file
* debian/rules
  - set backend and not datapath in matplotlibrc when running tests
  - fix broken symlinks to TrueType fonts; thanks to Ian Zimmerman for the
    report; Closes: #687674
* debian/{control, rules}
  - run tests under 'xvfb-run', needed to run inkscape (which is required to
    compare SVG images); adding relevant b-d (xvfb and xauth)

14. By Sandro Tosi on 2012-08-11

* New upstream release
  - Closes: #680883; thanks to Yannick Roehlly for the report
* debian/control
  - add ghostscript and inkscape to b-d, needed to run tests

13. By Sandro Tosi on 2011-01-25

* New upstream release; Closes: #606116
* debian/patches/{10_build_fix.patch, 20_matplotlibrc_path_search_fix.patch}
  - updated to new upstream code
* debian/patches/30_doc_pass_dpi.patch
  - removed, merged upstream
* debian/rules
  - don't compress objects.inv; thanks to Michael Fladischer for the report;
    Closes: #608760
* debian/rules, debian/patches/30_disable_sample_downloads.patch
  - bypass examples data download from internet, but use local copy instead
* debian/python-matplotlib-data.install
  - install examples sample data
* debian/control
  - bump Standards-Version: to 3.9.1 (no changes needed)
  - removed DM-U-A flag, no more needed
  - added python-xlwt to b-d, needed to build doc examples
  - Benjamin Drung removed himself from the Uploaders list
* debian/copyright
  - updated debian packaging copyright
* debian/patches/40_bts608939_draw_markers_description.patch
  - fix a glitch (missing reference to documentation page) in draw_markers()
    description; thanks to Jakub Wilk for report and patch; Closes: #608939
* debian/patches/50_bts608942_spaces_in_param_args.patch
  - don't separate param and its argument with a space, new sphinx consider
    the first argument as the type; thanks to Jakub Wilk for the report;
    Closes: #608942
* debian/patches/60_doc_output_format.patch
  - obtain the documentation output format even if the value is a unicode (as
    returned by recent sphinx); thanks to Jakub Wilk for the tip on IRC

12. By Sandro Tosi on 2009-01-14

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* debian/control
  - Added python-pkg-resources to build dependency for version detection of
  - merged python-tk into GUI Python packages alternative dependency list
  - add myself to uploaders
* Move content of debian/patches/setup.cfg.patch to
  debian/setup.cfg to set the default backend to TkAgg

[ Sandro Tosi ]
* New upstream release
  - Fixed histogram autoscaling bug when bins or range are given
    explicitly; Closes: #503148
  - fix a FTBFS if built with GCC 4.4; thanks to Martin Michlmayr for the
    report and the patch; Closes: #505618
* debian/control
  - switch Vcs-Browser field to viewsvn
  - removed python from Depends since introduced by python:Depends
  - depending on python-all-dbg for -dbg package (to install all dbg
  - moved python-tk to the first position of multiple GUI bindings Depends
  - moved 'dvipng' from Recommends to Suggests (to avoid texlive to be
    automatically taken in); Closes: #490992
  - bump build-depends in python-sphinx to at least 0.5.1 (upstream doc build
    system requires it)
* debian/NEWS
  - added to notify users about default backend (TkAgg)
  - added note about 'dvipng' not installed automatically anymore
* debian/README.debian
  - added information about changing backend
* debian/rules
  - merging all "rm" calls into "dh_clean" call
  - removed 'API_CHANGES' installation, since removed upstream
  - doc building with '--small' option, to reduce doc size (removing hi-res
    and pdf gallery images)
* debian/{control,rules,patches/*,README.source}
  - moved from quilt to dpatch
* debian/patches/{matplotlibrc.template-typo.patch,
  - removed since merged upstream
* debian/docs
  - removed since not needed (the same files were listed in debian/rules)

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