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34. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches:
 - 95_reorder_autostart.patch: From upstream, read home directory before
   system directories for autostart (LP: #1336944).

33. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches:
 - 90_fix_autostart.patch: Fix autostarting applications from system
   directories (LP: #1308348).
* debian/lxsession.install:
 - Install lxsession-xdg-autostart new excecutable.

32. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream snapshot, only bug fixes:
 - Fix screenshot call (LP: #1286685).
 - Fix reading system-wide config directories (LP: #1281323).
 - Remove some debug and add missing string to translation.
* debian/control:
 - Add laptop-detect as a depends to be sure we have laptop-mode working by

31. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream snapshot, only bug fixes:
 - Fix some help texts.
 - Re-enable buildin support for polkit (LP: #1292868)
 - Fix exporting environment variables twice (LP: #1278062)
* debian/patches/100_disable_Werror.patch:
 - Refresh.

30. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream snapshot, only bug fixes:
 - Fix the size of lxsession-default-apps window (LP: #1282794).
 - Fix some inactive help buttons (LP: #1284497).
 - Fix setting auto started applications (LP: #1288115).

29. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream snapshot.
* debian/patches:
 - Remove 9* patches, all merged upstream.
 - Refresh 100_disable_Werror.patch
* debian/lxsession.install:
 - Add new files.

28. By Logan Rosen

Disable -Werror in configure.ac to fix FTBFS while autoreconfing.

27. By Julien Lavergne

* Add some upstream patches in debian/patches:
 - 93_guess_default.patch: guess default settings when they are not specified
 - 94_fix_qt_plugin_export.patch: Fix export of Qt plugin environment
 - 95_launch_working_directory.patch: Launch applications in the current
   directory when necessary.
 - 96_disable_autostart_default.patch: By default, keep the previous behavior
   for auto started applications.
 - 97_kill_default_apps.patch: Properly exit lxsession-default-apps on close.
 - 98_double_launch_polkit.patch: Avoid launching twice the polkit agent when
   using the build-in support.
 - 99_lxsession_edit_in_default_apps.patch: Use functionalities of
   lxsession-edit inside lxsession-default-apps.
* debian/control:
 - Provides policykit-1-gnome since both lxsession and lxpolkit can provide
   the same functionalities.
 - lxsession-default-apps replaces now lxsession-edit.

26. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/*.install:
 - Move .ui of lxpolkit to lxsession-data, since it can be used without
   lxpolkit installed.
* debian/control:
 - Update Breaks for the move of the lxpolkit .ui file.
* debian/patches:
 - 92_enable_conffiles.patch: From upstream, enable conffiles support.

25. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches
 - 90_logout_migration.patch: From upstream, fix shutdown and reboot in
   lxsession-logout (LP: #1190170).
 - 91_link_glib.patch: From upstream, add missing linker options.
* debian/control & debian/rules:
 - Add dh-autoreconf for 91_link_glib.patch.

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