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139. By Jamie Strandboge on 2014-04-11

* debian/patches/06_apparmor_chromium_updates.patch: allow oxide based
  browsers and Google Chrome to run in the guest session
  - LP: #1298021
  - LP: #1306560

138. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-10

Add pam_kwallet to pam configs. (LP: #1305307)

137. By Robert Ancell on 2014-04-08

* New upstream release:
  - Fix return value for Vala bindings to Greeter.start_session_sync
  - Fix logging when failing to find session

136. By Tyler Hicks on 2014-04-03

* debian/patches/06_guest_signal_and_ptrace_aa_rules.patch: Grant
  permission for guest session processes to signal and ptrace each
  other (LP: #1298611)
* debian/patches/07_guest_proc_pid_stat_aa_rule.patch: Grant permission for
  guest session processes to read /proc/<PID>/stat. This prevents AppArmor
  denial messages caused by bamfdaemon and common utilities such as ps and
  killall. (LP: #1301625)

135. By Robert Ancell on 2014-04-03

* New upstream release:
  - Pass --enable-hardware-greeter to unity-system-compositor for Mir sessions
    on xlocal seats (LP: #1289072)

134. By Robert Ancell on 2014-03-25

* New upstream release:
  - Handle not getting an X connection when attempting to get X layouts.
    (LP: #1235915)
  - Read config data from both XDG_DATA_DIRS and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.

133. By Robert Ancell on 2014-03-17

[ Robert Ancell ]
* New upstream release:
  - Ensure X authority is written before X server is started (LP: #1260220)
  - Activate after unlocking a logind session

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* debian/guest-account:
  - Disable Unity shortcut hint. (LP: #1292178)

132. By Timo Jyrinki on 2014-03-13

Rebuild against Qt 5.2.1.

131. By Robert Ancell on 2014-03-13

* New upstream release:
  - Don't use g_hash_table_get_keys_as_array, it's a glib 2.40 feature

130. By Robert Ancell on 2014-03-11

* New upstream release:
  - Handle signals being received in child processes instead of treating them
    like they are received in the daemon.
  - Set utmp ut_line to the display name (i.e. :0) to match what other
    programs expect (e.g. 'w').
  - Fix lightdm_greeter_ensure_shared_data_dir_sync returning the wrong value.
  - Fix shared data tests so you can run test suite without root again.
  - Be extra careful not to call any non thread safe function after a fork.
  - Fix some small memory leaks detected by valgrind.
  - Fix process shutdown code to stop generating confusing warnings
  - Fix more double removal of source IDs.
  - Test improvements.

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* debian/patches/04_language_handling.patch:
  - Make lightdm_get_language() return a language with a short form language
    code (LP: #1276072).

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