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8. By Adam Conrad on 2014-03-26

0099_powerpc_support.patch: Refresh to alow's current libv8-3.14.

7. By Adam Conrad on 2014-02-12

* 0099_powerpc_support.patch: Pull in Andrew Low's powerpc port.
* debian/rules: Enable powerpc/ppc64/ppc64el for package builds.

6. By kapouer on 2013-12-20

Import backport of upstream fix for CVE-2013-6639 and

5. By kapouer on 2013-07-22

[ Jérémy Lal ]
* Patch: 0013_gcc_48_compat, closes: bug#701312.
* Allow Build-Dependency on latest libv8 branch version or on a
  specific branch: libv8-<API>-dev or libv8-dev.
  Ensure switching from one dev package to another works properly.
  Add a specific case for libv8-3.14 (<=

[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Tidy long descriptions to talk only about what packages provide,
  not the uses of it.

4. By kapouer on 2013-05-04

0001_kfreebsd.patch: fix tests runner in previous broken patch.

3. By kapouer on 2013-05-01

* Fix mipsel build (upstream follows same archs names as debian).
* 0001_kfreebsd.patch: work around kfreebsd tests runner failure,
  "This platform lacks a functioning sem_open implementation".

2. By Jonas Smedegaard <email address hidden> on 2013-03-19

[ upstream ]
* New release.

[ Jérémy Lal ]
* Update patches:
  + Update 0001_kfreebsd: Partially fixed upstream.
  + Remove 0013_performance_regression_fix: Applied upstream.
  + Unfuzz patches.
* Update version numbers in watch file and package names/dependencies
  to reflect curent upstream version.
* Build-depend unversioned on cdbs: Needed version satisfied in stable
  and oldstable no longer supported.
* Append CPPFLAGS to CXXFLAGS and export LDFLAGS to let gyp catch
  hardening flags.
  Maybe fixes hardening (see bug#689754).
* Fix remove all *.pyc files below tools dir.
* Update copyright file:
  + Extend coverage for main copyright holder with current year.
  + Add tools/testrunner/server/daemon.py (in the Public Domain).

[ Jonas Smedegaard ]
* Explicitly mention Public Domain file as such in Copyright field.
* Have git-import-orig suppress upstream .gitignore file.
* Drop obsolete "DM-Upload-Allowed" control file field.
* Update to use anonscm.debian.org URL for Vcs-Git field.
* Track upstream source via github mirror (not limited-use
  googlecode.com SVN tags).
* Include CDBS upstream-tarball snippet, and setup get-orig-source
* Tidy README.source:
  + Drop obsolete sections.
  + Refer to common CDBS+git-buildpackage praxis.
  + Emphasize explicitly that NMUs can totally ignore control.in.
* Tidy rules file: Resolve version strings in fewer shell calls.
* Use versioned source package name, to allow multiple branches to
  coexist: Nodejs often needs more stable release than Chromium.
* Git-ignore quilt .pc dir.

1. By Jonas Smedegaard <email address hidden> on 2013-03-19

Import upstream version

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