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34. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-07

Set dbusinterface timeout to highest possible value to prevent timeouts
when the dbus helper is tediously slow (LP: #1303209)

33. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-02

* Work around a bug in ubuntu-drivers-common not reporting the vbox
  dkms driver as recommended. Previously recommended && !installed were the
  primary requirements for a driver notification. Now we will also consider
  the possible-driver-list-length. If the list only has one entry we will
  show a notification even if that one entry is not recommended.
* Add a kDebug to the module's ::init to see when the lazy init timer
  actually runs out.

32. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-01

* Port driverevent to new dbus API, needs some code copy for marshalling
  as doing an automarshall to variant types somehow does not work
  as expected.
  + This repairs driver availability notification
* Instead of harcoding the init delay, allow definition through cmake,
  debian/rules now defines the standard 3 minute delay while manual builds
  will default to 1second. This removes the need to manually twiddle the
  value when one wants to test changes.

31. By Harald Sitter on 2014-03-17

* Catch another source of PermissionError in whoopsie-upload-all,
  this should now handle all sources of permission errors LP: #1281884
* Implement simple unique application tracking by registering on dbus,
  this prevents multiple invocation triggers. Also, the long
  upload timeout is less concerning with a unique application.
  + Depends on python3-dbus
* Upload timeout reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. This is just as
  arbitrary a value, but really 15 minutes should be more than enough time
  for most systems. With a 30 minute timeout and a bad connection one
  can easily get into a situation where upload-all is running 24/7, reducing
  the timeout improves this at least slightly.
* Try apport report add_*() and except (OSError, SystemError, ValueError) to
  prevent unhandled exceptions when the system runs out of disk space for
  example LP: #1292766

30. By Harald Sitter on 2014-02-23

[ Rohan Garg ]
* Really fix LP: #1282074

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Catch PermissionError in whoopsie-upload-all open()
* Bump standards version from 3.9.4 to 3.9.5

29. By Rohan Garg on 2014-02-20

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Prevent events from spwaning more than one notifier item at a time.
  Notifications are still issued whenever show() is called as they serve
  a reminding purpose. LP: #1275427
* Drop ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt depends (upgrade handling moved to muon)
* Implement L10nEvent notifying the user once (after login) if the language
  support is incomplete and uses qapt-batch to complete it.
  + Add new build dep on libkubuntu to do completeness checks.
* Event::show now only manually dispatches a KNotification iff tray icons
  are deactivated. KSNI has a dedicated showMessage function that handles
  issuing a notification for a present KSNI, this also avoids pixmap passing
  in default installation giving an overall better quality.
* Bump KNotification pixmap size to 32x32 (from 22x22) to reduce amount of
  ugly scaling artifacts (going up or down from 32 is more reasonable than
  for example 22 to 64 - as would be the case with a plasma notification).
* Drop unused kcm_notificationhelper-es.po (supposedly the export from
  launchpad went wrong in 13.10)
* Change module.cpp init list to c++11 'nullptr' and fix indention level

[ Rohan Garg ]
* Add a DriverEvent class to show notifications when the system has extra
  drivers that can be installed.
  + Misc. bug fixes
    - LP: #128208 , LP: #1282082 , LP: #1282085 , LP: #1282471 ,
      LP: #1282468 , LP: #1282074 , LP: #1282462, LP: #1282095 ,
      LP: #1282464
* Add runtime dep on kubuntu-driver-manager

28. By Harald Sitter on 2014-01-20

* Add more useful debug output regarding the apport event.
* Install whoopsie-upload-all as PROGRAMS, otherwise cmake won't set
  the executable flags and execution won't work.

27. By Harald Sitter on 2013-12-12

* Only display apport events for *.crash files.
* Change the apportEvent slot to accept a file argument for atomic file name
* Introduce apport crash file validity check (must end in .crash & must
  be readable by the user & must not have .upload file & must not have
  .uploaded file).
  This greatly reduces pointless notification triggers.
* Set VERSION_STRING via debian/rules, passed as define through cmake.
* Use VERSION_STRING define instead of hardcoding versions.
* Rename CMake project from notificationhelper to kubuntu-notification-helper
* whoopsie-integration-set:
  + Add new class CrashFile to apportevent.h
    This class has the properties validity and autouploadallowed. Former
    is representing regular validity as mentioned above and latter checks
    for the presence of a .drkonq-accept file allowing upload via whoopsie
    without going through apport-kde.
  + Add new function to the module ::apportDirEvent() isolating directory
    batch checking when param path isEmpty.
  + Add new function to ApportEvent ::batchUploadAllowed() uploading
    all crashes that have been cleared by drkonqi without going through
  + For each file, regardless of processed in ::apportDirEvent (dir) or
    ::apportEvent (single file), a CrashFile instance is created and if
    autoUploadAllowed is true a script is invoked to batch upload all
    reports without GUI confirmation through whoopsie.
  + Add script whoopsie-upload-all (derived from apport's version) which
    will auto-upload all crashes with a .drkonqi-accept file.

26. By Jonathan Riddell on 2013-12-06

Fix LP: #1258484 k-n-h does not launch apport

25. By Jonathan Riddell on 2013-10-10

Add translations from Launchpad

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