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344. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-10-15

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added fonts-nanum to desktop-recommends, full-recommends, LP: #1335639

343. By Philip Muškovac on 2014-08-04

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added baloo to desktop-recommends, full-recommends
  + Since baloo 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.1 the 'baloo' runtime package ist not an
    implicit dep of anything that uses the baloo libraries anymore so it
    has to be instally by kubuntu-desktop
    LP: #1349296

342. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-28

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gstreamer0.10-qapt to active, desktop, full
  + This forces the codec-installer helper onto existing installations and
    allows future ISOs to contain it from the start.
  LP: #1313066

341. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-10

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added pam-kwallet to active-recommends, desktop-recommends, full-
* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed kamoso from desktop-recommends, full-recommends

340. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-04-04

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added calligraactive to active [ppc64el]
* Added gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio to active-recommends, desktop-
  recommends, full-recommends
* Added phonon-backend-gstreamer to active-recommends, desktop-
  recommends, full-recommends
* Added plasma-nm to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed phonon-backend-gstreamer1.0 from active, desktop-recommends,

339. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-03-26

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added ltrace to active [arm64]
* Added phonon-backend-gstreamer1.0 to active, desktop-recommends,
* Removed gstreamer0.10-qapt from active-recommends, desktop-
  recommends, full-recommends
* Removed phonon-backend-gstreamer from active, desktop-recommends,

338. By Harald Sitter on 2014-03-05

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added libreoffice-base to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386], full-
  recommends [amd64 i386]
* Removed kexi from desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386 powerpc],
  full-recommends [amd64 armhf i386 powerpc]
* Removed krita from desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386 powerpc],
  full-recommends [amd64 armhf i386 powerpc]

337. By Colin Watson on 2014-03-04

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added enscript to full [ppc64el]
* Added fonts-droid to desktop-recommends, full-recommends
* Added fonts-nanum-coding to full-recommends
* Added gstreamer0.10-qapt to active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added k3b to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kamoso to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kde-config-gtk-style to active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kde-config-tablet to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added kde-config-whoopsie to desktop-recommends [ppc64el],
  full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kde-touchpad to active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-recommends
  [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kdesudo to active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-recommends
  [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kio-mtp to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added kscreen to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added ktorrent to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added kubuntu-notification-helper to active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added libqca2-plugin-ossl to active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added muon-discover to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added muon-installer to active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added muon-notifier to active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-recommends
  [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added partitionmanager to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added plasma-active to active [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-active-settings to active [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-active-webbrowser to active [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-mediacenter to active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widget-ktorrent to full [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widget-menubar to desktop-recommends [ppc64el],
  full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widgets-active to active [ppc64el]
* Added polkit-kde-1 to active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-recommends
  [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added qapt-deb-installer to active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added scribus to full [ppc64el]
* Added speedcrunch to full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added unclutter to full [ppc64el]
* Added vorbisgain to full [ppc64el]
* Added xrestop to full [ppc64el]
* Removed ttf-nanum-coding from full-recommends
* Removed ttf-wqy-microhei from desktop-recommends, full-recommends

336. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-02-18

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added bangarang to active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Added cdrdao to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added colord-kde to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Added finger to full [ppc64el]
* Added kubuntu-driver-manager to active-recommends, desktop-
  recommends, full-recommends
* Removed jockey-kde from active-recommends, desktop-recommends, full-

335. By Harald Sitter on 2014-02-18

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added kubuntu-desktop to full [arm64 ppc64el]
* Added okular to desktop [ppc64el], full [ppc64el]
* Added okular-extra-backends to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-runners-addons to full [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widget-kimpanel to desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widget-lancelot to full [ppc64el]
* Added plasma-widgets-addons to active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-
  recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed bangarang from active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed cdrdao from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed colord-kde from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed enscript from full [ppc64el]
* Removed finger from full [ppc64el]
* Removed gstreamer0.10-qapt from active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed k3b from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed kamoso from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed kde-config-gtk-style from active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed kde-config-tablet from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed kde-config-whoopsie from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed kde-touchpad from active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-
  recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed kdesudo from active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-recommends
  [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed kio-mtp from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed kscreen from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed ktorrent from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends
* Removed kubuntu-notification-helper from active-recommends
  [ppc64el], desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed libqca2-plugin-ossl from active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed muon from desktop-recommends, full-recommends
* Removed muon-discover from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed muon-installer from active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed muon-notifier from active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-
  recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed partitionmanager from desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-
  recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-active from active [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-active-settings from active [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-active-webbrowser from active [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-mediacenter from active-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-widget-ktorrent from full [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-widget-menubar from desktop-recommends [ppc64el],
  full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed plasma-widgets-active from active [ppc64el]
* Removed polkit-kde-1 from active-recommends [ppc64el], desktop-
  recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed qapt-deb-installer from active-recommends [ppc64el],
  desktop-recommends [ppc64el], full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed scribus from full [ppc64el]
* Removed speedcrunch from full-recommends [ppc64el]
* Removed unclutter from full [ppc64el]
* Removed vorbisgain from full [ppc64el]
* Removed xrestop from full [ppc64el]

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