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288. By Felix Geyer

* kdebase-workspace-bin replaces/breaks libpowerdevilcore0 and
  plasma-dataengines-workspace (<< 4:4.6.3-1ubuntu1). (LP: #791560)
* Make plasma-widgets-workspace provide notification-daemon since the
  notifications applet implements the galago spec.

287. By Jonathan Thomas

Fix the .install.linux files, I forgot to make the last round of install
file changes outside pbuilder after the final pbuild

286. By Felix Geyer

plasma-dataengines-workspace: Reduce breaks/replaces version on
plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook to << 4:4.6.3-1ubuntu1.

285. By Jonathan Thomas

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Merge with Debian Unstable, remaining changes:
  - Add kdebase-workspace-wallpapers.{links, install}
  - Add kdebase-workspace-data.links
  - kdebase-workspace-data.install: don't add wallpapers that are in
  - Add kdm.{links, upstart}
  - kdm.logrotate: rotate 2 -> rotate 7
  - Make kdm work with upstart in kdm.prerm, kdm.postrm, kdm.postinst
  - debian/control:
    - don't build against libggadget-1.0-dev, libggadget-qt-1.0-dev
      (they are in Universe)
    - Build against libbost1.46-dev instead of libboost-dev
    - Add libxml2-dev, libpolkit-qt-1-dev to build-deps
    - Add python-kde4, python-sip, python-qt4 to build-dependencies
    - Keep bumped our replaces/breaks
    - plasma-netbook replaces plasma-widgets-workspace (<= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu1)
    - kdebase-workspace-bin suggests plasma-scriptengines instead of
    - kdebase-workspace-data depends on oxygen-cursor-theme instead of oxygencursors
    - Keep kdebase-workspace-wallpapers
    - plasma-dataengines-workspace replaces plasma-widget-workspace (<= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu1)
    - plasma-widgets-workspace depends on akonadi-server and kdepim-runtime
    - plasma-scriptengines not depends on plasma-scriptengine-googlegadgets
    - plasma-scriptengine-ruby depends on libkde4-ruby
    - Don't build plasma-scriptengine-googlegadgets
    - freespacenotifier replaces kdebase-workspace-data (<= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu1)
      and kdebase-workspace-bin (<= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu1)
    - kinfocenter replaces kdebase-workspace-bin and systemsettings
    - libplasmagenericshell4 replaces plasma-widgets-workspace (<= 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu1)
  - debian/patches:
    - Use 07_kdmrc_defaults_kubuntu.diff instead of 07_kdmrc_defaults.diff
    - Don't add be_better_at_honouring_user_kdm_theming
    - Don't add use_dejavu_as_default_font
    - Don't add fix_target_link_libraries
    - Keep our patches
* Try a polkit-kde-1 | policykit-gnome-1 or-dependency again to see if policykit-1-gnome
  is a suitable policykit solution a year later.

[ Tarun Kumar Mall ]
* New uptream release
* Bumped kde-sc-dev-latest version to 4.6.3
* Removed patches kubuntu_120_ksysguard_sensors.diff and
  kubuntu_121_kdm_halt_cmd.diff, applied upstream
* Refreshed kubuntu_122_akonadi_calendar_dataengine.diff

[ Philip Muškovac ]
* drop kubuntu_123_effectframe_glflush.diff, applied upstream
* Refresh symbol files

[ Stéphane Graber ]
* Updated Vcs fields to point to kubuntu-uploaders instead of

[ James Hunt ]
* Updated kdm.conf to fix kdm in single user mode (LP: #436936)

284. By Felix Geyer

Add kubuntu_123_effectframe_glflush.diff from upstream to fix desktop
freeze when using the flip switch effect on nvidia. (LP: #771851)

283. By Jonathan Riddell

Add kubuntu_122_akonadi_calendar_dataengine.diff from upstream,
fixes https://bugs.kde.org/261593 Frequent plasma-desktop crashes

282. By Romain Perier

Add kubuntu_121_kdm_halt_cmd.diff imported from upstream
upstream, bugs.kde.org/270228, LP:755570

281. By Jonathan Riddell

Add kubuntu_120_ksysguard_sensors.diff recommended by ksysguard
upstream, bugs.kde.org/270246

280. By Felix Geyer

Add kubuntu_119_remove_empty_librarypath_key.diff to remove the libraryPath
key from Trolltech.conf if it's empty. This fixes Qt applications not being
able to use the oxygen style if the QT_PLUGIN_PATH env variable isn't
present (e.g pinentry-qt).

279. By Christian Mangold

* New upstream release
  - Update kde-sc-dev-latest version
  - Update kdebase-workspace-wallpapers.install,
    kde-window-manager.install and not-installed

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