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127. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-11-05

* SECURITY UPDATE: Privilege Escalation via KDE Clock KCM polkit helper
 - Add upstream_clock-privilage-escalation.diff, checks which
   binary is being run
 - https://www.kde.org/info/security/advisory-20141106-1.txt
 - LP: #1389665

126. By Harald Sitter on 2014-04-10

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Revert dropping of plasma-scriptengine-ruby from plasma-scriptengines now
  that the ruby1.8 dependency for ruby-plasma is fixed

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Fix kubuntu_dont-force-on-path.patch proper
  + alias qdbus to a forceful QT_SELECT=4 call
  + replace the mindnumbing var eval for qdbus calls with calls through
    the alias (i.e. it reads as qdbus and not $qdbus)
* Add upstream git commits for pam-kwallet integration LP: #1305307
  They are passing the startkde envrionment to the pam, so it can unlock
  the wallet from the right kdehome.
  + upstream_Use-the-socket-path-sent-by-pam-kwallet-rather-than-.patch
  + upstream_If-pam-kwallet-was-used-send-environment-to-it.patch

125. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-04-09

Fix patch kubuntu_dont-force-on-path.patch, previous change
broke log, sorry, LP: #1304805

124. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-04-08

Set qdbus to use qt4 with local QT_SELECT in startkde

123. By Matthias Klose on 2014-04-06

plasma-scriptengines: Remove the dependency on plasma-scriptengine-ruby.
Still depends on ruby1.8 which won't be available in trusty.

122. By Rohan Garg on 2014-04-02

Don't set QT_SELECT, qdbus from Qt5 is compatible with qdbus from
Qt4 (LP: #1299920)

121. By Jonathan Riddell on 2014-03-28

New upstream release

120. By Rohan Garg on 2014-03-28

New upstream release

119. By Rohan Garg on 2014-03-25

Don't use set in shell script (LP: #1297139)

118. By Rohan Garg on 2014-03-21

[ Rohan Garg ]
* Add Dep 3 headers to various kubuntu patches
  - Drop kubuntu_kde-workspace-kwin-touch-mouseevents-translation.diff,
    not required for PA 4
  - Drop upstream_Use-cascaded-configs-for-other-modules-as-well.patch,
    was not being used
* Switch to new package name in startkde when copying GTK2/3 settings
  (LP: #1232156)

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Drop KDM ConsoleKit support. We are using logind everywhere else
  and upstream actually prefers logind in all workspace software, however
  since KDM is semi-unmaintained and feature frozen there won't be logind
  support. ConsoleKit in KDM will not do anything on its own because all
  the applications of the workspace will want to talk to logind when
  present (which is pretty much always due to upstart).
  + Remove consolekit runtime dependency from kdm package.
  + Remove libck-connector-dev build dependency to build without CK.
  + This approach was discussed on the kde-core-devel mailing list
    and is the overwhelmingly accepted thing to do.
  LP: #1281036

[ Philip Muškovac ]
* kubuntu_plasma_netbook_for_small_screens.diff:
  - fix detection of optical drives so plasma-netbook doesn't appear in
    low-res virtual machines

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