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10. By Adam Conrad on 2014-03-27

d/p/0099-Pagesize-hacks.patch: Apply some hacks for non-4k pages.

9. By James Page on 2014-01-22

d/tests/binaries: Drop check for mongo binary.

8. By James Page on 2014-01-22

* New upstream point release.
* d/p/0003-SERVER-12064-Use-gcc-atomic-builtins-if-available.patch:
  Dropped - not really needed for this version on mongodb.
* d/install: Don't ship mongo binary, its broken without a JS engine
  (LP: #1270098).
* d/p/0005-disable-jstests.patch: Dropped in preference to updates to
  d/p/0001-Add-option-to-disable-javascript.patch - rebased on revised
  upstream pull request.
* d/rules: Don't strip binaries during build so we get a ddeb.

7. By James Page on 2014-01-07

* Switch back to running standard smoke test suite, minus jstests:
  - d/rules: Use smoke target for test execution.
  - d/patches/0005-disable-jstests.patch: Disable jstests suite.

6. By James Page on 2014-01-07

* Enable better support for alternative architectures:
  - 0001-SERVER-12064-Atomic-operations-for-gcc-non-Intel-arc.patch
    Cherry picked changes from Robie Basak to enable atomic operations
    on non-Intel architectures.
  - 0004-Support-ppc64el-builds.patch: Add support for detection of
    powerpc64 as a 64-bit platform.
  - d/control: Enable arm64 and ppc64el architectures.

5. By James Page on 2014-01-07

* Disable javascript scripting support:
  - d/rules: Pass --disable-scripting, drop config options for v8 and sm,
    only run C++ based tests during smoke testing.
  - d/p/0001-Add-option-to-disable-javascript.patch: Cherry picked changes
    from Michael Hudson to add support for disabling javascript support.

4. By James Page on 2013-12-19

* d/rules: Ignore test failures when testing with spidermonkey
  scripting engine for the time being.
* d/control: Drop dependency on adduser as its not required.

3. By James Page on 2013-12-17

* d/rules: Use spidermonkey as scripting engine for architectures that
  don't currently have v8 support.
* d/tests/binaries: Fix exit code handling to resolve autopkg test failure.
* d/rules: Ignore errors from scons clean.

2. By James Page on 2013-12-05

* Create new binary only MongoDB package for use by Juju, supporting
  plans for inclusion of juju-core in Ubuntu main:
  - d/control: Add new juju-mongodb package, drop all others.
  - d/control: Use embedded v8 to avoid general inclusion in main.
  - d/control,d/p/series: Drop use of system libstemmer in preference
    to embedded version.
  - d/tests/*: Drop existing tests and add new binary path check for
  - d/install: Install mongod and mongos + assorted client tools to juju
    namespaced path.
  - d/*: Drop mongodb-* related packaging files, no longer needed.
  - d/control: Use google-perftools on armhf architecture.

1. By James Page on 2013-12-05

Import upstream version 2.4.8

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