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40. By Curtis Hovey on 2015-08-11

* New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1483885).
  - Juju uses proxy to access bootstrap node (Lp: #1478660).
  - Juju environment not usable after the upgrade (Lp: #1473517).

39. By Robie Basak on 2015-07-15

* No change backport to 14.04 (LP: #1469744). This results in the
  following packaging delta from the previous 1.20.11-0ubuntu0.14.04.1
  in trusty-updates:
  - distro-info added and libgo5 removed from Build-Depends.
  - Standards-Version bumped.
  - cloud-image-utils | cloud-utils added to juju-local Depends.
  - d/copyright updated.
  - dep8 tests updated.

38. By Oleg Strikov on 2015-04-15

* New upstream release (LP: #1444037).
* Packaging changes required by the new release and cherry-picked from Vivid:
  - d/tests/fake-future.sh: New ability to generate fake /etc/os-release.
    Change is needed to provide Juju 1.22.1 with an appropriate testbed.
  - d/control: Juju-local now depends on cloud-image-utils | cloud-utils.
    Juju uses ubuntu-cloud template which in turn uses cloud-image-utils.
    Package lxc-templates only recommends cloud-image-utils hence Juju needs
    to require this package directly. Package cloud-utils is mentioned as an
    alternative because cloud-image-utils is not available on precise but we
    want to unify Juju packaging for all supported releases.
  - d/copyright: Updated to reflect changes in the codebase.
* Compliance to Debian Policy 3.9.6 was declared.

37. By Robie Basak on 2014-10-28

* New upstream release (LP: #1386144).
* Packaging changes relating to new upstream release:
  - d/control: add build dependency on lsb-release.
  - d/control: new binary package juju-local-kvm for local KVM support
    (new in Juju 1.20).
  - d/copyright: update for Juju 1.20.11.
  - d/rules: adjust paths in upstream source corresponding to upstream
    move from Launchpad to Github.
  - d/README.source: drop; repacking is no longer required.
* Packaging bugfixes cherry-picked from Vivid:
  - Build with a version of libgo5 that has the 64k PAGE_SIZE fix
    (LP: #1377325).
  - d/control: add dbus dependency to juju-local (LP: #1343301).
  - d/control: depend on lxc-templates as well as lxc, since lxc only
    recommends lxc-templates so it isn't always brought in.
* Cherry-pick changes from current upstream and Ubuntu development
  release packaging. These aren't all strictly required for Trusty,
  but given extensive production use of upstream's PPAs, this reduces
  regression risk to end users by eliminating differences between this
  Trusty SRU and what is already known to work well, as well as the
  potential for mistakes because diffs exist:
  - d/{rules,control}: generate mongodb dependency dynamically, as the
    specific binary package name required differs on older releases.
  - d/juju-core.bash-completion: drop unused code.
  - d/control: recommend bash-completion.
  - d/control: update other dependencies for Juju 1.20:
    + Bump golang-go build dependency version; this newer version is
      already available on Trusty.
    + Bump minimum version of lxc dependency; this newer version is
      already available on Trusty.
* d/control: wrap-and-sort.

36. By Robie Basak on 2014-07-02

* New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1329302).
* Repack with binary removed from source tarball. See
  debian/README.source for details.
* Copy new and enhanced dep8 tests (d/tests/*) from Utopic packaging.
* Add dependency on distro-info, so that Juju uses it for knowledge to deploy
  future releases instead of relying on its own hardcoded fallback
  (LP: #1325025).

35. By James Page on 2014-04-12

* New upstream point release, including fixes for:
  - Upgrading juju 1.16.6 -> 1.18.x fails (LP: #1299802).
  - Peer relation disappears during juju-upgrade (LP: #1303697).
  - public-address of units changes to internal bridge post upgrade
    (LP: #1303735).
  - Unable to deploy local charms without series (LP: #1303880).
  - juju scp no longer allows multiple extra arguments to be passed
    (LP: #1306208).
  - juju cannot downgrade to same major.minor version with earlier
    patch number (LP: #1306296).

34. By James Page on 2014-04-07

* New upstream release (LP: #1287147), including fixes for:
  - maas/lxc: LXC permission denied issue (LP: #1299588).
  - core: mega-watcher for machines does not include container
    addresses (LP: #1301464).

33. By James Page on 2014-03-28

* New upstream point release, including fixes for:
  - no debug log with all providers on Ubuntu 14.04 (LP: #1294776).
* d/control: Add cpu-checker dependency to juju-local (LP: #1297077).

32. By James Page on 2014-03-24

* New upstream point release, including fixes for:
  - br0 not bought up by cloud-init with MAAS provider (LP: #1271144).
  - ppc64el enablement for juju/lxc (LP: #1273769).
  - juju userdata should not restart networking (LP: #1248283).
  - error detecting hardware characteristics (LP: #1276909).
  - juju instances not including the default security group (LP: #1129720).
  - juju bootstrap does not honor https_proxy (LP: #1240260).
* d/control,rules: Drop BD on bash-completion, install bash-completion
  direct from upstream source code.
* d/rules: Set HOME prior to generating man pages.
* d/control: Drop alternative dependency on mongodb-server; juju now only
  works on trusty with juju-mongodb.

31. By James Page on 2014-03-05

d/control: Add rsyslog-gnutls as dependency for juju-local package
to support secure syslog (LP: #1285550).

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