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15. By Hans Joachim Desserud on 2014-09-21

* Depend on tomcat7 (LP: #1286779)
  - Fixed by taking the tomcat-related part of the changes in 6.1.26-2.
  - Effectively this means the rules files as it was in
    and control file as it was in
    The other changes in 6.1.26-2 seemed unrelated to tomcat so I have not
    included them in order to keep the patch to a bare minimum.

14. By James Page on 2012-05-29

* Re-sync from Debian unstable.
* d/jetty.init: Look for JAVA_HOME in multiarch locations for
  openjdk-6 and openjdk-7 (LP: #878527).

13. By Niels Thykier on 2012-04-25

* New upstream release.
  - Fixes issues with loading javax.activation.
    (Closes: #594913)
* Enable hardening flags for the setuid.so file.
* Updated d/copyright to DEP-5 format 1.0.
* Exit 0 in jetty's init script if jetty is already running.
  Thanks to Toby for the report and patch. (Closes: #626382)
* Fix misspelled "character-class" in grep invocation. Thanks
  to Isaac for the report and correction. (Closes: #637961)
* Allow java.library.path to be set in /etc/default/jetty.
  Thanks to "biddster" for the report and the patches.
  (Closes: #600175, LP: #656374)
* Apply patch from Fedora to fix hash collision related DOS.
  - CVE-2011-4461
* Remove Michael Koch from Uploaders. Thanks for your work
  on this package in the past. (Closes: #654034)
* Add gnumail-providers.jar to start.config. Thanks to
  Michele Renda for the suggestion. (Closes: #591851)
* Add symlinks from jetty{,-util}-6.1.24.jar to the 6.1.26
  version to avoid breaking eclipse.

12. By Niels Thykier on 2010-07-05

* Removed Depends on JREs for library packages, no longer required
  by the policy.
* Added missing depends on JREs for the jetty package.
* Made init script ignore weird exit statuses from logrotate.
  (Closes: 589681, LP: #607202)
* Fixed broken restart command in jetty init script. Was missing a

11. By Niels Thykier on 2009-10-23

* New upstream release.
* Stopped using /tmp/jetty-temp in /etc/init.d/jetty for security
  - JVM_TMP is now /var/cache/jetty/tmp
  - JETTY_TMP is now /var/cache/jetty/data
* The postrm script no longer deletes files in /tmp/jetty-temp.
* Removed Philipp Meier from Uploaders (last upload was 2006-06-07).
  Thanks for your work on this package.
* Corrected javadoc symlink in binary package jetty.

10. By Ludovic Claude on 2009-09-07

* Move documentation to /usr/share/doc/libjetty-java
* Better postinst and postrm scripts, aligned with tomcat6 scripts:
   - postinst: user jetty is created with its own group
   - postrm: better cleanup of temporary data,
     thourough remove and purge of data
* debian/changelog:
  - fix suggest for package libjetty-java-doc, add libjetty-java-doc
    to the list of Suggests for libjetty-java
  - add libjetty-extra to the list of Suggests for package jetty.

9. By Michael Koch on 2007-10-24

* New upstream release.
  - Removed debian/patches/cve-2007-6969.patch. Applied upstream.
* Added recognition of installed libcommons-el-java to debian/start.config.
  Closes: #352093.
* Fixed short and long service description in debian/jetty.init.
  Closes: #446788.
* Removed libapache2-mod-webapp from Suggests.
* Added watch file.

8. By Michael Koch on 2007-10-05

* Added patch to fix CVE-2006-6969. Thanks to Greg Wilkins for the patch.
  Closes: #445283.
* Updated debian/patches/jdk-1.2-src-encoding.patch to make it work with
  current ecj.

7. By Michael Koch on 2007-07-24

* Fix debian/jetty.init to permit removal without purge and offer a new
  NO_START option in /etc/default/jetty. Closes: #356067.
  Thanks to Loic Minier for the patch.
* Added additional paths to JDK_DIRS in debian/jetty.init.
  Closes: #405851.
* (Build-)Depends on java-gcj-compat.
* Moved debhelper from Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends.
* Removed Build-Depends on libtomcat5-java and replace Depends on
  libtomcat5-java by libtomcat5.5-java.
* Added LSB section in debian/jetty.init.
* Removed extra license file from /usr/share/doc/jetty.
* Added myself to Uploaders.

6. By Philipp Meier on 2006-05-30

* Fix in init script for new version of su (closes #367491).
* Create logfile if not existing. Aknolwedge NMU (closes #356066).

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