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195. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

Fix overlap check in check_blocklists for load_env (backported patch from
upstream commit 1f6af2a9). (LP: #1311247)

194. By Robie Basak

Do not hang headless servers indefinitely on boot after edge case power
failure timing (LP: #1443735). Instead, time out after 30 seconds and boot
anyway, including on non-headless systems.

193. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* debian/patches/install_powerpc_machtypes.patch: updated: do a better job
  at detecting machine types; so as to use the right utility when updating
  nvram for the boot-device. This also fixes adding a CHRP note on the
  chrp_ibm machines, which broke PowerVM mode. (LP: #1334793)
* debian/patches/ppc64el-disable-vsx.patch: disable the VSX instruction,
  which is enabled by default on POWER7/8 cpu models, to avoid crashes due
  to instruction exceptions. The kernel will re-enable it when necessary.
  (LP: #1454743)
* debian/patches/ieee1275-clear-reset.patch: clear the text attribute in
  the clear command. (LP: #1454764)

192. By dann frazier

Add dependency on efibootmgr to grub-efi-arm64-bin (LP: #1435663).

191. By Colin Watson

* Backport patches from upstream to make the network stack more responsive
  on busy networks (LP: #1314134).
* Add support for nvme device in grub-mkdevicemap (thanks, Dimitri John
  Ledkov; closes: #746396, LP: #1275162).

190. By Colin Watson

* Backport from upstream:
  - Tolerate devices with no filesystem UUID returned by os-prober
    (LP: #1287436).

189. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* Backport from upstream:
  - ieee1275: check for IBM pseries emulated machine.
  - Fix partmap, cryptodisk, and abstraction handling in grub-mkconfig
    (closes: #735935).
  - btrfs: fix get_root key comparison failures due to endianness.
* Build-depend on automake (>= 1.10.1) to ensure that it meets configure's
  requirements (LP: #1299041).
* When installing an image for use with UEFI Secure Boot, generate a
  load.cfg even if there are no device abstractions in use (LP: #1298399).

[ Jon Severinsson ]
* Add Tanglu support, as in Debian except:
  - Enable splash screen by default (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable quiet and quick boot (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable the grub-common init script (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable dynamic gfxpayload (as Ubuntu)
  - Enable vt handover (as Ubuntu)
  - Use monochromatic theme by default (as Ubuntu)
  - Use Tanglu GRUB wallpaper by default.

188. By Colin Watson

* Fix shift-held-down test not to clear other modifier key states
  (LP: #843804).
* Explicitly pass an appropriate --target to grub-install in the postinst
  (suggested by Jordan Uggla).
* Backport from upstream:
  - Use bootaa64.efi instead of bootaarch64.efi on arm64 to comply with
    EFI specification. Also use grubaa64.efi for consistency.

187. By Colin Watson

* Install bootinfo.txt and grub.chrp into grub-ieee1275-bin on powerpc and
* Port yaboot logic to improve installation for various powerpc machine
* Improve parsing of /etc/default/grub.d/*.cfg in C utilities
  (LP: #1273694).
* Run grub-install on install or upgrade on grub-ieee1275/ppc64el.

186. By Colin Watson

* Add a number of EFI debugging commands to the signed image (lsefi,
  lsefimmap, lsefisystab, lssal).
* Add gfxterm_background to the signed image so that background_image
  works in UEFI Secure Boot mode. Thanks to syscon-hh for the report.

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