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22. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Add chapter to coding-standards.texi to fix FTBFS.

21. By Benjamin Drung

Backport upstream fix for recent libxml2.

20. By Yavor Doganov

* debian/patches/kfreebsd-fake-main.patch: New; treat GNU/kFreeBSD as
  GS_FAKE_MAIN platform because programs with many arguments abort
  (Closes: #644868).
* debian/patches/autoreconf.patch: Regenerate.
* debian/patches/series: Update.
* debian/gnustep-base-runtime.gdomap.in: Add support for the `status'
  action, thanks Peter Eisentraut (Closes: #646844).
* debian/control.m4 (gnustep-base-runtime) <Depends>: Add lsb-base.
* debian/control: Regenerate.

19. By Yavor Doganov

* New upstream release:
  + Fixes implicit declaration of function (Closes: #629216).
* debian/rules (v_make): Set to 2.6.1.
  (install-common): Do not delete non-existent .swp file.
* debian/control.m4 (Build-Depends): Remove gobjc; gnustep-make now
  depends on it.
  (libgnustep-base-dev) <Depends>: Likewise.
  (Suggests): Remove; completely pointless.
* debian/control: Regenerate.
* debian/patches/avoid-nsl-linkage.patch: Refresh.
* debian/patches/autoreconf.patch: Regenerate.

18. By Yavor Doganov

* debian/patches/missing-header.patch: New; install
  NSNetServices+GNUstepBase.h (Closes: #614480).
* debian/patches/series: Update.

17. By Yavor Doganov

* New upstream release.
* debian/control.m4 (Build-Depends): Replace
  libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev with libavahi-client-dev; NSNetServices
  has been rewritten to use Avahi natively (Closes: #588396).
* debian/control: Regenerate.
* debian/rules (binary-arch): Revert last change.
* debian/patches/hppa-pthread-alignment.patch: Remove; present upstream.
* debian/patches/avoid-nsl-linkage.patch: Refresh.
* debian/patches/autoreconf.patch: Regenerate.
* debian/patches/series: Update.

16. By Yavor Doganov

debian/rules (binary-arch): Pass -R to dh_installinit to facilitate
upgrades from lenny (really closes: #605565). Thanks Axel Beckert and
Julien Cristau.

15. By Yavor Doganov

debian/gnustep-base-runtime.gdomap.in: Pass --oknodo to
start-stop-daemon; thanks Adam Borowski (Closes: #605565).

14. By Yavor Doganov

* debian/control.m4 (Build-Depends): Remove libkvm-dev; current
  GNU/kFreeBSD supports /proc and the HAVE_KVM_ENV code branch leads to
  aborts when programs are started with many arguments (Closes:
  #593898). Thanks to Axel Beckert for the report and testing.
* debian/control: Regenerate.
* debian/rules (KVM_ARCHS): Remove.
  (debian/control debian/control.tmp): Do not define the KVM_ARCHS
  (debian/configure-stamp): Pass ac_cv_lib_kvm_kvm_getenvv=no to
  `configure' to ensure that the /proc implementation in NSProcessInfo
  is used even if libkvm-dev happens to be installed.

13. By Yavor Doganov

* debian/patches/hppa-pthread-alignment.patch: New; check for alignment
  of pthread types and align the opaque gs_* equivalents accordingly,
  making the library usable again on hppa (Closes: #592751). Thanks to
  dann frazier and Mehdi Dogguy for their tireless assistance, and to
  Carlos O'Donell for pointing out where the bug lies.
* debian/patches/autoreconf.patch: Regenerate.
* debian/patches/series: Update.

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