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30. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2015-04-14

* debian/control: Update Homepage: to not point at spam URL. (LP: #1442873)
* debian/patches/03_fix_website_address.patch:
  - Update help links to not point at spam URL. (LP: #1363589)
* debian/patches/04_fix_mono_3.0_build.patch
  - Fix the build with mono 3.0 (LP: #1277891)

29. By Michael Terry on 2012-07-02

Rebuild to pick up libnunit2.6-cil instead of 2.5

28. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-03-26

* New upstream version no longer uses deprecated internal glib headers.
  (Closes: #665537)
* [59fa37b9] Fix watch file
* [63486516] Imported Upstream version 0.9
* [8c636d84] Disable testsuite for now; requires running dbus and gconf daemons
* [e46de4b9] Remove inaccurate README.Source
* [4591d677] Add git-buildpackage configuration to default to pristine-tar

27. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-03-18

* debian/patches/03_fix_keybindings.diff:
  - Fix keybinding code with GTK 3.2.1, which changed gtk_accelerator_name.
    Fixes "keybindings with <Ctrl> display as <Primary>" (LP: #903566)

26. By Iain Lane on 2011-12-06

* urgency=medium for RC bug fix (FTBFS)
* [c9c006a] Use dh_autoreconf --as-needed instead of manual patching

25. By Jo Shields on 2011-07-13

No-change rebuild against Mono's 4.0 class library.

24. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-06-27

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  + debian/patches/05_disable_resize_grips.patch.diff:
    - Disable resize handles for the Do windows.
  + debian/control:
    Bump gtk# build dep for HasResizeGrip API.
* Include 0.8.4-1 changelog entry

23. By Michael Vogt on 2011-04-01

* debian/patches/20_fix_kk_translation.diff:
  - fix kk translation to avoid procuding a invalid desktop file
    (LP: #688563). Thanks to Theodore Lee (upstream commit r1334)

22. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-02-15

* The Race Against FF upload. Merge from unreleased Debian git.
  Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  + debian/patches/05_disable_resize_grips.patch.diff:
    Disable resize handles for the Do windows.
  + debian/control:
    Bump gtk# build dep for HasResizeGrip API.
* New Debian changes:
* The long fortold release
  + Fixes a threadsafety issue resulting in 100% CPU usage (Closes: 565591,
    LP: #450852).
  + Proxies all keyring calls to the GTK main thread, as required by the new
    gnome-keyring (Closes: 603876, LP: #553643)
* debian/patches/00_bundledlibs.dpatch:
* debian/rules:
  + Upstream has dropped bundled gmcs binary; now 100% DFSG-free, so we don't
    have to repack the tarball or patch the buildsystem.
* debian/patches/03_disable_docky.dpatch:
  + Drop. Docky is now gone in the upstream tarball.
* debian/rules:
* debian/control:
* debian/patches/*:
  + Switch to quilt to harmonise with other pkg-cli-* packages.
* debian/control:
  + Drop recommends on gnome-do-docklets. Docky is now a separate package,
    so the docklets are useless for Do.
  + Bump Breaks on gnome-do-plugins to 0.8.3. Do no longer provides the Wink
    library, which has been imported into the 0.8.3 do-plugins sources.
  + Bump standards-version; no changes needed.
  + Migrate to git and update VCS fields appropriately

21. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2011-01-31

Release to Natty

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