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36. By Colin Watson on 2014-04-25

Bump recursion limit to 3000; apparently utopic trips over the existing
limit (LP: #1312478).

35. By Colin Watson on 2014-04-03

* Quote slashes in suite names when constructing local tag file names
  (thanks, Eugene Paskevich).
* Change default distribution to trusty.
* Update kubuntu-meta example in germinate-update-metapackage(1).
* Policy version 3.9.5: no changes required.

34. By Colin Watson on 2014-01-15

Use type and selector attributes of urllib.request.Request in Python >=
3.1 rather than the deprecated get_type and get_selector accessor
methods, fixing a build failure with Python 3.4 which removed these
methods entirely.

33. By Colin Watson on 2013-10-11

* Micro-optimise lesser seeds calculation in
* Amend dh_germinate_metapackage(1) to note that this program must be run
  after dh_prep.
* Tolerate missing reasons when writing output. This is possible when
  germinate is being run over multiple flavours for the same architecture,
  and packages are promoted differently between seeds depending on the
  flavour. We can't generate a correct reason without a heavy performance
  cost in this case, but we can at least not crash.
* Remove a few unnecessary "if condition: return True; else: return False"
* Support multiarch (build-)dependency qualifiers (:any, :native).

32. By Colin Watson on 2013-06-13

* Fix dh_germinate_clean(1) and dh_germinate_metapackage(1) to recommend
  syntax compatible with debhelper 8.
* Policy version 3.9.4:
  - Add a Vcs-Browser field.
* Change default distribution to saucy.

31. By Colin Watson on 2012-11-28

Add dists option to distribution sections in
germinate-update-metapackage configuration, making it more useful for
released distributions.

30. By Colin Watson on 2012-09-18

* Use collections.defaultdict instead of manually initialising elements.
* Simplify some sorted() calls, relying on the default iterator for
  mappings being .keys().
* Simplify code to clean up bzr cache, removing an unnecessary helper
* Add support for reading seeds from relative filesystem paths (thanks,
  Sjoerd Simons; LP: #1010186).
* Only allow dh_python2 to operate on python-germinate, to avoid chaos
  caused by shebang rewriting.

29. By Steve Langasek on 2012-07-23

Always open Packages files as UTF-8, regardless of the current locale.
LP: #1025818.

28. By Colin Watson on 2012-06-14

* Support both Python 2 and 3 directly rather than using 2to3.
* Make various cosmetic changes to conform to PEP-8.
* Switch the top-level scripts to Python 3 by default. (They can still be
  run manually with /usr/bin/python if need be.)
* Update copyright dates.
* Policy version 3.9.3:
  - Convert debian/copyright to copyright-format 1.0.

27. By Colin Watson on 2012-02-29

Build-depend on python-unittest2 so that the test suite works with
Python 2.6 (closes: #661608).

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