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13. By Scott Howard on 2014-01-19

* QA upload.
* disable_embedded_libraries.patch
  - Use system libtiff (Closes: #735249)
    Thanks to Sabayon from Gentoo for the hints
* tag_truncation.patch
  - Cherry pick upstream fix for truncation of tags in TIFF files
    Thanks to Julian Taylor (Closes: #735847)

12. By Scott Howard on 2014-01-14

* Fix FTBFS from declaring UINT64 twice
  - updated debian/patches/fixes_ftbfs_amd64.patch

11. By Scott Howard on 2014-01-13

* QA Upload
* New upstream minor release
  - Includes fix to build on !linux (Closes: #650485)
* Refreshed patches (line endings had to change)
  - Remove document-mode.patch (accepted upstream)
* Lintian fixes: S-V 3.9.5, DM-Upload-Allowed removed
* Remove document-mode.patch (accepted upstream)

10. By Matthias Klose on 2013-12-16

No-change rebuild for libmng soname bump.

9. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-07-12

No-change rebuild against latest libraw

8. By Luca Falavigna on 2013-07-11

* QA upload.
* debian/patches/document-mode.patch:
  - Fix FTBFS with LibRaw 0.15 (Closes: #710133).

7. By Evan Broder on 2011-12-06

[ Evan Broder ]
* QA upload.
* New upstream release (closes: 649541, LP: #898825, #898845)
  - Refreshed patches.
    + Abuse dh-autoreconf to generate Makefile.srcs and fipMakefile.srcs
      patches at build time
  - Update debian/freeimage-get-orig-source for the new version.
  - Add new build-dep libraw-dev.
  - Update patch to disable embedded libraries to deal with API changes
    in libpng, libmng, and libraw.
  - Make sure we install symlinks for libfreeimageplus.
  - Use (upstream-supported) CFLAGS instead of COMPILERFLAGS.
* Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
* Switch to dh(1) and debhelper compat 8
* Add missing misc:Depends.
* Include the upstream changelog.
* Update Debian standards version (no other changes needed).

[ Stefano Rivera ]
* Dropped README.source.
* Updated freeimage (3.9.5) fixes CVE-2011-1167, CVE-2011-0192,
* Override lintian's embedded-library error for libtiff. It wasn't

6. By Julien Cristau on 2010-10-29

Fix copy-pasto in tif_config.h.

5. By Julien Cristau on 2010-10-29

* Don't use embedded copies of various libraries, add build-deps on their
  packaged versions (closes: #595560):
  - libjpeg 6b
  - libmng 1.0.9
  - libopenjpeg 1.2.0
  - libpng 1.2.23
    + CVE-2010-2249, CVE-2010-1205, CVE-2010-0205, CVE-2009-2042,
      CVE-2008-6218, CVE-2008-5907, CVE-2009-0040, CVE-2008-3964,
  - openexr 1.6.1
    + CVE-2009-1720, CVE-2009-1721
  - zlib 1.2.3
* The embedded libtiff copy is still used, because freeimage uses its
  internals and I couldn't figure out how to unentangle this. Update the
  tiff copy to 3.9.4-5, though:
  CVE-2010-3087, CVE-2010-2483, CVE-2010-2482, CVE-2010-2481, CVE-2010-2443,
  CVE-2010-2233, CVE-2010-2067, CVE-2010-2065, CVE-2010-1411, CVE-2009-2347,
* Add tiff copyright and license to debian/copyright (closes: #601002)
* Link with -lm (closes: #558857).
* Try to avoid arch-specific values in our copy of tif_config.h and
  tiffconf.h (closes: #601762)
* Set LFS CFLAGS in Makefile.gnu.
* Orphan package (closes: #595559).

4. By Michael Koch on 2009-09-15

* Fixed typo in short description of libfreeimage3-dbg.
  (Closes: #518647)
* Adjusted patched to not need -p0 (Closes: #485251).
* Made package priority optional.
* Moved libfreeimage3-dbg package into debug section.
* Added debian/README.source.
* Added watch file.
* Added myself to Uploaders.
* Updated Standards-Version.

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