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23. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2014-01-20

* debian/libfltk1.1.symbols:
  - Resolve most optional symbols by assuming GCC 4.6 or newer, already
    true as of wheezy.
  - Re-flag symbols absent when building with clang 3.3 as optional.
    (NB: Building with clang will still fail because it misoptimizes the
    fortified getcwd wrapper, causing fluid to enter an infinite loop.)
* Standards-Version: 3.9.5 (already compliant).

22. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2013-06-27

fltk-config.in: Fix --ldflags output to reinstate -lX11 (to account for
potential calls to XCreatePixmap via the fl_create_offscreen macro) and to
omit the explicit -L flag, as the script's automatic filtering of standard
directories doesn't account for multiarch paths. (See #713933 in fltk1.3.)

21. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2013-03-06

debian/libfltk1.1.symbols: Flag symbols absent when built with Clang 3.2,
and in one instance also with GCC 4.8, as optional. (Closes: #701277.)

20. By Matthias Klose on 2013-02-26

libfltk1.1.symbols: Mark one more symbol optional, fixing build
failure with GCC 4.8.

19. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2012-06-18

* debian/rules:
  - Keep hardening flags out of the installed fltk-config by adding an
    extra configure run with them disabled and using the resulting
    fltk-config. (See #677705.)
  - Explicitly use hardened CPPFLAGS.
* .gitignore: add fltk-config.unhardened.

18. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2012-03-15

* debian/control: drop ancient version on libfltk1.1-dev's libxft-dev
* debian/rules:
  - Pass hardened LDFLAGS to configure as DSOFLAGS too. (Closes: #663278.)
  - Enable full hardening.
* debian/source/options: rename to (git-only) local-options, so any
  source patches from NMUs will wind up in separate files.
* src/Makefile: substitute -fPIC for -fPIE in C(XX)FLAGS.
* test/Makefile: link the threads demo with LDFLAGS, not CXXFLAGS!
* debian/po/pt_BR.po: update Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks
  to J. S. JĂșnior. (Closes: #663493.)

17. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2011-11-28

src/Fl_PNG_Image.cxx: fix regression in previous upload that
accidentally broke support for non-transparent PNG images.
(Closes: #650286; thanks to Steve Cotton for the report and patch.)

16. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2011-11-11

src/Fl_PNG_Image.cxx: obtain PNG header details via formal accessors,
for compatibility with libpng versions (notably 1.5) that make the
relevant structures private. (Closes: #648135.)

15. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2011-10-02

FL/forms.h, fluid/Fl_Function_Type.cxx, fluid/file.cxx,
src/Fl_File_Chooser2.cxx, src/forms_compatability.cxx (sic):
avoid calling fl_alert and the like with non-constant strings,
as caught by -Werror=format-security. (Closes: #643378.)

14. By Aaron M. Ucko on 2011-07-16

* debian/control:
  - Make libfltk1.1-dbg Multi-Arch: same, as it will only cover libraries;
    eliminate a stray newline in its description.
  - Drop fluid, which the fltk1.3 source package is taking over.
* debian/fluid.*: Remove accordingly.
* debian/rules:
  - Stop installing any fluid-related files.
  - Don't bother keeping debugging symbols for games.

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